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Hunters Lodge (Organization)
The Hunters' Lodge was the last of a series of secret organizations formed in 8th century Sikkym (The continent). During the Rebellion Wars when the continent was at war with itself over territories, the organization spread westward and into the Republic of Providentia, (The upper region that separates from Sikkym during the war.)

The Hunters' Lodge absorbed several other guilds in their expansion, such as; The Secret Order of Black, The Sons of Milani, and Other small mercenary guilds.

The Hunters' Lodge modeled itself after various other guilds, cults and cultures, adopting secret signs and handshakes, hierarchical orders and rituals. The four degrees of the Hunters Lodge are; Chapa , Rasselbock, Grand Gwyllgi, and Anathema Hunter.

Soldiers and Members without rank are of the first degree (Chapa).

Officers and Privelaged Hunters are of the second degree (Rasselbock).

Field officers are of the third (Grand Gwyllgi)

and the highest ranking commissioned officer and Lodge leaders are fourth degree (Anathema Hunters)

The Hunters' Lodge utilizes a secret code and language, like thieves or drow, to communicate an masse and unseen.

There are three such Hunters' Lodge buildings throughout Sikkym and two more in the Republic of Providentia.

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Hunters Lodge (Organization)

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Hunters Lodge (Organization)
Near the heartland of Sikkym, the surrounding areas produce nearly ¼ of the continents wheat fields.

The Salina Hunters’ Lodge features accents and ornate features that are Dire Wolves, predators and hunters of the woods. From the metal front doors with the dire wolf face spanning the double doors, to gargoyles being dire wolves, torch sconce handles
being dire wolves and even door handles being dire wolves.

Cloak Room & Guard Post
You enter into an oil lamp lit entry room that has arrow slits on the left and right. As you entered, your ears picked up the faintest sound of taut strings easing the tension. A coat rack next to the door has a handful of cloaks and wax sealed coats. A tray of boots has hardened mud on them, it hasn’t rained in days so you assume these have been here awhile. As you enter beyond this entry room, you see there is a large staircase in the center of the building going up. Demonic dire wolf statues line each of the landings as the stair turn and work their way up to the second floor. Every door that you can see from
just this vantage point is closed. There are two open doors though and each has the sound of light conversation from within. One door is to the left, and one is to the right.

1. The Three Hounds Parlor
“The stout beams overhead are stained black with smoke. A comfortable table and chairs, a small wardrobe and a suit of dull black armor stand in the room. A large tapestry shows three hounds dragging down a white boar, and it shimmers with strange light.

Within this room, a pair of Hunter’s Lodge members with the insignia of the Grand Gwyllgi greet you with warm smiles and hearty handshakes. Very welcoming and disarming. Your
 ensions and any worries you had are washed away. They don’t discuss any particulars about the Hunters Lodge other than what many locals know and the general public knows. Their hierarchy, the benefits of working within the guilds structure and the complete vastness of job opportunities. They don’t speak about how they get the jobs, how wealthy the Lodge is or of any secret rituals. And you don’t ask about them as it is an unwritten understanding that you are still an outsider to them. Should you wish to try and join the guild, an oath
(that can be broken with consequences untold) binds you to the Hunters Lodge and allows you to see through the Tapestry to The Huntsmans Web; the massive list of available jobs, quests, missions, whatever you may call a task.

2. White Stag Parlor
“This room is warm and comfortable, with a large fireplace, stuffed leather chairs and a table set with smoked sausages and candles. A tapestry displays a magnificent white stag above a valley, with a pair of green dragons soaring overhead and deer, boars,
and hedgehogs hiding among the leaves and trees below. The walls each have a trophy or two, including fine mountain goat heads, an elks head with a 10-point rack, a giant wolf’s head and claws, a metallic bull’s head, a sphinx’s head and foreclaws, and the head of a white-furred boar with tusks as long as daggers.”

This room has a pair of summoned Unseen Servants, normally invisible, but a top hat and butler’s topcoat have been put on these floating servants. They offer food and drink, a well-deserved meal after a long trip to get here. Also, you note the Hunters Lodge uses this as a display of the finer things in life that they can provide along with just some of the trophies and prowess of the guild.

3. Teleportation Circle
Each of the three Chapter Lodges has a small 15x15 room, outlined in protective wards from wizards older than most elves. Spells protect, ward and prevent unwanted use and malicious attempts to use the Hunter’s Lodge teleportation circles for personal and violent purposes. The teleportation circle instantly teleports up to 9 individuals to any of the Chapter Lodges, and their subsidiaries in the minor cities. This allows for quicker transportation to missions. Some locations are too remote and still require horseback rides and marching on foot.

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