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Auris is located along the western shore, and is the major port city on the Sea of Golden Blood. Known as the City of Light for the ever-burning magical beacon at its center, it is also widely regarded as the most influential port in all of the Realms. As of late a major guild war has been raging in the dock district between the Company of Silver Fire and The Bladed Sons. The two rival merchant houses battling over control of the area. Many innocents have been killed in these battles and many more who were not so innocent.

There are rumors that say that Arielth, the Golden Lord himself, is about to put an end to the bloodshed. Other than the guild war, it is a peaceful city with few daring to break the law--or at least with very few getting caught. Only the sneakiest of guildmasters dares to stage any "jobs" within the cityís walls, due to the Lord's keen sense of justice.

A huge sprawling city, virtually anything you want or need can be found here... or at least information on where you might find it. Several of the most respected sages in the Realms make their homes in the city, most notably Beraken Oriel.

General Info
Auris is the busiest of ports and quite possibly the most profitable in all of the Realms. Deemed the "City of Light", Auris also possesses a dangerous darkside. The city is divided into three different sections; The Docks, The Capital, and the Adventurers Quarter.

The Docks
The Docks are home to just that. This area is along the waterfront and is the heart of the city's port activities. The city's warehouses and shipyards dominate this area. This is also that part of the city where the Company of Silver Fire and The Bladed Sons wage their guild war. Both guildmasters want complete control of the area, and the profits that are made through its shipping and storage business.

Adventurer's Quarter
Last but not least we come to the Adventurer's Quarter. Many Inns and Taverns dot the landscape here, and needless to say, the constable's office can also be found here. The area is full of weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, and supply stores. Several stables can also be found here.

A small farming community made up of fifteen families, is located in the fertile valley several miles from Tapfere Eine, and is the sole provider of food for the fort. As a result, it is well protected--Tapfere Eine's commander regularly sends bands of adventurers and patrols to take care of any marauders or beasts that may seek to prey on the small village. The men of the village are very capable pilots of the flat-bottomed keelboats that deliver their crops to the fort.

It is a very tight knit group that is governed by the elder member of the community, Gladius Thornapple. Gladius keeps a small stash of weapons stored in his cellar and, in times of danger, these weapons are distributed to the men of the community for defense.

The village's proximity to Tapfere Eine serves as a double edged sword, soldiers from Tapfere Eine can be in the village in only a couple of hours, but so can the restless souls that are forever roaming the bloody battlefields around the famous stronghold.

The standard defense tactic of the Bewirtz "militia" is to hole up in the home of Gladius, defending the lives of their wives and children until help from Tapfere Eine arrives--or the enemy simply gets bored and leaves. Because of this, Bewirtz has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the last few decades.

While there is a small general store in Bewirtz, its sparse stock consists largely of agricultural items, animal feed, and some crude iron items produced by a retired blacksmith who resides within the village.

Bewirtz has been suffering a disturbingly increasing number of attacks during the past few months. On top of this the Golden Lances have been kept close to Tapfere Eine in an effort to prepare for the attack that they believe to be coming soon. Local leaders fear that some foul plot is being hatched right under their noses.

Dun Geheim
Dun Geheim is built into the side of Mount Reivondem. It is one of several of the great dwarven cities that dot the entire landscape of the realms. Its walls have withstood everything from raiding dragons and marauding fire giants to entire armies of lizardmen.

Centuries ago the dwarves of Dun Geheim were entrusted by Terrilian with the responsibility to guard the realms' most powerful & dangerous treasures. It is a responsibility that the dwarves have fulfilled to the fullest of their abilities. The holy warriors of Dun Geheim are known far and wide for their honorable and brave deeds. It is because of this special charter, that even the ruling council of Auris holds no authority over the dwarven stronghold or its wards.

The dwarves of Dun Geheim are constantly working to improve the walls and defenses of their fortress. Its security is unsurpassed by anything in all of the realms. The walls and stonework are in excellent shape, a garrison of over 5,000 dwarves tends to make the upkeep a bit easier than one might normally expect.

Many have attempted to infiltrate the vaults of the city. Each and every occurrence has met with disaster for the would be thieves. Rumors about what mysteries are safeguarded in Dun Geheim have flown about the realms for years. Even the noble rulers of realms are not aware of everything hidden there.

