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Lore and Info Texts (i.e. Zena's Findings)

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Cogitator Terminal
Wed 2 May 2018
at 16:10
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Lore and Info Texts (i.e. Zena's Findings)

Gledd - Brief Planetary Details/History

Planet Name - Gledd
System/Star Name - Rubicon
Planetary Governor - Audhilda Vestre
Vital Imports - Food stuffs, medical supplies
Main Exports - Minerals, Manpower

  The planet of Gledd has seen far better days. Originally a mining world used to supply Solix and Hemuun (the two other Imperial worlds in the Rubicon System), over time its populace grew to support the ever increasing mining efforts and the 9 Hives that still stand today were constructed to accommodate the exploitation of the planets rich natural metal supplies. Today the planet is but a fragment of its former self, the very earth itself broken and barren, with any water source long since dried up. It is almost fortunate that the vast swathes of pollution cover the planets surface, hiding the damage to the planets surface. The mineral supplies of Gledd have long been dwindling, with its output today but a fraction of that in its glory days.

  With the ever falling mineral supplies, Gledd's value as an Imperial resource has weakened in the past century, as has the potential prospects for its populace to make an honest living. Kept grinding on only by constant imports of vital supplies, Gledd provides a large number of soldiers for the Holy Emperor's Imperial Guard, with the founding of new regiments every 7 standard years. Such as it is, Gledd is a dying world, its only purpose to provide fresh bodies for mankind's battles across the stars. Current Administratum records indicate that the planets mineral resources will run out completely in the next 200 or so years, painting a glim picture for the planet's future.

  Of the planets 9 hives, Hive Jannus acts as central hub for purposes of planetary government. It is home to Planetary Governor Audhilda Vestre and other key government officials. Like most hives, Hive Jannus is separated into districts, for the most part simply stacked on-top or to the side of each other. Generally speaking the lower you go the poorer it gets, with power outages, staler air and gang violence becoming increasingly common. At the hives peak is the Upper Hive, where the elite of the elite make their homes and conduct most of their business - rarely if ever leaving the vicinity of the Upper Hive.

  Around the edges of the lower-Upper Hive there are a great number of spaceport-docking facilities for cargo landers, to provide easier transportation of cargo both onto and off-of the planet. Many of these have fallen into disuse these days as the total amount of product the planet exports has reduced over time.

  Below the Upper Hive lies the Central Hive Section, the main portion of the Hive where most of its populace work and make their homes. The upper fringes consist largely of the lower-born noble houses and are off limits to most of the populace similarly to the Upper Hive. Below this the Hive structure starts to blend together, with districts merging into each other. It is here that the Government District can be found, where most of the Hive-Scale government and bureaucrats reside and govern the year to year of the hive. The Administratum District is also here, where vast numbers of scribes and savants work tirelessly to compile all the analytical data required for the sustainment of the hive. There are multiple Commercia Districts dotted through the hive, where much of the hives trade and dealings are conducted. Further down are many Manufacturing and Mining Districts, many of which are these days little more than slums, some of the ones further down being officially declared to be part of the Lower Hive some twenty-five years ago, with all attempts at keeping the peace by local law enforcement withdrawn.

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Wed 2 May 2018
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Lore and Info Texts (i.e. Zena's Findings)

Sand's Data on the Coscarla Division

Reference/Subject: Coscarla Division
Geo/Dem Designation: Workers Habitation Zone
Locale: Mastraven Zone, Lower MidTiers, Quadrant 7, Hive Jannus
Attribution: Interrogator-Medicae Omardha Sand

Geohistorical and Demographic Overview:

  The Coscarla Division is a subdistrict of Hive Jannus on the world of Gledd. Built in the remains of what was once the splendour of the House Coscarla Estates, the district is a seventy kilometre square conglomeration of warrenlike tenement-habs and their attendant infrastructure that has grown up between the vast ruined arches and fallen statuary of its noble past.

  The Coscarla was until recent years a relatively prosperous midhive district, predominantly populated by indentured labour classes, but has since suffered deprivation, disaster and a loss in status thanks to a series of misfortunes and incidents. Primary among these have been the damage caused by unrestrained wildfires during the recent Rienholt Blackouts (the Coscarla being one of seventeen effected hive zones), although the long term withering of the fortunes of the Tantalus Combine, (see Addendum) had begun to have significant adverse effects long before that calamity.

  The Coscarla Division currently awaits Administratum revaluation of its status (projected due process time until preliminary ruling: 37 years standard), but data indicates over 60% of the Coscarla is now effectively a waste/scav zone and the viable population is now confined to smaller subzones clustered around transit and utility access points. The division’s population is also in catastrophic decline, its infrastructure remains effectively crippled and lawlessness, poor social cohesion and poverty all exponentially increasing year on year.

Addendum: [The State of the Tantalus Combine]

  The Combine, a longstanding cartel of several Houses Minoris of the Gleddian nobility has seen a drastic decline in its fortunes over the last few decades. Its fall from power has been brought on by hostile competition from the Skaelen'Har Hegemony and severe damage to its assets and prestige endured during the period of intrigues and vendettas known popularly as the “Vthorran Promenades” [cert.ref: Activities of the Lucid Court]. The resulting effects on several districts of the Gleddian and Hemuun Hives, formerly under the Combine’s sway, have been profound. In the Coscarla Division where Tantalus was the majority power, the Combine has sold on the indenture contracts of thousands of skilled workers and the labour force that remains now works only to meet their master’s debts. As a result, whole swathes of families have been uprooted or have deserted from the district, thus the effective economic and monetary input to the region is now negligible.

  The Tantalus Combine is suffering a long, drawn-out death and is kept going only by its own fading inertia and the legal wrangling over the disposition of its carcass. It has ceased to exist effectively as a cohesive organisation or political entity.

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