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20:16, 12th April 2024 (GMT+0)

((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd.

Posted by Whispers from the WarpFor group 0
Lucien Carus
player, 30 posts
Mon 25 Feb 2019
at 20:49
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

I stare coldly at the barman. "I've spent all night fighting off the mosters that have been snatching people, you and your bouncer isnt gonna cut it if you wanna intimidate me. No offence Yerik."

We make our way over to Locan, mans out cold. I grab a unfinished drink off the table and throw it on him, "Wakey wakey Locan, Father Fayban requests your presence. Zena help me get this kek on his feet."

Zena scrunches up her face as she gets close "Ugh the smell of him. You dont pay me enough for this" she protests. "I dont pay you at all now that I think about it" I chuckle
Whispers from the Warp
Fri 19 Jul 2019
at 12:08
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Lucian and Zena both grapple with the man's prone figure until they are supporting him by the shoulders, one either side. The bar patrons ignore them as they drag Locan out into the streets. They promptly set off - half dragging and half carrying the still unconscious Locan. The wind their way through the street ways back towards the chapel as quickly as they can, trying to remain inconspicuous  as they go.

  No one gives you any trouble, though as you pass a few stragglers along the way, they notice you and quickly dash away, down a side street. Some ten minutes later the two of you are back at the chapel, locking the doors behind you even as the marketplace begins to liven up for the day.
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Lucien Carus
player, 31 posts
Sat 20 Jul 2019
at 15:28
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

We set Locan down on one of the pews. "Goran, try wake him if you wouldn't mind?" I start patting myself down looking for my smokes. "Out - typical." As I look for a new pack in my kit my hand touches something unfamiliar - the scanner Medicae Sand had given me.

"Wheres the corpse?" Goran points to a old storage container with paint flaking off. "Zena, you'll be more suited to this." I hand her the scanner and walk over. As I lift the heavy lid I see Goran splashing water on Locan's face and slightly slapping him.
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Whispers from the Warp
Sun 21 Jul 2019
at 22:00
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Zena fiddles with the scanner for a brief moment before crouching down over the container. She trails the scanner over the creature and you it clicks sporadically. Zena studies the data on the display. The data reveals that the creature matches the xeno-form's biometric pattern, though mixed with human DNA. The creature's neck area appears to be the most tainted.

  Across the room Locan begins to groan, slapping away Goran's hand as he sits himself up, he leans over and vomits on the floor. Coughing and spluttering, he begins to take in his surroundings - his eyes narrow and his face turns stoic. "Who are you, what is the meaning of this?" He sees Fayban - "Fayban? Whats going on?" He grumbles.
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Lucien Carus
player, 32 posts
Tue 23 Jul 2019
at 20:55
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"Curious. Seems like there may be something in the neck - possibly the thorax. Attempting extraction now." Zena said in her bland emotionless voice we'd grown accustomed to by now.

I focus my attention to Locan. As I take a knee beside him I can hear the revving of Zena's chainscalpel, followed by the sound of flesh being cut. A sound anyone who carries a chainsword knows well.

"Warden Locan, finally we have the pleasure of meeting." I announce. The man stinks of booze and stale sweat. "I've been tasked with finding out whats going on round here, been having a marvelous time if I do say so. I mean whats life without the thrill of being taken by one of those heretical abominations."

I motion over to Zena still hacking away with what I hope was precision.

"Poor Saul ended up similar to one of those. Had an interesting chat with his sister Lileth." I turn back to face him and pull my dagger from my boot to his throat in a single fluid motion. "She said you told her to stop asking about his disappearance. In fact, that's all anyone's willing to say round here." I press the blade just enough to break the first couple layers of skin. "So are you in on this, or too afraid of who is?
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Whispers from the Warp
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 13:04
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Locan trembles, his face takes on an expression of deep fear. "Who are you?" He rasps, his eyes still carting wildly around the room. "I'm not one of them!" He protests. "Do they know you've taken me? Oh God-Emperor what have you done - they'll come for me, they'll come for all of us..." He trails off.

  He begins to sob, tears slowly trailing down his face. Through the tears he gazes up at you feebly, his voice cracked and hollow. "Who are you people? What do you want?"

  Zena rises from her work. She successfully extracts a small whitish mass no bigger than a fist from the corpse and places it in a specimen container. The thing twitches slightly from within the jar. While extracting it, Zena notes that the man has a number of unusual mechanical augments and implants in his near, around the area of extraction.
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Lucien Carus
player, 33 posts
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 17:14
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

I pull my blade back slightly. "Who're they?" I ask. "I'd be more worried about whose got you now. The Holy Ordos isn't known for being lenient to those who dont cooperate".

