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This is the thread for current events.

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Current time: Amarius (January)

Occurrence - Three days before the blessing, there were heavy rains and massive flooding. The local humans have been moved into the city until the river recedes

Current Event - The Taking of the Auspices. On this day, the Goddess gives her prediction to each worshipper of an important event that will happen in their near future. Following the Auspices comes the Blood Ball.

Occurrence- There is a dangerous band of Chosen attacking humans and turning them. Watch your cattle.

The Tithe - During the Auspices, the tithe from the other kingdoms is presented to The Four. This includes human cattle who will become food, servants, or concubines, Numbers who can serve as food, servants, soldiers or concubines, and Brethren who will become wives or husbands, companions, soldiers, and government workers, or if they're lucky, members of the court.

The Blood Ball -  Following the Auspices comes the Blood Ball. Celebrated at the Palace of the King, it is a time of offering to the god king who protects the city and  the world. Special humans are led in a solemn procession through the streets of the city before being sacrificed at the ball for the pleasure of Morbus. During this time, important members of the ruling class in all countries are obliged to attend the Ball and brings gifts, or "tithes" to the king which are also led or presented during the city procession. During this time, the citizens of each city also give gifts of cakes to each other and pray for the appeasement of the king.

  The tradition was invoked by the King after the great tragedy, as either celebration of his reign, or a ruthless reminder of his horrific nature. As the infamous name follows, Morbus prides himself in finding exotic humans from across the globe with varying blood types and physical phenotypes, to use as living blood fountains. The King had invented blood jewelry and furniture for this occasion. The Tithe is key in bringing these humans.

Day of Victory - Following the Blood Ball and the Auspices in about a week, the Day of Victory is a time of forced festival amongst the slaves. It is a commemoration of the 20th day in Amarius when the vampires took back the land. All humans are expected to have parties and set up carnivals in their cities. Vampires that own slaves create small carnivals for the slaves to celebrate at . Parties are held in the farms as well.

The Week of Sowing - about one week after the day of Victory.  This is the time that sowing in many ways occurs. pregnant women and marriages are blessed by the Goddess en masse in a city, and farmers purchase blessed cloths to put on their fields. Charlatans are known to sometimes supply fake cloths.

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