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 Brr!!! Chilly!!!
Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 14:20
Rasmas' Introduction
Brr. Cold.

A Scandinavian Winter. Not for the faint hearted. Even being used to it, did not make it any less chilly. But this was the last morning that required early rising, at least for a few weeks. This was the final Friday of the semester. In a little over a week, it would be Christmas Day. There were so many things that still required attention, so much to do - but after today, at least, it was vacation time.

After today.

This morning still required attendance at the college, and actual work there. It was already clear from the quality of light outside the curtained windows, such as there was light at all, that snow had fallen. Snow on snow. Snow on snow on yet more bloody snow. The muted sounds and translucent glow that came with it was beautiful from indoors, but outside it would be cold.

There was nothing for it. However many duvets one tried to burrow under, and however many times one pleaded with spirits and deities of various types, going out into the frozen Danish winter was unavoidable.

Time to get up. One last time before blissful long lie-ins were allowed, without a guilty conscience!
Rasmas Brejr
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Fri 27 Jul 2018
at 22:37
Rasmas' Introduction
In reply to Winter (msg # 1):

Slowly I dragged myself from bed, I could hear my father swearing at the snow as he was piling on the layers.

"Morning Da!" I said rubbing my eyes and yawning. "Rasmas! I'll be back late tonight, we are taking Jean out, he isn't handling his break up well." I shrugged. "Have a good day, Da." He chuckled and ruffled my hair. "In this snow? Eh. Have a good day. BYE SIMONE!"
My little sister came tearing out of her room, half dressed "bye papa!" And launched herself into his arms. He laughed again "bye little one, be good" and with that he left to face the snow.
"Come on, trouble, let's get some porridge on and do something with that bird's nest on your head" she stuck her tongue out at me. "Rude boy!" And she sashayed out to the kitchen. I sighed, she was gonna be a teenager soon. She looked more like mum every day.
I made her lunch as she brushed her teeth"...come on Simone, time to layer up!" She dragged her feet all dramatically sighing, I rolled my eyes. "Last day, Christmas soon!" Her eyes lit up, "now hurry up!" She grinned throwing on scarf and coat and gloves and we left the apartment, walking down the 2 flights of stairs, getting too hot in winter clothes, she ran ahead,opened the door and ran into the cold,and I rolled my eyes smiling...she was going to get snowballs for an ambush. So transparent. I readied my coat collar and hat, no gaps for snow to melt in and grabbed the door...