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Wed 4 Jul 2018
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Rosa's Introduction
It was Easter time! And amongst the trendy and wealthy social set, that can mean only one thing! Skiing! And this year, the very best place to be seen, in order to be fashionable, is Zermatt, in Switzerland.

And so it was that Rosa found herself there, with family, and many others like them. A stupidly expensive on-piste chalet, with so many conveniences that actually going out to ski was an optional extra. But Rosa was going to be left with little choice. When family went skiing, that meant everyone. The sun had barely had time to creep over the horizon, when she was roused from the rather excessively comfortable bed, and ordered to suit up. Snow and skis awaited,along with hunky instructors, and the promise of slightly inebriating hot chocolate and hot tubs later. It was a reaonable incentive!