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Episode 2: Wolves circle the Nest
The morning comes quickly… you are up before dawn and so is Old Dog.  The air fresh, the ground is covered with dew, but you can already feel the heat of the day rolling in like a wave.

The old man leans on a door frame, lost in thoughts.  When he speaks there is a detached quality to it, as much thinking out loud as addressing you.

- Do you know much about banditry? Some times it's a lot like farming… you hit a convoy… you take some cargo… you let convoy go.  The traders sell what is left… make profit… in maybe half a year they come back… heck this time they don't even fight, cheaper to hand over a share… Then you go to some village… they’ve heard of you, so when you ask for food they give you what they can spare regretfully but willingly.  Farmers aren't traders, you won't get rich in a hurry that way, but it costs you little and there are many villages.

- They even start coming to you.  The wolves attack my flock, please help.  The lad dishonored our lass and run off, please help.  There is ANOTHER bandit, please protect us.

- One day you wake up - you ain't even bandit no more, they call you Baron now.

- The thing is, what if you ARE that ANOTHER bandit and the guy who was here first is stronger, much stronger?  The only thing you can do is smash, grab and run while the other guy is busy elsewhere.  Hope like hell you can get far enough away before he finds time for you.

- If we lucky it will be few days before the rest of the bandits realize this bunch isn't coming back, but even then we do not have much time.

- Make no mistake when they come they will be like locust, they will kill, burn, take what they can and move on to the next village. They need to grab as much as they can before war between barons is over.

- We will help in any way we can, let us know what you need.

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Episode 2: Wolves circle the Nest

The list of resources is meant to give you general idea of what you can do… I will not count every brick, log or piece of bread.

  • Food - while the village can easily support itself there isn’t much in the way of stored food, quick family to family check says you can do fine for about a week, a month with rationing.
  • Water - there is a river and well in the village but so far there was little reason to store water.  There are cattle troughs and each family has a wash basin with a pitcher or similar, but there is little stored beyond that
  • Wood - village has surprisingly large stockpile of wood, unfortunately most of it is firewood. The is a small stockpile of building quality logs inside the Stockade - not enough to build a house but enough to keep stockade in order.
  • Stone - nothing but forge and well use stones in the village, so there is no reason to keep a stock… there is small pile of 2 dozen cobblestones of various sizes for repairs.
  • Oil and Fuel - there are candles and wax to produce more, several oil lamps with a total of about a gallon of oil in the entire village.  There is plenty of firewood and charcoal.
  • Flax plants - there is a large stockpile of harvested but yet unprocessed flax.
  • Linen - there are 3 bolts of linen prepared to be sent to baron, good quality but nothing extraordinary.
  • Canvas - there are 20 bolts of canvas also originally intended for baron but now stuck in the Donbrook
  • Ropes - there is a LOT of flax rope.
  • Flaxseed - there are several barrels of flaxseeds.
  • Weapons - 3 hunting bows, young clipper has a saber and 2 daggers… that is all, peacock clippers emptied the armory when they left.  But you do have weapons of the dead bandits (dozen assorted blades and axes, but also 3 crossbows and twin cudgels of the featured)
  • Tools - on the plus side - cleavers, hammers, hoes, spades, hatches are plenty.  Also notably there are over a hundred of sickles, various shapes but all sharp as a razor and good quality (flax is harvested with sickles).
  • Facilities - the village has small granary and small warehouse, stables (only one horse left - workhorse nothing fancy).  There is a well in the center of the village.  There is stockade were clippers were stationed.  There is small forge under the open skies and a area set aside for woodworking complete with large hand saw, planers, etc
  • People - there is over a hundred people (let say 115), 11 - elderly, 27 - children under 10, 33 - men, 44 - women.  These men and women (77) are available as workers, who is available as a defenders is up to you (perhaps you want only men fighting, perhaps everyone, perhaps a compromise)
  • Combatants - there is a hunter in the village, he isn’t exactly trained in combat but he can track and he can shoot.  Murat (full name Agamurat) is young clipper, trained but inexperienced.  The Old Dog might have fighting experience but it this point you can’t be sure.  All you have to go on is him executing prisoners.
  • Healer - there is a girl in the village who serves as a local healer, she apprenticed in the bigger settlement for a year, if you want to get a better idea of her capabilities you’ll need to talk to her.

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Episode 2: Wolves circle the Nest
"I know more than you might think about banditry - a lot of what a Clipper does is hunt bandits."

Bone Flower looked around the village from her position next to Old Dog in his doorway. "Typically, though I'm getting into places. Not keeping people out, but maybe knowing how to get in is a good way to keep other people out."

Then something struck her.

Bone Flower spun to her companions.

"I have a an idea. Can we make village secure? I don't think we can make it completely secure, but what if we intentionally build gaps? Make them look like we tried to not leave the gaps, and ambush them there? We've got flax seed, right?"

She turned to Old Dog, "Is there a press in the village? Flaxseed oil burns, right? With a press we could make the flaxseed into oil..."
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Episode 2: Wolves circle the Nest
"The village is too large to properly secure it, but fire is a good plan for taking out their numbers.  Take out enough and hopefully the others will give up and run.  Of course is burning the village's resources any better than letting the bandits have them?" Rabbit asked approaching Bone Flower.  The weed between his teeth bobbed as he spoke.

"Our best hope is that their leader will be open to negotiating.  Perhaps instead of stealing flax and canvases, they would care to join us and we could use them to take some of the baron's possessions instead.  Steel and gold, seem like a more valuable commodities. All we have to do is offer them a better target and convince them that together we could successfully take it."  Rabbit watched Bone Flower to see how she would react when he mentioned turning the tide against the Baron's instead.