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Tue 8 May 2018
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Please check publicly open topics.  If you disagree with my interpretation of the lore, if you have an idea you like to share, a suggestion, critique - please do not hesitate to post.

Also if you could please leave in this thread few sentences describing what do you want or expect from the game in term of both narration and mechanics.

For example: "I want to delve deeper into the Lore", "I want to feel like my action have an effect on Badlands", "I want a lot of combat", "I want to explore politics and intrigues of the Baronies", "I would be interested in carving my own little fief like start a settlement, hire fighters, train new clippers, make alliances with Barons..", "I want to feel powerful", "I want to feel that my character is growing (powers, skills, possessions)", "I want at least a round of posts a day", etc...

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