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Game Synopsis
Below you'll find a brief synopsis of both how the game begins, and how it has proceeded once the game gets going. This may be useful when it comes to ideas for your character!

BattleTech Primer:
BattleTech universe overview.
Map of charted space.
A look at the periphery (where the game takes place.)

A team of freelancers, hired individually or as groups, has been assembled to salvage a derelict Leopard-class dropship in the Tau Epsilon system, a small, barely inhabited star system located to the far galactic south of the Capellan Confederation. Your employer - the Goodas Scrap Corporation - is outsourcing the salvage of this craft to reduce risk to its employees, after reports of increased piracy and the loss of two civilian dropships in Tau Epsilon. While Goodas has promised few c-bills to those who participate in the operation, all involved will earn partial salvage rights on the dropship itself - a small fortune for most in this part of space.

Goodas is accepting offers from all comers; as far as they are concerned, this is a low-risk, possibly high-reward chance to reclaim a dropship, which would be a major coup and a first for the relatively unknown corporation. They will arrange for the team's transport to Tau Epsilon, and provide the use of a shuttlecraft once in-system to reach the Leopard, which was found in the system's extensive asteroid field. The team will need to overcome technical challenges, security risks and possible pirate attacks, but there's no such thing as easy money in the periphery, and the prize is more than worth the danger.