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Central Market - Slave Block
This is where household slaves are bought and sold. Most are people with debts, or criminals. Numbers and Humans make up the bulk of the trade. The slave block is a raised stage in the market where people gather around to bid or buy. Some are not wanted enough to be bid on and can be had for a pittance.
Tabitha Jewn
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Central Market - Slave Block
I was just trying to- Tabitha's thought drifted off as she sniffled, tears swelling in her eyes as she was dragged up onto the slave trading block. Her mind flashed over the sequence of events which occured an hour before... She had decided to move from the barren lands of the countryside, in attempt to find a more efficient and enriching life in the city; as she left her home town, she was approached by two ragged individuals... "Please help us..." -Tabitha whimpered at the memory, her hand gripping her neck- "We're so hungry."
Tabitha shrieked at the memory of two barbaric Chosen, banished from high vampire society to hunt on commoners.
After that, Tabitha remembered mindless sprinting in the opposite direction, until her body was hurdled over a stone edge. She was crippled by the fall, her leg clearly shattered, and she was left gawking on the floor. Even adrenaline couldn't drown out the pain. Tabitha expected to two vampires to scavenge the remains of her body, but her fate seemed to grow more morbid. Instead, a stagecoach appeared, and the rider immediately hoisted her body inside. Now she found herself here, dragged up onto a podium, exposed for all vampiric beings to see.
"No!" Tabitha cried, flailing in the arms of her captors. Her mind became scattered. Just leave, just leave, just leave -
Her mind became a loop, her third eye focusing on the image of her fleeing. Tabitha often had dreams, vivid imaginations, of her leaving her body and appearing into safe spaces. She used this as a coping mechanism. She envisioned her second body vibrating, glowing, before prying it out of her real body. A tear rolled down Tabitha's cheek as she fleeted inward to her imaginings; her fleeting thoughts captured the image of her astral body pushing through the vampiric crowd, running through the coils of the labyrinth city, searching for a way out. Kay gasped, her eyes opened and she stared at the crowd. Her blood curdled at the thought of all the vampiric entities within the city. A desperate thought leaked out, like a distress signal, pleading for sanctuary.

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Persius Jenks
Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Central Market - Slave Block

Persius had been deciding over two bolts of fabrics at a nearby stall when he heard the frail cry of a girl being dragged up the steps of the slave block. He frowned at her, not in any sort of mercy for the girl, but because he had nearly forgotten that they needed a new kitchen staff for the temple. One of the staff had gone over to the king's and had been unfortunately eaten. Zen had been livid about losing one of his own, even if it was a kitchen girl.

Since the girl had a pretty enough face, and with an injury would likely be sold at a bargain, he figured Zen would like her well enough to put into his household.

He walked up to the block master and gestured to the girl. The block master, recognizing who Persius was, gaped at him as he approached. "Yes, m'lord?"

"That one." Persius sharply lifted his chin at the girl. "How much?"

The man swallowed and looked at the bedraggled urchin with the injured leg. "I was going to sell her for a single sel (1 cent) as I doubted she'd live very long in her state. I had cursed at the collectors on this one and would have had her disposed of but she has a pretty face under all the grime. Perhaps some Number or chosen could have use of the blood once she is cleaned up." He stared at Persius again as if he was mad, then with a shrug he grabbed up the chains on the girl and handed them to the Bishop's steward. "If you think our beloved Bishop will like her, then she's a gift, M'lord."

Persius nodded, as if expecting her to be handed over like a gift but he refused to take the chains with a curl of his lip and a shake of his finger. He pulled out a card. "Very good. Take this card and have your men deliver her to the temple. She'll need healing and cleaning up, so present her to the temple attendants with my card." He handed the man the card that would let them know the visit was sanctioned.

"Very good." the block master stated as he took the card. Then he tugged on the chains attached to Tabitha and hollered, "Come on you lucky piece of camel dung!"

Persius sighed then went back to his shopping.
Tabitha Jewn
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Central Market - Slave Block
Tabitha gritted her teeth at the mention of being sold. Her fists tensed, and she shook her chains as her lifespan was belittled. "Collectors" She mumbled to herself, disgusted at the slave trade. It was criminal, kidnapping. Her eyes narrowed at the objectification of her blood, and she tried stepping away, but she was tugged back by her chains. Although, Tabitha eased her spitefulness, her eyes perking up as she realized she was getting medical attention, which was much needed.The Bishop? The word connoted religious duty and service to people, fairness... Being tainted with slave auctions opposed this nature. Tabitha frowned, imagining the cruelty of this person. She had not been educated on icons within the city, but assumed the Bishop was of high ranking. Either generous of their luxury.... Or abusive of  their power. Being bought by one of the Bishop's servants made her think of corruption, but the medical treatment suggests there was some kindness.

Tabitha grunted as she was tugged away. "Lucky piece of camel dung?" Tabitha hissed, pulling her wrists back, "This is criminal!"

~~~ To the Temple.

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