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Gods and Pantheons
Various gods have played major roles in shaping the world of Chimera, including having offspring with mortals. This post provides info that will help you pick a race, religion, and a subclass in some cases.

When a character in this world dies their soul is given to a god of their own choice who will judge them and do whatever they want with that character's soul. So people basically get to choose their own heaven or hell. I'll let you make up the details, but here are the major groups of gods, or pantheons.

But first some context: One of the native gods is Solace, sun goddess and mother of all the other native gods. Her husband was a murderer and abusive so she and her children fought him, killed him, and built this world from his corpse. They populated the world with humans, plants, and animals. Mind Flayers later conquered the planet and created many of the animal-like races such as Tortles and Tabaxi. Solace obtained allies from other planes in order to defeat the Mind Flayers. This is why you have so many choices in this game for creating characters.

Family of Solace: the original/native gods of this world. There are few totally evil gods in this group. They tend to represent virtues and ideals such as mercy, peace, justice, martyrdom, joy, and empathy. They look and act like humans. They are most often worshipped by humans and "goody-two-shoes" characters. They see themselves as protectors of all the inhabitants of Chimera. They're will attend be one of these gods tasked with protecting a geographical area such as a single river valley, a specific mountain, or a particular forest.

Primordials: ancient elemental beings from the planes of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the combinations thereof (like the plane of steam and the plane of mud) who responded to Solace's call for aid and were rewarded with godhood. Many of the primordials are between millions and trillions of years old and they can be as large as mountains. They represent natural forces like rain, storms, fire, lightning, and earthquakes. They are charged with maintaining balance on a grand scale: keeping magic and physics working, preventing destruction of the planet and extinction events. They tend to be neutral and worshipped by druids and rangers.

Fiends: beings who epitomize selfishness and greed who helped rescue Chimera just to get the reward. The represent things that are traditionally clustered evil like murder, torture, war, rape, thieves, liars, lust, wanton destruction, and tyranny. Demons are always working solo or in small groups because they view all other beings as competition. Devils work together in large bureaucracies with plenty of politics and backstabbing because therecognize the benefits of organization in helping them reach their goals. Yugoloths are somewhere in between and act the most like mortals: they'll work together when they know they can't succeed on their own efforts but they'll also strike out on their own and take risks when they don't want to share the potential spoils.

Seldarine: gods from the elven home dimension of Feywild who helped rescue Chimera. They take particular interest in elves and in creatures that are not humanoid, such as dogs, birds, crocodiles, plants, fungi, and microbes. They are a group of good guys as the banished their evil siblings.

Dark Seldarine: the evil Seldarine who were banished by their siblings formed a corrupt counterpart to that pantheon. The leader of this group was the wife of the Seldarine who betrayed him, working with enemies to arrange his death during an invasion. She and some others now in the dark Seldarine were banished while others left willingly to help their footers resist the treacherous teachings of the banished ones. This is basically a Game of Thrones family.

Morndinsamman: the 14 dwarven deities from their home plane. Only three of them are evil. Very stereotypical characters that you'd expect from dwarves.

Family of Asgorath: the gods of dragons. one of the oldest Pantheons who's origins are shrouded in mystery.

Great Old Ones: beings from the Far Team like like Hastur as Nyarlethotep. Basically, you can worship Cthulhu Mythos beings.

Foreign Gods: if you want to worship a god from another pantheon then you can; we'll just copy/paste them in.

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