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The Palace of the Divine Grace - Harem Room
The Harem is situated on the eastern side of the palace and consists of several large rooms with an immaculately tended garden forming a central hub. The garden and surrounding are an amalgamation of many different historical cultural designs, though the predominant and most recurring themes are those originating from Asia that was. At the center of the garden is a large fountain formed of hundreds of female marble statuettes. Each statuette is individual and unique to the others yet they all seem to have had their features exaggerated and deified.

A light haze of incense and perfume permeate the air, an exotic collection of spices and scents that were grown or engineered to be as authentic as possible. Large comfortable pillows are scattered around and there are beautiful human servants that wander, some carrying food some of them serving as food. killing is forbidden in the Harem and the human servants and cattle within live better lives than most in the cities. Some even become chosen.

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