The tension in the room shifts dynamically, Zena stops from her work and looks back at me. I see Goran's hand subtly moving towards his gun. "Last chance Locan, why are people being taken, and whos in charge."
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Whispers from the Warp
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 17:38
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Locan's expression shifts to one of pure horror, the colour draining from his face. "Or-...Ordos." He breathes. "Perhaps its for the best.." He looks utterly defeated, a truly broken man.

  "Moran and the others - I don't know who they are, not really. Heard them talk of themselves as "Logicans" - though that means nothing to me." They moved into the district some months ago, quickly assimilating into the enforcer agency here. They control the Coscarla Division now, not that anyone seems to care. I don't know why or how they're taking people though - truly I don't. I was just told to carry on as usual and not cause any trouble." He stares down at the floor, unable to look at any of your party.
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Lucien Carus
player, 34 posts
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 18:03
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"Moran 'ey?" I chime to myself. "And I assume you're profiting from this little scheme they've got going on? Or maybe you're just doing this out of the kindness in your heart."

Zena strolls over and passes me a small container. Whether she noticed the blood all over her robes or just didn't care I'd never know.

I gently toss the container up and catch it repeatedly in one hand. "Where do the missing people go? Or should we see what this thing does here and now".
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Whispers from the Warp
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 18:14
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Locan's eye go wide with fear, and you notice his trousers go dark as he soils himself. "I don't know, I'm not involved! The enforcers don't take the people as far as I know, they just clean up afterwards. Moran's involved with the local gangers, maybe they're the ones taking people!" He splutters, spitting out his words as fast as his mouth allows.
Lucien Carus
player, 35 posts
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 18:28
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"Okay.... okay then." I laugh and playfully slap his shoulder. Everyone seems to be looking at me like a maniac. "Don't worry Locan, one last task to redeem yourself to the holy Emperor."

I pull him to his feet and Goran hands us both a lit lho stick. "I need a vox link. I'm assuming your little station has a working one correct? Your gonna let us send a message then we'll be out of your life. Deal?"
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Whispers from the Warp
Wed 24 Jul 2019
at 18:32
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Locan recoils at the suggestion, ignoring the offered lho. "Are you insane!? You can't enter the enforcer station. They won't let me anywhere near it - I've been pushed out of all official matters for weeks now. Don't you think I'd have alerted someone if it were possible?" He wheezes, calms himself and takes the lho stick, inhaling deeply.
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Lucien Carus
player, 36 posts
Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 20:02
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"KEK!" I yell and throw my lho on the floor. "Perhaps informing Sand is the best course of action." Zena says as she grabs the container from my hands. "I'll go, I'm not much use in this ruin. Ill keep in contact as best I can."

She sets off without waiting for my reply. "Kekking tech priests..." I mumble to myself.

"Whats our play then 'ey?" Goran asks as he pulls me up. "Try drum up what we can on this Moran fellow I guess. Maybe try the bar, upstairs seemed like the kinda place we use to frequent back in our day." I turn back to Locan "You must have some info on this guy, known associates, locations he frequents. Give me something".
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Whispers from the Warp
Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 21:42
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  "Moran? He runs the Alms House with a couple of helpers - claims to be from Tantalus. He moved in a few weeks before they took over the enforcer station. He rarely leaves - conducts his business through there as far as I know." Locan explains, somewhat calmer now.


  Zena sets off through the streets towards the rail station, trying to remain as inconspicuous as she can. She notices a couple of enforcers in the marketplace scanning the masses, though she manages to avoid their attention. As she approaches the station she realizes it is now under heavy guard - four of the carapace-armoured enforcers stand at the station platform. Zena manages to duck round a corner before they see her.
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Lucien Carus
player, 37 posts
Wed 31 Jul 2019
at 20:49
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  "That sounds like our next stop then I guess." I say with a shrug.

  "You think thats a good move?" Goran asks. "Walking straight into what could be the enemy HQ?"

  I light another lho and take a deep drag, almost out of the good ones. "A GOOD plan? No, probably not - but we've got a name at least, and I could do with a meal."

"What about them?" Goran motions to Locan and the others with a nod. "I don't think we need to worry bout them, do you? They wont say anything, will you?" I let the question hang in the air. No one speaks but the look on their faces says enough.


  After a few minutes I hear Zena's monotone voice through my bead. "Stations on lock-down - Enforcers patrolling the area. Logic dictates arterial tunnel also restricted. Advise.

