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Sun 17 Jun 2018
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The Palace of Divine Grace - Dungeons
The dungeons of the palace are situated inside the mountain itself and are buried deep beneath the palace. They are divided into two sections in mimicry of the kings duality. One section is filled with spacious and comfortable cells that are more akin to a luxury room in an inn. The other section is everything that a mind would conjure about a dark and grisly jail. The cells are small and cramped and only one in three house a bucket or perhaps some straw to sleep upon. Mould and moss grows on the walls and the acoustics are designed to amplify even small noises and echo them around the corridors eerily.

The more comfortable cells can only be accessed passing through the more horrific ones. It often serves as a poignant reminder that their situation could be much worse. Few prisoners ever actually inhabit the less comfortable cells at any given time.

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