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Rules, Tables, and RTJ
This thread contains the rules and the means for character creation
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In reply to Historian (msg # 1):

This is a Mature Game which follows the Mature Game rules set by RPOL. Please make sure to look over these rules before joining the game. Post "I will follow the RPOL and Game guidelines" when submitting your RTJ

GOD Gaming - In any vampire game, there is a tendency to have extremely over-powered characters that can mess with plotlines. If your character has an awesome power, there is a cost to using it. If you use an extensive amount of power (this will be determined by the extent of damage or result) the vampire will become powerless for a number of game days afterword. So, if you're raining down lightning during a fight, for instance, you won't be able to even shock someone when scrubbing your feet over the carpet for at least a game day.

Please make sure not to puppet other characters without permission. This includes doing an action to them without a possibility for them to defend. Please private message any direct actions to make sure they agree.

Old Characters - In an effort to make sure that there aren't any extremely old vampires besides the four, there was a massive tragedy about 1000 years ago that pretty much wiped out most older vampires. There are a few, but most vampires are under 1000 years old due to this tragedy. A human uprising happened around this time that killed off more since the vampires lost most of their powers.

Number of powers - You can have up to 4 well defined single-type powers. You can say you are "Telekinetic" but you have to severely define what that means, and be willing to modify if there is an objection. There has to be well defined limits and effects to this power.

Sex in the game - This game is more about intrigue, mystery, power. There is a place for romance and allure but please make sure that any sex follows the general rule for a prime time show set in early evening (a bit of clothes shuffling, Some caressing and petting,  steamy looks, running off to the bedroom, being seen later in bed with covers up) - Don't depict any genital touching or an actual sex scene. Don't mention that your genitals are getting "worked up" as it were. You can mention desire, but we can leave out your goodies. All "sex scenes" must be faded out after the first item of clothes gets pulled off.

PLEASE don't get so involved in your romantic interlude that you ignore the rest of the game. The characters aren't meant to simply "hook up" but to actually connive and interfere with plans like the rest of us.

Posts - This is a slower moving game but it would be nice if you could post at least once a day if possible. Please don't take more than 1 week to post. I will move your character out of the way if you are delaying progress Please let us know if you will be gone and give us an ETA of when you will be able to post. Please make posts at least 50 words. There are ways to make this happen by adding gestures, surroundings, a bit of another character's dialogue.  Posts are done in past tense with a limited third person POV.  If possible, don't portray your inner emotions or thoughts unless you're talking to a telepath. Use gestures, tone, facial expressions to get your emotion across. It adds to the mystery of the game, I believe, if we can follow this.

The rules will alter as time goes on - if you use basic courtesy things should go well, such as not butting into a scenario unless you ask the people. Enjoy the game!
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Goal: (choose this goal and we'll work it into the story)

Random Goal/event/Obstacle: (roll a d50. Keep this item a secret except to the GM. If you roll a number that's been taken, GM will have you roll again)

Description - add in tidbits of history, personality, and physical features here.

powers: Clearly list and define powers. You can have up to four clearly defined powers

Skills - You can have 4 well established Skills - mundane skills you were trained/taught to do - sewing, dancing, math, lock picking etc. Over time you can pick up more but they must be taught to you.

Strengths - qualities, attributes that allow you to meet your goal - high intelligence, for instance, or ability to learn quickly.

Weaknesses - You must have 2 weaknesses other than your class weaknesses. These are things that can hinder you from your goal

Special Quality - Roll a D25 and add your special quality here (can be secret to other players but not GM)

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Random goal/event/obstacle
Random Goals (If the random goal doesn't fit your character, you may roll again once. The random goal is considered either a blessing or curse from the Goddess)

1. You are destined to be the next ruler. If you are the current ruler, you may lose your kingdom. Retired - roll again

2. A jealous mage made you the opposite gender because their gf/bf flirted with you. You are out of the rare ingredient to turn you back. retired roll again

3. You will come into money soon. Even if you already have it all

4. You have drank poison and have 5 days to live if you don't get the jewel the poisoner wants. Zen can't seem to heal it.

5. You will save the life of your sworn enemy

6. You have been arrested and must escape

7. You have been given a gift that will give you power over your enemy by an unknown person. You need to find out who gave it to you and how you can use it against your enemy. It might be a trap. Retired - roll again

8. You have been given an extreme beauty curse. Suddenly no one can resist you. You probably should run now...

9. Two close friends have found a secret entrance into the temple but shortly before you all arranged to infiltrate, they were arrested. You will have to go alone

10. The spoiled son/daughter of a noble has decided they want to marry you. Their desperate father will allow it no matter your class because said child is also homely and has a bad personality. You should run...again... (If you are a high class...the marriage has been recommended by the Goddess)

11. Because of an error you have been classed as higher than what you really are. If you are already a highest class then the opposite is true Retired roll again

12. You have murdered a high person in self defense. Unfortunately no one cares that it was self defense. You will need to hide the deed so no other character finds out.