  "Looks like we're stuck. Goran grumbles

  "Kek. we're on our way to the alms house. Might as well meet us there, if we're gonna die may as well be together.
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Whispers from the Warp
Wed 31 Jul 2019
at 21:24
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  You make your way out of the chapel, leaving the others where they are. Lucien and Goran set off towards the alms house, passing swiftly through the narrow thoroughfares and streets. Zena meets up with them shortly before they arrive. The alms house is a large structure some four stories tall - it looks like almost like a church. The structure has clearly seen better days, and was most likely quite a sight in its heyday.

  You observe a number of people, locals dressed in drab clothing and rags, moving through the courtyard towards a large entrance-way. Two doors, each over 3 meters in height, are set into the front of the building. You mingle in with the crowds and make your way towards the doors. You notice the fine stonework carved into the entrance-way as you approach, with busts depicting a number of men you don't recognize. As you walk through the massive doors you enter into a large room filled with long tables. Many people sit at the tables, all eating and conversing lightly, the mood seems more uplifting here than anywhere else you have been on the planet. At one end of the room you observe a man handing out bowls towards folk waiting in a line. Slighter further down you notice another minder receiving the empty bowls being dropped off by those who have finished. Both the men are wearing brown overalls and aprons, with small brown face-masks covering their mouths. Both work attentively.

  Somewhat between the two men stands a well dressed man overseeing the floor. The man is dressed in a fine dark-green robe and stands out from the other people in the room. He looks to be in his thirties, with short black hair and a soft face. People continue filing into the room, making their way towards the long line.
Lucien Carus
player, 38 posts
Tue 6 Aug 2019
at 22:19
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

Goran taps my shoulder and subtly motions to the man in green. "Seems to stand out don't he" he whispers.

"Something we'll have in common then" I reply. No muscle, well at least no one obvious. "You two try blend in, Zena try test the food if you can." I pull tug her arm as she begins to walk off. A couple patrons look over but nothing major. "Without being an obvious kekker about it."

She shrugs slightly and sets off. Goran pretends to admire the bust before joining the line, putting a couple people between him and Zena.

I casually walk over to the man in green, Lighting a lho as I approach. I stop a few feet short "Moran?" I ask in hushed tone, I take a quick glance around before I continue. "I Hear you're the man to speak to when a mans out of options."
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Whispers from the Warp
Mon 17 Feb 2020
at 14:37
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  The man stares at you for a moment, seemingly perplexed by your approach. Up closer you can make out the intricate markings on his robes - those of the Tantalus House embroidered in thin strands of gold. He gathers himself quickly, his face adopting a neutral expression. His voice is gentle and soothing. "Greetings, my child. I like to believe we are here for all of Emperor's children, regardless of their options. However I must admit, you don't seem to be our ordinary clientele." He chuckles, gesturing to your clothing. "But of course, we turn none away here. Eat your fill my child, unless there is something else I can assist you with?"
Lucien Carus
player, 39 posts
Sun 8 Mar 2020
at 00:55
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  I look at him blankly and let out a sigh before speaking. "I've been through the warp and back these past 24 hours, constantly feeling like I'm in the dark - quite fitting for this planet wouldn't you say. Trying to figure out whats been nabbin' people in the night." I smile slightly before continuing. "And every lead I follow leads me back to you and your Logicans." I tap my las pistol gently, just enough for him to notice. "If I dont report back to my superiors soon this entire shit stain of a district will be razed to the ground, so tell me why are you taking people?"


  While waiting in line Zena pretends to fidget with one of her augments while pulling out the scanner Medicae Sand gave Lucien, pointing it roughly in the direction of the the closet man with the face mask collecting bowls.
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Whispers of the Warp
Fri 15 May 2020
at 09:34
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Moran's expression goes blank, taken aback at your words. He quickly recovers, adopting a calm demenour, his arms outstretched as he glances around the vast room. "My friend, calm yourself - this is a place of safety and solace, there is no need for alarm." He takes your hand in his and casts his other arm across the nearest table of dregs wearily eating. "If you have woes or questions, I would be happy to help - we help all those we need it here." he states.

  He turns and gestures towards the door behind him. "Perhaps it would be best if we discuss this in a less.... crowded space? These poor souls have enough on their minds."


  Zena deftly activates the scanner as she shuffles forward, attempting to scan the nearest helper as she approaches without anyone catching notice. After a brief moment, the scanner gives a muffled chime - though it is drowned out by the general bustle of the room. The scanner reports a negative reading, detecting none of xenos material in a 3 metre radius.
Lucien Carus
player, 40 posts
Thu 16 Jul 2020
at 22:35
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"Aye" I reply simply, "These people have enough troubles indeed. Please lead the way sir. I'm sure we will both find this to be an enlightening experience."

