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Tue 8 May 2018
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I have 3 ideas, sound off which one sounds most interesting to you.

7 barrons, Minerva is but a little girl still in the care of the Master.  Quinn - a young Baron, Waldo his newly appointed regent.  Player characters participate in the events leading up to the show (Sunny becomes Waldo’s colt, Minerva ends up Baron’s slave, Tilda shows up at the scene as child of course, Zypher and Sunny meet, Ryder is kidnapped and loses his toes, and so on)

Late Second season
The war between barons has began.  Player characters are independent fighters who can choose to ally themselves with one of the barons or remain independent, could do their best to help the innocent or take advantage of the chaos for their own gain.  Basically “ronin during the Warring States”

Current events
Week by week adjust the campaign to reflect current episodes.  Player Characters exist in the shadows of the stories we see on TV. For example, Season 3 starts with The Widow confronting Nathaniel Moon… ah but how did she find him in the first place?  Well a few months before she sent a group of butterflies and/or mercenaries looking for a man with 999 kill-tats… guess if there were any PCs in that group? ;)

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Tue 8 May 2018
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About the kind of game I want to play and the kind of stories I want to be part of: I love the melodrama, romance and action of wuxia. I'd love to be a part of a rag-tag band of independents, refugees and misfits trying to carve out a safe place and lives free of the Barons of the Badlands, the manipulative Abbot, Pilgrim and his zealots.

All of those feel like factions that can be set in motion trying to dominate the Badlands and lands beyond. As they try to trample each other and anyone unwilling to join them, there's a great opportunity to fight for freedom and dignity. In that drama though there's tons of room for action, hope for bright tomorrows, romance, loyalty, nobility and sacrifice. All the things that make Into the Badlands such fun.

Now, where in the time line to take that?

Drama goes down in the jianghu when things are in flux - to me that says as Minerva upends the order of things and the Barons are at war. Or during the third season.

Thing about that is, we'd need to pick a starting point and let our story evolve from there. Where what we do doesn't change things, the story moves along, but we can't be wed to canon or our actions don't impact the world, and that's not wuxia.

Speaking of which, true xia almost always champion the peasants, downtrodden and helpless - that sounds like championing against the Master and her Abbots, Cressida and Pilgrim, and Minerva and Nathaniel too (during the third season).

During the second season, as war embroils the Badlands, the Warring Kingdoms ARE the problem.