Aside from serving as a magical vault, Dun Geheim is home to what is perhaps the most extensive library in all the lands. The only library that can rival it is located at the college of wizardry in Spire. Few if any sages are permitted to enter the city walls to pursue its many volumes.

In years past the holy warriors of Dun Geheim had been a reclusive lot; rarely seen outside its walls. However in recent years the warriors of Dun Geheim have been seen outside the city walls more and more. A few of the keep's warriors have even joined company with several adventuring parties. Currently there appears to be a search on for something. What this item may be has been the subject of many rumors and sagely discussions. As of yet, no one appears to know what exactly the dwarves of Dun Geheim are seeking.

Sea of Golden Blood
The Sea of Golden Blood earned its name almost a thousand years ago when the great golden wyrm, Autherial fell in mortal combat with the great red wyrm Herekdith

The water took on a strange, dark golden hue and has remained that way ever since. Some claim it is Autherial, still alive and sleeping on the seabed that makes the water such an odd color. They spin legends of the great dragon, in a healing sleep, waiting for the day that his land needs him most and returning in glory to bring peace and unity to his realm once more.

The Sea of Golden Blood is truly a mystery. In the end the younger Herekdith began to gain the upper hand on the elder golden wyrm. Just as is seemed he was falling to his death, the golden wyrm called upon strong magics. No one knows what the true nature of the spell was, but it immediately forced the red wyrm to retreat. Even as Autherial fell into the watery grips of the sea, the water took on a radiant golden glow.

Whatever the magic Autherial used, it has proven to be strong indeed. Herekdith was never able to cross the mountain range into his realm again. It seems though that the ward was a costly one.

Many times brave souls have called upon all manner of spells to allow them to travel beneath the waters of the Sea of Golden Blood in an attempt to learn of the dragon's true fate. None have ever returned to tell the tale. For now the mystery is unsolved.

Tapfere Eine
Tapfere Eine is the central point of defense for the region. The stronghold sits at the southern mouth of Dragonís Vale. This valley is the primary way to travel through the mountainous terrain. In fact this pass is the only way that a sizeable contingent of ground troops can cross the Valorthian Mountains.

Dragonís Vale is the most blood soaked stretch of land in all of the realms. Countless times the hordes from the north have clashed with the forces from Tapfere Eine within its confines. For years neither was ever been able to maintain control of the Vale for very long. As of late it seems that they are content, for the moment at leastÖÖ to call it no manís land.

Torfin Blacksmane is the councilman for the town of Tapfere Eine. He serves as governor, constable, and commander of its forces. Torfin is widely respected and loved by his men. He is regarded as a fair and just man whose orders are obeyed without question. His second in command is Heroth Ironoak. As well as being highly regarded by Torfin, Heroth is also know to be fair and just. Ironoak has patterned himself after Lord Torfin and is considered the eventual replacement when Torfin finally steps down.

Several merchants have come to Tapfere Eine to open up shop. The three most prominent are: Redon Pagic, Bestor Reefer, & Ian Toril. These three merchants are locked in intense competition for the business of the many adventuring parties that travel pass through. This battle for business ensures that nearly any needed piece of equipment can be found here. There is one temple and it's dedicated to Terrilian. The head priest is Roland Yellon. He frequently ministers to the troops stationed here and does his best to keep Tapfere Eine in the good graces of Terrilian.

There are three inns within the town. The Wyrm's Lair, the Hanging Lantern, and the Bubbling Brew. Rumors and bar brawls can be had at nearly anytime in any of these establishments. Other points of interest are the marketplace, the blacksmith shop, and the bowyer/fletcher. The largest troop barracks in the region is located here as well as an excellent stable.

The Fall
Years ago a fearsome kingdom was formed when the barbarian tribes of the north were united under the rule of the colossal great red wyrm Implorus. The dragon's wisdom and power were enough to hold the allegiance of the tribes and they formed the most feared fighting force the Realms has ever seen. Those alliances faltered and the kingdom fell centuries ago when Implorus disappeared. What great event could cause such a thing is unknown, but the land still bears scars from it.  A blasted crater known only as "The Fall" lies in the north. Magics are often unpredictable within its confines, strange creatures roam there, many even say that the very land itself has a sort of dark sentience. Mages and priests alike who approach the spot are sometimes seized by splitting headaches, and if they remain too long, have been known to go mad.

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