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Mon 7 May 2018
at 20:43
Welcome to the Chains of Fate.
Welcome ... Salutations ... or whatever.

This is an experiment by which I have never tried before. This will start out with one player, maybe two. It will be ran slowly as I will have to acclimate myself to using a web browser to create a story line that will begin where I decide. I do not know how this story will play out. That is up to the players. It is up to them to make the choices that will be decided by unknown factors and randomness. The story will only end when the last breath is drawn.

If you want to join in this chaos, understand one thing.

This game will go at my speed. It may be 1 post a week... it may be 1 post an hour. It depends on the needs of the game and the availability of its GM. I want to do this... but this will not be a fast posting game. Do not assume that it will be.

With that being said, I plan on placing this story within the world of Faerun. At first, I will only allow basic races. Your classes will be decided upon your actions and die rolls. If you want to follow a specific path, you must earn it... you might be a very intelligent but weak fighter. Or you may end up being an agile and brutishly strong wizard. That is not to say your just might be a strong fighter. it is, after all, based upon your actions, choices, and, yes; your fate.

This is a story heavy heavy game. There will be Roleplay based posts. I dont want this to be a play by numbers game. I enjoy the story, not the math.

So... to put it simply, this is about WHO you want to play... not what.

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