13. For two years you have been looking for a new land to escape to and you've found it plus a ship to go to it. You need a crew and have to convince strangers to come. All your friends except the ship owner are dead.

14. Just days before you were to achieve your ultimate goal, you lose your memory and have to get it back so you can remember the plan... And who you are....

15. You have been blessed by the creator with one wish but it can't be used for the ultimate goal

16. You have managed to befriend the Bishop... This could be a blessing or a curse. You will try to get them to help you achieve your goals

17. You have lost a bet and must now give them money that was recently stolen from you. The  one you owe wants you to dance through the streets naked unless you get the money back. You know this friend is capable of making you.

18. You have managed to befriend the King... blessing or curse? You will try to use it to your advantage.

19. You have been injured and cannot walk well. You need to achieve your goals but the injury can't seem to be healed. You need to fix that.

20. You have befriended the Venator/trix.

21. You have been touched by the creator and are destined to godship. (retired. Roll again).

22. Your friend had only one job... And failed... The originators are aware of you now...

23. You have discovered the deep secret of the Goddess...and now must convince her to Ally herself with you.

24. You have befriended the Goddess.

25. In a case of mistaken identity you have been made mayor of your city/village.

26. You are insane and have to either be cured of your insanity or try to achieve your goals with the impediment. It's likely to fail if you're not cured.

27. You are stupid and considered the town idiot. You have to work around your lack to achieve your goals. Perhaps a smart potion?

28. Either because you disguised yourself as a woman or you are a woman, you have managed to wind up in the king's harem. You need to figure out how to escape or use it to your advantage.

29. You seek the book of knowledge and an acquaintance knows where it is. You have to trick it out of them. Force won't work.

30. Your beloved person was murdered and you must avenge them. It was not a vampire's fault. However a vampire turned your beloved into a Chosen.

31. You were unfairly treated and seek to have justice done

32. You have been given the ability to predict disaster and have a crushing need to protect the peace even if the disaster would work to your favor

33. You must clear a family member's name before that person is killed by the originators. Your family member is innocent but the evidence is against them

34. You have been transformed into an exact copy of someone else. A twin as it were. Roll a dice equal to the amount of characters to find out who.

35. You have been tasked to save a diety, even if you don't want to

36. You must find a legendary creature that will be the key to winning your ultimate goal

37. There is evidence that more of the world's plants and animals are dying and only you can protect nature

38. You've been chosen to play a dangerous game with someone powerful. You have to win... or face consequences.

39. You've done horrible things, but have the opportunity to be entirely redeemed. You just have to kill the Goddess to do so. That's what the voice told you to do.

40. You must stop a criminal using any means necessary. The criminal is a high person.

41. The Goddess is obsessed with you, and you must avoid her at all costs or spend a short life in her harem.

42. Zen has stolen your freedom through a lie and you must win control of your life back.

43. Everyone has forgotten who you are through a curse from the goddess. You must work to be remembered again

44. You have been tasked to make the Goddess smile - or else.

45. You will lead a rebellion against the originators, even if you don't want to. Retired - Roll again

46. You are going to start a new religion

47. You are or have turned into a Chosen and want to have a child. By some miracle / successful experiment/ spell you will have one.

