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Fri 25 May 2018
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Character Introductions
Introduce your character, to the extent that a familiar acquaintance might know them, but not necessarily a close personal friend.

Describe how your character looks and behaves, and maybe a little bit of their backstory.

You are a group of adventurers who have been hired to retrieve Whelm, Wave, and Blackrazor -- three powerful magic items -- which have been stolen by an alleged ancient wizard and held in White Plume Mountain.
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Sun 27 May 2018
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Character Introductions
Jo'Bain certainly doesn't fit the description of your typical priest. Armed and armored as well as shrouded in black, he looks more a thief or briggand than a holy man. Black bandages obscure a third of his face around his right eye, and his chin and cheeks are covered by a wiry black beard.

What's more, you found yourself taken aback when he described himself as follower of Beshaba. Sure, you've seen shrines to the malicious goddess of bad luck, or heard her name invoked at formal events, but always with the purpose to ward off her ministrations.

You even recognize the scorched, black-tipped antlers adorning the man's head to be the symbol of the goddess.

Never before have you heard of someone actually being called to worship the Maid of Misfortune. You do, however, find some comfort in his promise to avert Lady Doom's most unfortunate gaze during your journey. . . But something in his toothy grin causes you worry...

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Magnus Silverbeard
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Fri 1 Jun 2018
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Character Introductions
Magnus quickly scans the room with his solitary eye under a thick, furrowed brow and returns to his reading. Between the links and plates of his armor you can see the unmistakable hallmark of dwarven prosthetics. Almost more metal than dwarf, this old professor is no stranger to conflict.

An obvious purveyor of the arcane arts, Magnus is stalwart in his defense of knowledge and preservation of powerful artifacts.

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Sat 2 Jun 2018
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Character Introductions
Standing straight and looking at seemingly nothing, Putrescence emits a strange, earthly scent. Standing seven feet tall and with large antlers on his head, one wonders how he even fits through a door.

As a tiefling, he's spend most of his time in relative exile and shunned by society. Most of his time has been spent tending to the swamp in which he was raised. He speaks bluntly, and without tact. When in towns, people tend to either shy away from him or openly scorn him. Neither gets much of a reaction. His druidic nature and raising has made him fairly immune and aloof to interactions, although he is aware of the affect of his actions on other people.

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Sat 2 Jun 2018
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Character Introductions
Aden is pretty laid back for a holy man. You are more likely to find him among the people than at an altar. With long black hair sweeping over his face and pointed ears, he is the one leaning off to the side quietly listening to conversions of the passersby. Though he is not the center of attention, he has a cool charisma about him that puts others at ease. Don't mistake this nonchalant demeanor for apathy however, he is always only a fraction of a second from his blade, ever vigilant against the misdeeds of the wicked.

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Brand Oathblood
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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Character Introductions
"Brand Oathblood is his name and GAINS are his game. He came in here last night, one of my regulars. A tall, muscular man which is quite easy to note as he wears no shirt, a pair of fur boots, and only a loincloth with a lion's head buckled weapon-belt to hold it up. He has long luscious locks, which are carefully cut so to avoid hair getting in his eyes while he decapitates foes with his battle axe and long sword as well as simultaneously framing his chiseled face. He carries himself proudly and speak quite properly despite his ferocious appearance... but you better not upset him. For some reason, when he loses his temper he attacks everything in sight! You can avoid it by not mentioning lost loved ones, or armies,  or bugbears, or shellfish.  Be careful of his sword especially, they say it's name is Pridefang, in his hands it is as dangerous as a whole pride of lions..." , said the Dwarf behind bar polishing your glass before refilling it with ale, "Now, that'll be a few silver pieces, as promised." He slams your glass down with vigor and gives you a golden toothed grin as some of the froth spills over onto the bar.
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Wed 13 Jun 2018
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Character Introductions
Big and boisterous in voice only, with a cadence that mysteriously and almost mesmerizingly flows between proper and educated to a more primal and primitive manner almost seamlessly, attached to this Sits a Short well dressed Goblin, Grey skinned, pierced ears sporting a slicked back red wispy mowhawk, fine leather jerkin clothing, bone toothed necklace and some tribal tattoos along with an eye patch over his left with a sweeping scar peaking along the edges. Whoever he is, he's certainly not from around here.

The Goblin effortlessly draws a crowd around the fire, telling stories of the beasts both figuratively and literally He's hunted across the world, bringing praise from some and giving frightening chills to others, he tells these, never looking up from his work. Sprawled across the table is a massive overly complex magical Crossbow he tinkers with setting runes, reshaping gears, he's very meticulous, when finally asked who he is, he gives a simple answer " Weather From Bane here (love taps his crossbow) or A Drink I give Ye, One shot from Me is surely a BLACKOUT! "