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Thu 19 Jul 2018
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Fellmarg’s Tomb
2 - short swords
2 - leather hide armor
1 - set banded mail armor (painted black with scrapes and dings showing the steel underneath. The helmet is a full face helmet with two horns coming together at the top and a black pearl connecrrs the two.

1 - +2 short sword (of human bane)(Luther)
Verag's ceremonial knife

 splint armor (off orcs)
2 halberd weapons

800lb  Chest,  valued  over  5,000 gold (must have a source to carry back out of taking the chest) each character takes 10lb sack of various coins worth 800gp. Ysar took 200 and fled. That's all 5000.

1  set  of  leather  armor  with golden clasps  and straps.  A  jade  stone  embedded in the  center  of the chest.  The armor is  worth  550g (delilah)

1 set  of  chainmail  where  each  ring is  a  gold  loop  connecting to  another  cold  loop.  It  is  actually  10 times  the  weight of  a normal  chainmail  suit  of  armor, and  causes  -10  on  all dexterity  actions, but  damn  it  looks  good. Worth  450 gold  pieces

1  set  of  full  plate armor.  Made by  the dwarves  at  the World’s  Forge.  Each  point  of the armor,  where muscles would be,  a  topaz  stone  has  been placed.  Every muscle,  even muscles  that  sit  on muscles.  The  suit  you guess  could fetch  close  to  1,000g on  the  mark  but  the  suit  weighs  100lbs  itself.

(Note:  These sets  of  armor  once belonged to  honored warriors  of  the Empire.  it  is a moral(alignment) choice to loot the tomb of  these items  and sell  them)

There is a black book with arcane writing.(Xander)
Black salt
A clay pot filled with grave dirt
and another filled with brackish water. 
+1 Flail of Negative Energy
Silver dagger
Cleric chainmail/robes of Orcus
Goblin sized leather armor.

6 daggers (Luther)
2 meat cleavers (hand ax)
1 leather apron (armor)

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Sat 3 Nov 2018
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Bonecrusher: Dead or Alive
about half a pound overall of gold shavings, worth at best 25gp.

pair of bearskin in it, used as cloaks (endure 'cold' elements)

2 full sets of bone armor (hide +2)

Any number of regular clubs and spears
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Sun 3 Feb 2019
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Lost Wizard

Each Hunter is paid 1,500 gold coins, paid by the venerable Emperor himself. Any treasures found are bonus payment.

The set of armor grabbed by De Van Kinby:
Adeste Fideles Armor:
This Magical suit of plate mail allows the wearer total protection in defense. Unlike normal plate mail, this mysterious, ultralight metal armor does not slow down its wearer and has no penalty to stealth checks or armor check penalties. It weighs 10lbs.
Elven Plate Mail AC +9, Max Dex 1, arcane failure 15%

The chest grabbed in the nisse shop by De Van Kinby
30 small stuffed bears, penguins and deer. Worth about 30 silver

Wardoz's Chest grabbed by Vain:
Wardoz’s chest contains 1440 gold coins,

Pipiwar grabbed papers from the desk
Wardoz’s Desk contains papers that prove he was consumed by the Chaotic Magic, putting him on a “list” that left him under the powerful control of the Half-Demon Half-Goat figure.

There is an instruction manual on how to build a machine, to generate chocolate molds for creating chocolate golems. But it doesn't specify how to bring to life the molds.

There was also a spellbook, not so much good for actually casting spells, but good for altering spells you can cast. It modifies them into a sugary-themed spell. Not much for ways of enhancement it seems.

Xander managed to grabbed a few scrolls. everyone else seems to have snatched up all they could before leaving.
Scrolls (all cast as if a 6th level caster):
Touch of fatigue
Summon Instrument
Hypnotic Pattern
Color Spray

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Thu 5 Sep 2019
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Magnificent Seven(ish)
Guild Reward:

Loot on the bandits:
6 hand crossbows that can fire 2 shots before a reload action. And 24 bolts. Each bolt pre-poisoned for 4 poison, no saves or secondary damage

7 sets of Piecemeal armor (considered chainmail medium armor +1)

3 short swords, each pre-poisoned, for 4 points of poison damage on injury. No sace or secondary.

1 metal light horse.

Bandolier belt for 8 daggers
8 dagger each with single use of poison (4 stinging poison damage,  no secondary)
2 vials of wasp extract. Each vial has 5 uses of coating a weapon with impact poison (no saves, damage dealt on successful attack)
Talisman of the Wasp - 3/per day, when this talisman (neck slot) is used, it summons a giant queen Wasp (boost to normal giant Wasp stats) for 1 minute. Charges reset at dawn.
750gp in silver and gold coins.