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21:57, 12th April 2024 (GMT+0)

((OOC)) Questions and Stuff.

Posted by The InquisitorFor group 0
The Inquisitor
GM, 2 posts
Teller of Fables
Sun 29 Apr 2018
at 21:11
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((OOC)) Questions and Stuff

Any general or longer-form out of character questions/banter should go here in order to maintain the story driven nature of the in-character thread. I will create a separate thread for long text dumps if your team gathers any information throughout their investigation.

Lets do this :)
Lucien Carus
player, 41 posts
Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 21:35
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((OOC)) Questions and Stuff

How do i find heresy plz. :(
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