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Character Creation Thread
1.) Include a character background with your RTJ.
2.) Starting Level: 3rd
3.) Allowed Races: PHB .... exceptions made if you can convince me  ;)
4.) Allowed Classes: PHB .... exceptions made if you can convince me  ;)
5.) Starting Gold: Normal Class Starting Equip + 500gp to spend as you choose.
6.) Stat Generation: Roll 4d6 drop lowest. 12 Rolls, use your best 6 on your honor.

A little about the area:
Tapfere Eine is the central point of defense for the region. The stronghold sits at the southern mouth of Dragonís Vale. This valley is the primary way to travel through the mountainous terrain. In fact this pass is the only way that a sizeable contingent of ground troops can cross the Valorthian Mountains.

Dragonís Vale is the most blood soaked stretch of land in all of the realms. Countless times the hordes from the north have clashed with the forces from Tapfere Eine within its confines. For years neither was ever been able to maintain control of the Vale for very long. As of late it seems that they are content, for the moment at leastÖÖ to call it no manís land.

Torfin Blacksmane is the councilman for the town of Tapfere Eine. He serves as governor, constable, and commander of its forces. Torfin is widely respected and loved by his men. He is regarded as a fair and just man whose orders are obeyed without question. His second in command is Heroth Ironoak. As well as being highly regarded by Torfin, Heroth is also know to be fair and just. Ironoak has patterned himself after Lord Torfin and is considered the eventual replacement when Torfin finally steps down.

Several merchants have come to Tapfere Eine to open up shop. The three most prominent are: Redon Pagic, Bestor Reefer, & Ian Toril. These three merchants are locked in intense competition for the business of the many adventuring parties that travel pass through. This battle for business ensures that nearly any needed piece of equipment can be found here. There is one temple and it's dedicated to Terrilian. The head priest is Roland Yellon. He frequently ministers to the troops stationed here and does his best to keep Tapfere Eine in the good graces of Terrilian.

There are three inns within the town. The Wyrm's Lair, the Hanging Lantern, and the Bubbling Brew. Rumors and bar brawls can be had at nearly anytime in any of these establishments. Other points of interest are the marketplace, the blacksmith shop, and the bowyer/fletcher. The largest troop barracks in the region is located here as well as an excellent stable.

Recent happenings:
Several rangers have begun to report strange goings on in the wilds to the north while others have disappeared.......... Whispers on the wind of an area known only as "The Fall". Other rumors whirl about the dead walking and entire villages disappearing..... Even stories of heavily armed patrols going missing.