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Wed 4 Jul 2018
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Maeve's Introduction
Doom. DOOM!!!

That long awaited day was finally there, that dreadful slayer of enthusiasm and joy amongst the youth of the modern world. Summer had drawn to a close, and the happy memories of weeks without homework would soon be locked away. For this was that day that all young people hated.

It was the first day of the new school year, where September appeared, bearing that treasure with a degree of malicious glee.

It was raining. That sort of big wet drops that went blat-blat-blat on windows, and would soak through any teenaged girl who ventured out into it, in no time at all. A good soaking to begin the new semester, followed by the joys of maths homework, PE on a muddy field, or dealing with the brainless jibes of other schoolchildren who had less sense than teeth. Such things were anathema to such a creative girl. But, alas, unavoidable.

There came a thump on her bedroom door. The new boyfriend of her mother. A summons to be awake, dressed, and off to school.

September sucked.