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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 14:12
June's Introduction
Today was a special day.

It was that day that comes only once a year. The day of joy. A day of freedom. A day of infinite possiblities!

Today was a Saturday. And that very, very special Saturday.

The first day of the long Summer holiday. No school for six weeks! A long stretch of hot, adventure-filled July and August lie ahead. The very best of times!

It was early, but not get up for school early. Around half nine, and already the sun stremed into June's bedroom, behind the curtains. The sky was a clear, cloudless blue. In the distance, the woods looked green and full of so many adventures. The Famous Five would go there. William Brown would go there. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys would go there! How could they be allowed all the fun? The very existence of a copse, sunshine, and no homework was a challenge to all properly adventurous people called Bug!

Time to get up! Excitement and exploring would wait for no-one!