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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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Somewhere east…..
The setting sun dipped behind the mountains in the west, bathing the lands in a deepening blue shadow with every passing moment. Stars appeared in the deepening sky, like the eyes of the Gods to bare witness to the coming events, waiting for something that seemed to float along the wind.
The city sank into darkness with the dying sun. Red brickwork building with black tiles seemed to stretch on for miles. Tall towered like building struck up like fingers from the underworld, daring to touch the heavens. In the city’s center, a huge royal palace dominated the cityscape.

The gallery room was decorated with artwork so old that time forgot its origin. Names of long forgotten kingdoms detailed information about the works of art could have been anyone’s product of imagination. Several wide inlaid gold columns that measures fifteen feet wide held up a ceiling that was decorated with a long tubular dragon. The dragons have four paws with five claws on each paw. Thousands of pieces of jade made up the dragons body with fire red rubies for eyes that peered down at the only three occupants of the room.

“General Fei is a threat.”

There was a long pause before the second man spoke, “Perhaps. But he is exiled and his location is unknown.”

“Exiled…” spat the third, “Cowards are not exiled… he escaped.”

“He is no coward, I think.” He reached up and rubbed his thick curly beard. “But a sword without a blade is nothing of concern,” added the second voice.

The first voice growled, “General Fei is a threat!” The voiced echoed through the halls like thunder. “Exiled or not, he has the power to return and ruin everything. He has Emperor’s ear and all he has to do is return to speak the world that will ruin everything!”

The other two stared at one another. The third dared first, “General Fei will not return. He has no power here. He has no friends, no allies and his family is dust.”He paused for a moment, “It would be a death sentence.”

“He is no fool,” added the second. “To return would be foolish.”

“Would you so easily turn your back on your home?” asked the first. “Could you blood forget the screams of your loved ones? No, I think not.”

The second grimaced as if he already knew what was coming and the third grinned.

“He is a threat. He must not be allowed to return. He is a viper that needs only hole to survive. Once in, all General Fei will need is a foot hold,” explained the first. “Then it will not be long before all that we have done will come to ruin.”

“What…. would you have us…. do?” asked the second voice slowly.

“The threat must be eliminated. The first of you to remove his head will be rewarded.”

“He may already be dead.” Responded the second, somewhat hopeful.

“Then bring me the head of his corpse,” snapped the first.

“Gladly,” the third person grinned.

“But…” the second voice began, “where would be look for General Fei?”

“West,” the first voice said, “General Hiro Fei will be found west of here, beyond the Dragon Wall."