I allow Moran to take a step in front of me and begin to follow him, I look over to Goran and thank the throne hes looking my way. I make a fist with one hand and cover my knuckles my palm, a hand signal we used to use back in our early days.

It had no fixed meaning but the intent was clear, danger close, hold position

Just I reach the threshold of the door I scratch my ear and deftly switch my micro-bead to open, allowing Goran and Zena to listen in - of course I wouldn't be able to hear them in case Zena found something.
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Whispers of the Warp
Sun 19 Jul 2020
at 11:40
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Moran strolls forwards past you towards the door. Lucien notices him make a quick motion with his hands as he passes you. The motion is deft, and he seems to move quicker than a man should be able too. Though you cannot make out the exact meaning of the movement, it appears as if  he is signalling the henchmen.

  "Right this way please." He says. His voice friendly though you detect an icy undertone. As you pass through the doorway he turns and closes it behind you - shutting out the noise of the mess hall. The room is smaller and in a state of disrepair. Moran walks over towards an old arm-chair, then turns to face you.

  "Thats better." He says - his voice losing its previous charm. "Less prying eyes here." He gestures around the room. His eyes fix you in a cold stare. "So who are you then, cur - what are you wasting my time with?"
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Lucien Carus
player, 42 posts
Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 22:10
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"Cur...." I let the word hang for a moment, "I've been called worse. Before we continue" I say as I approach reaching into my pocket very slowly. "Its a custom of mine to begin each meeting I conduct with someone significant, to offer some sort of tribute if you will. Sadly I'm a bit under prepared but at the moment but." I offer my lho sticks "Needs must."

He reaches for one oddly enough. Most people don't.

"Now" I say as i sit down and light up, "About this situation we find ourselves in. I represent some very powerful people, people with absolute power. If your as smart as I think you are then I don't need to say more." I'm usually quite good at reading people, maybe it's just the bad lighting but, Moran was just a blank slate to me

I lean forward. "They know you're up to something here, Maybe not every detail but enough to send people like me. We know about Saul and the vile operations you performed on him. We know what you're doing to the people here." I take a puff "But" I say cheerily "I don't care about that. I didn't sign up for this, I wager I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here.... So, lets make a deal." I lean back and get comfortable.

"As I said they don't know every detail. Give me someone. Small enough not to cause you problems, but big enough "They" stop looking. I get to get off this slag heap alive, you regain complete anonymity." I raise one finger to silence any reply. "I know you think you could just kill me, but I should warn you. If people like me don't work. They send the real black ops boys. No witnesses kind. Your move."
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Whispers of the Warp
Sun 4 Apr 2021
at 19:40
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

  Moran fixes you with a hard stare, his eyes narrowing. His demeanor softens as he sits down in the old chair and lights the lho-stick. Despite his casual posture, his tone is low and his voice is hard.

  "You have made a grave mistake threatening us, fool - here of all places. Clearly you are misinformed or ignorant of my work here, but no matter. This will not affect the timeline."


In the main hall, Goran notices a couple of the helpers moving to towards the large entrance way. They seal the door and take up places either side of it, their covered faces seemingly scanning the people in the hall. The dregs around him and Zena don't seem to notice, or don't care if they do - seemingly focused upon their meals.


  "You will tell me who you are, and who sent you here. You will tell me the complete truth now without resistance, or I shall cause you such unimaginable anguish you will curse your own mother for bringing you into this universe." Moran continues. "I do not make idle threats - make this easy for both of us. Please sit and be comfortable, let us talk as friends - you will not enjoy the alternative.
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Lucien Carus
player, 43 posts
Mon 24 Jan 2022
at 19:48
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((IC)) Dark Heresy Part I - Gledd

"My Name is Luciean. I used to run the biggest gang back home. Arbites, enforcers, administratum. Nothing could touch me." I sighed before continuing. "Then the black ships came. Undid a decade of work in mere weeks, they figured a man of my skills to be useful so i was given two options, join or die."
I raise both my arms to gesture arond us. "Which brings us both here by either grand design or happenstance, two men who don't want to be in this situation. So in the interest of mutual survival lets deal"

I lean forward before continuing "I know people are being grabbed and experimented on, through I admit I don't know the purpose, I also know ever lead brings me to you. So why not just kill me and the secret dies with me you're thinking.
Well I've sent my reports collected samples and corpses. Kill me and they'll send someone else, maybe you'll kill them too. But how long until their done with subtley and raze the entire district.

I let the thought hang before finishing
"So I propose a trade, give me someone who I can pass off as the mastermind, dead of course cant have anyone finding out. I leave and report the planet safe. We both live another day. So what do you say."
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