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Sat 23 Jun 2018
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House Rules
Carrying Capacity:

This is a first for me, but I expect everyone to track their equipment weight (including coins!!!)

Carrying Capacity = 15 x STR score (lbs.)

50 coins (all kinds) weighs 1 lbs. (e.g. 500 GP weighs 10 lbs.)

The open SRD has all these rules if you don't feel like flipping through the PHB:

I am also applying capacity rules for containers:
Backpack*1 cubic foot/30 pounds of gear
Basket2 cubic feet/40 pounds of gear
Bottle1 pints liquid
Bucket3 gallons liquid, 1/2 cubic foot solid
Chest12 cubic feet/300 pounds of gear
Flask or tankard1 pint liquid
Jug or pitcher1 gallon liquid
Pot, iron1 gallon liquid
Pouch1/5 cubic foot/6 pounds of gea
Sack1 cubic foot/30 pounds of gea
Vial4 ounces liquid
Waterskin4 pints liquid

Any gear you don't take with you into the dungeon has to be left somewhere (either in Rosenhold or the Dead Gnoll's Eyesocket) but leaving either place unguarded doesn't seem like a great idea to you. Any skilled hirelings you hire to guard your stuff will cost (at least) 2 GP per day.

Hirelings & Spell Services

If you ever want to hire NPC's, I will give you a number  of NPC hireling options (based on CHA roll) and their requested pay. They will be people you find around Sten's Reach (in taverns, guilds, merc companies, etc.). Alternatively, you can ask Staniel Coward to find you some candidates, but they will probably be more expensive (this accounts for the chance of finding a high-quality candidate as well as Staniel's commission)

If you want to hire someone to cast spells, there is no established rate but you can use this formula to gen an idea of what a spell might cost you.

(Spell Level)2 * 10 + (Consumed Materials * 2) + (Non-Consumed Materials * 0.1)

Drawing & Sheathing

You can only draw 1 weapon (not 2!) as part of your action. You can sheath one and take another out.

Preparing Spells

As part of your first post on a given day (see top of my posts for the time) you should add a private line to me listing what spells you prepped.
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Wed 27 Jun 2018
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House Rules

Okay so here are my thoughts.

If you wanna make an attack, go ahead and roll for your attack AND damage, my reply will be of you hit and what all happens.

Use the RPOL roller, copy the result and paste it into your post. You do not need to make it private to me UNLESS you want it to be a secret to everyone else.

I will make secret rolls sometimes, and I may make a roll on behalf of yoir character for expediency, but only if you are attempting to do something that requires a roll (e.g. asking about knowledge of Nature, History, or Arcana).

You can always PM me ahead of time to ask if a roll is required and what kind to do.
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Wed 27 Jun 2018
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House Rules

You will discover quickly that It is very, very dangerous to sleep here. Allegedly, no one has ever come back from going inside. . . When you want to take a long rest, you will probably have to leave the dungeon and come back.

There are ways around this, certain spell's and being crafty can protect you, but keep in mind that every action has risks and consequences. . .