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Thu 3 May 2018
at 14:56
Welcome to the Ninth World. I don't know if you've had a chance to look over the Numenera Player's Guide I posted in the Slack group, but that should give you all the info you need to create a Tier 1 character. Once you have one, introduce yourself here. Follow the format below:

[Name] is a [descriptor] [type] who [focus].

Tier: 1   Effort: 1   XP: 0

Might 0 / 0 0
Speed 0 / 0 0
Intellect 0 / 0 0

Damage Track:
[×] Hale | [ ] Impaired | [ ] Debilitated | [ ] Dead

Recovery Rolls: 1d6+1
[ ] 1 Action | [ ] 10 Mins | [ ] 1 Hour | [ ] 10 Hours

Armor: 0

Attack 102
Attack 2+14

Skill 1 (trained)
Skill 2 (specialized)

Inability 1

Special Abilities/Esotaries:
Ability 1 (1 Intellect)
Ability 2 (1 Might)

Cyphers: (Limit 1)
Cypher 1: 1d6+3

Equipment 1
Equipment 2

Artifacts & Oddities:
Oddity 1

Shins: 0

Be sure to look at the backgrounds and connection for the character type, initial link for the character descriptor, and connection for the character focus, all of which can be found in the Player's Guide, and include your decisions here. Also, I will give out the Cyphers and Oddities for each character once you introduce yourself.

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.

Iadace (a common greeting or farewell in the Ninth World)

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The GM
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Sat 12 May 2018
at 02:54
Some background on where everyone will be starting...

The Wandering Walk

The Wandering Walk is a pilgrimage route through the Ninth World. No one knows the exact length of the Wander, nor can anyone point to its exact beginning or end. Many people speculate that the Wander is actually a closed circle that encloses the whole of the Ninth World and that some travelers, especially those with enhancements or otherworldly attributes, have been trekking its eternal loop since before recorded time.

For most, the Wander is too physically taxing to be used as a trade or travel route. It slips through fluid-filled canyons, curves inside crawlspace tunnels, and winds through woods, forests, and much of the Beyond. The rewards seem few, and the dangers are many. Yet at any given time of the year and at any given point along the known sections of the route, the Wander is laced with pilgrims, explorers, and those who are foolish enough to think it offers safe passage. Those who follow the Wander for religious, spiritual, or other reasons are called Peregrines or just Birds (though the latter term is usually derogatory). Although their dress varies, true Peregrines carry some mark of the Wander. Typically, the mark is an elaborate and continually growing circular bloodscar along their palm; there is little else to do along the Wander when one is not wandering, and the intricate nature of the scar gives bragging rights to show how long a traveler has survived along the way. Experienced Peregrines carry the scar up the length of their arm or on both palms.

Of course, there are also many who trek the Wander for other kinds of growth—namely, the growth of their pockets. These skulkers who come to borrow from the bodies of the fallen often become inadvertent pilgrims themselves, either getting lost along the route or walking it to find a home where they can settle with their newfound spoils. They don’t generally make it far before they fall to the elements or to the hand of another skulker.

And thus, the Wander captures all in its eternal length.

The action begins on what’s called the Fifth Stretch of the Wandering Walk, the long, dry, mountainous expanse of the route that stretches roughly between the western point of Cylion Basin—a town filled with pools that is a rejuvenation point for weary travelers—and the eastern point of the Great Slab, a huge construction that rises from the land in a large, flat square of synth and concrete. Wise Peregrines know to go around the slab, despite the length this detour adds to the route. Those with less knowledge and poorer friends will not be warned in time. To the north lies the False Woods.

The Fifth Stretch is probably the best-documented area of the Wandering Walk, perhaps because it has a number of small villages here and there and because the expanse plays host to an experience that can’t be found anywhere else—occasional bioluminescent swarms (if someone knows when or why the swarms occur, they’re not telling). The swarms consist of millions of see-through organisms that spend most of their lives lying camouflaged on the sandy landscape until they suddenly rise together, becoming bioluminescent and twisting and turning in unified patterns of dance and flight. In fact, the sandy landscape is not sand at all but is built from layers of blue-green detritus from the creatures. This loam quickly soils the skin and stains the clothes of those who spend much time here, and it’s sometimes used as dye or food coloring.

Let me know the reason your character is on the Walk. If you choose to let the other players know, that's your prerogative. Some options include:
  • They're attempting a pilgrimage of their own after a tragic event in their life.
  • They hope to catch a glimpse of a light swarm for personal or scientific reasons.
  • They're skulkers, hoping to gather spoils from the dead Peregrines along the way.
  • They're lost or on their way to somewhere else.
  • They have heard rumors of treasure in the False Woods.
  • They have heard rumors of a "resurrection machine" somewhere nearby.
  • They hope to be the first to climb the Great Slab.
  • They're collecting loam to dye something they are creating or building.
  • They have some other, more personal reason.

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Harrion Morris
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 Strong-Willed Nano who
 Employs Magnetism
Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 14:12
Character Introduction: Harrion Morris, a Strong-Willed Nano who Employs Magnetism

A wanderer of The Walk following a disastrous raid by his troupe- a group of bandits that he cared little for- Harrion appears to be a weary and tired youth. His clothing is tattered. His body is scarred. His eyes are wary. It’s obvious that he is someone who currently lacks purpose and direction. He Walks more to stay ahead of the past than with a goal in mind.

He has a nervous, paranoid demeanor. He tries to disguise this with cleverness and shallow imperiousness.
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 Stealthy Jack who exists
 partially out of phase
Fri 8 Jun 2018
at 18:45
Character Introduction: Jak, Stealthy Jack who exists partially out of phase.

I grew up on the streets. I don't trust many people. I've learned that the only people to trust are the ones that need you alive (example: to help protect themselves from other dangers).

I'm a skulker, I gather spoils from the dead Peregrines along the way. After all, it's not like they'll miss anything I take.

While some may call be a thief, I don't steal from the living. And can it really be considered stealing, if the owner has been long dead?

I try to avoid a fight at any cost. I've seen enough skulkers loss their lives trying to protect their find. Not much you can do with the loot, if you die for it. Plus, it is only a matter of time before you stumble upon the other skulkers body. Presumably killed trying to steal from the wrong person.

I joined the group after overhearing another player talking about going on the walk, so I decided to approach the group. I have heard a rumor of treasure in the False Woods and need a party to investigate before other skulkers hear of it.

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Killean Graves
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 Graceful Jack
 who murders
Thu 28 Jun 2018
at 17:45
Character Introduction: Killean Graves, a graceful jack who murders

For someone as tragically depraved of morality as me, you would assume hardship in youth, but the opposite is true. My father is a wonderful business man, and my mother a goddess who walks among us. They tried their best to keep me on a good path for which to one day inherit the family business, but I’m just far too curious about the exploration of… limitations. I have always had a fascination with the arts and in performance. I didn’t make much money off of it, and it became illegal to do on the street corners when I was just getting into it, so, I found the next best thing: Conning. It is just as illegal, and far more profitable. Such a delight! The thrill of a good con is in the ability to twist and mangle someone’s fate to your own liking. The next step… the limit to one’s control of fate is in the moment you decide it ends.

But more importantly, I make a shitload of money and am protected by one of the greatest crime organizations in the realms. Something went down not to long ago though, so we’re all laying low. I decided to take this time for personal growth and to further explore my own limitations in a little pilgrimage.