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City of Amapolis - The Happy Sow Bar
Near the slums of Amapolis is a seedy bar where those with less than altruistic intentions meet. For some reason it never gets shut down.

The bar is housed in a crumbling square building. It once was white stucco over brick, but most of the stucco has worn away. Inside is a large room with a sturdy wooden staircase on the right wall that leads up to some bedrooms that can be rented.

There is a stout wooden bar at the back with leather stools in front of it. Littered around the room are tables and benches. A small square in the middle is cleared for dancing. A band is usually set up near the bar, and most nights you can hear raucous music within
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City of Amapolis - The Happy Sow Bar
Long had finally found a chance to get away from the temple and explore the city. All the watchers had been otherwise occupied due to Blessing Day when most of the city went to Amaris for their yearly blessing.

He felt like a 5 year old boy on an adventure, and this place of ill-repute would be first on his agenda to visit.

He pushed open the door and was immediately assailed with so many emotions he staggered back. His mind began to spin with the euphoria of alcohol, but there was also a hint of despair and other emotions that were less enjoyable.

He'd closed his eyes and shook his head to try to dislodge the effects of so many emotions in the place when suddenly he felt a slim hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and found himself looking into the eyes of a barmaid. She was smiling at him, and the hand on his shoulder turned into a caress.

His eyes dilated with pleasure as her lustful intentions passed onto him. She was quite beautiful, he decided. The buck teeth and the acne scars just made her beauty unique. That lazy eye was mesmerizing, the way it always floated outward, making her look like a halibut.  He leaned forward and bared his fangs, which made her eyes widen. She gasped but the emotions filling him only increased more. She was delighted and wanted him more!

Just when he was about to partake of her life blood another hand, this one much bigger and burlier tore him away from the exquisite beauty. He was spun around to face the raging countenance of a heavy set man with a big red beard.

"What you doing with my woman, you leech!" he hollered. Apparently he wasn't a fan of the Brethren. His rage became Long's rage. Long hated this man. He hated him that he was handling him, and he hated him that he had the exquisite beauty. With a hiss, Long tossed the man onto a table which broke into two.

The man, shaking with fear now, began to chant just as Long reached out to grab him. The utter terror overtook the Brethren and at the last word, he bolted out of the door with a high pitched screech.

He was too terrified to notice just how high it was. He didn't stop until he was back in the temple.

--to the temple.