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CSNB Bulletins
September 17, 3026

"House Davion has once again assured the Capellan and Draconis ambassadors to the Federated Suns that the GALAHAD wargames are not intended to escalate tensions along the major powers' borders. This is amidst protests from both nations that any large scale troop movements may be precursors to an invasion. Travelers entering Capellan space should expect transit delays as House Liao tightens security along its borders.

There are unconfirmed reports that House Kurita has deployed an intelligence team to the Capellan Marches. Political commentators speculate that this may be in preparation for an aggressive move towards the Magistracy of Canopus. A spokeswoman from the Magistracy could not be reached for comment.

Technicron Manufacturing has released its quarterly sales figures, noting a sharp decline in sales of hardware to the Free Worlds League Military. A number of mercenary groups are taking advantage of this slump to purchase newly built assault 'Mechs, leading to fears that unregulated groups may pose serious threats to independent planetary governments in the periphery.

There are scattered reports of possible fighting on Barlow's End. Recent reports place the Eridani Light Horse on planet, but the identity of any attackers are not currently known. A general advisory from the Federated Suns' Transit Authority has warned travelers to avoid this system until more information is available.

Sparkles, the mascot of the Noisiel Rangers lacrosse team, has gone missing. A 2,000,000 c-bill reward has been posted for her safe return. Kurt Rand, the team manager, has called her loss 'the most tragic event in the history of Inner Sphere sports.'"