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The GM
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Wed 9 May 2018
at 23:46
Posting Guidelines
Please use these guidelines to make it easier for everyone to follow the game:
  • Any time your character speaks, color the text so I know exactly what they are saying. Be consistent in the color you choose for your character.
  • Keep all text that is not spoken the standard color.
  • Any out-of-character text in a game thread should be colored orange to separate it from the rest of the post.
  • When you want to contribute, reserve your spot in the thread by adding a post with a short placeholder message. Then, you can edit the placeholder to replace it with your actual response. This isn't required, but I will respond to posts in the order in which I receive them.
  • I will attempt to respond daily, but will only wait a couple days for a player response, or else I will assume they do nothing.

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