48. Your sudden rage creates a need within you to cause as much mayhem as possible - try not to get caught!

49. You'll start a business that will lead you to direct contact with the originators daily

50. You will become the closest friend to all 4 originators.

Roll a D50 and add one of these as your random goal/event.
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Special Quality Tables
Special qualities - Roll  D25
1. Poor Eyesight. Even if you're a vampire. For some reason you have really poor eyesight, possibly you're blind.
2 Birthmarks. You have a prominent birthmark on your body that's difficult to hide. Could be magical or cursed. Describe it
3 Sickly.  Youíve got an incurable disease. Choose your own symptoms.
4 Mute.  You cannot speak.
5 Hyperactive. Easily distracted and bored, need to keep moving.
6. Neat Freak Youíre obsessed with cleanliness, and canít let the tiniest bit of dirt go unnoticed.
7. Unusual skin color. Because of the code or specialty breeding, your skin is an unusual color (blue, green or irridescent - something), describe it.
8. You are  Albino. You have no pigment. Youíre not necessarily completely colorless, this could simply be a very pale complexion.
9. Painfully Shy Youíre very shy. Donít forget to remain silent when encountering NPCs you havenít met before.
10. Cross Dresser. Or possibly a hermaphrodite.
11. Overactive Imagination. You frequently get caught up in your own imaginary world, or else tend to daydream a lot.
12.  Greedy You will do absolutely anything for the sake of money.
13. Prince/ Princess. You have a delusion which makes you think you're above everyone else, or you may actually be a ruler's kid.
14 Celestial.  You are a being from the creator charged with judging good and evil. The design and the details of your origins are up to you.
15 Symbol.  You have some kind of special mark on your body that symbolizes that you are of a special group -> to symbol table
16 Vice.  You have a vice that gets in the way of your goals→ To the ViceTable
17.  Relationship.  You have a relationship to another player character (count the player characters and roll a dice with that amount). → To the Relationship Table
18. Criminal Tendencies.  You have an inclination towards criminal acts. → To the Criminal Tendencies Table
19. Tragic Love.  You have had sad or tragic experiences with love. → To the Tragic Love Table
20. Dark Past.  There is something dark in your personal history. → To the Dark Past Table
21. Trauma. After some terrible incident, you were traumatized. → To the Trauma Table
22. Secret Job.  Youíre secretly holding another job besides the one you have . → To the Secret Job Table
23 - You're really Boring. Perhaps you have a need to talk about actuarial tables or you're a narcisissist who has to talk about themselves all the time.
24. Membership. youíre a member of a certain organization. → To the Membership Table
25. Phobias Table

1. You have a symbol that you belong to a Brethren house as a slave
2. You have a symbol marking you as a former criminal (roll for criminal tendencies)
3. You have a symbol marking you as a member of the royal family
4. You have a symbol marking you as a slave or concubine to an originator - roll 1 for Amaris, 2 for Zen, 3 for Killishandra, or 4 for Morbus
5. You have a symbol marking you as part of the priesthood
6. You have a symbol marking you as an oracle

1. Gambling Addiction
2. Risk Junky
3. Drug Addict/  Alcoholic - your choice
4. Womanizer/Man-eater
5. Glutton
6. Obsessive collector

1. You are related by blood to one of the characters
2. You are the childhood friend of one of the characters
3. One of the characters is your mentor
4. One of the characters is your friendly rival
5. Ex Lover/Love Rival - Either you two used to date, or you're competing for the love of a third person
6. Vengeance - You seek revenge because a character wronged you

 Tragic Love

1 Separations. For some reason love just never works out for you. At this point youíve resigned yourself to fate.
2 Lover Died.  You had a lover who died; since then you've been afraid to fall in love.
3 Killed Your Lover.  For whatever reason, you killed a previous lover. Since then, youíve been afraid to fall in love... or afraid for the object of your desire.
4 Former Prostitute.  You used to sell your body, for cheap. A complex remains.
5 Betrayal. l You were once betrayed by a lover since then youíve been afraid to fall in love or let your guard down.
 6 Stalker Damage.  You were once victimized by a stalker. You canít trust members of the opposite sex... or maybe the same sex.

Dark Past
 Roll Special Quality
 1 Former Criminal  Although no one would know it looking at you now, you used to be a criminal. Fortunately, right now thereís no one (that you know of) who knows about your past.
 2 Former Killer You were once a hired killer. Even now, your skills are as as sharp as ever.
3 Amnesiac Youíve lost your memories from when you were very young. (The GM should come up with something to reveal during the game).
4 Bad Reputation You were involved with some bad stuff back in the day, and you have the dubious honor of being a legend for all the wrong reasons.
 5 Wanted.  The police want to question you about a serious crime. The player can decide whether or not the character is actually guilty.
6 Runaway Youíve left your real home without permission.

Criminal Tendencies
1. Serial Killer
2. Arsonist
3. Thief
4.  Stalker
5. Black Marketer
6. thug

1. Someone you loved tried to kill you
2. Killed your parents
3. Saw parent die
4. Family Break up
5. Abusive relationship
6. Everything taken from you

Secret Job
1. Assassin
2. Spy
3. Scientist
4. Doctor for escaped slaves
5. Writer
6. Inventor

1. Secret Order of Sciences -  Human organization dedicated to removing the Nephilim curse from the world
2. Church of the Creator - Human zealots that wish to annihilate all abominations from the Earth to bring the Creator back.
3. Society for the Advancement of Numbers - Order to remove the lack of Advancement for Dhampirs.
4. Order of the Blue Crow - Secret society of Magic Users
5. The Animaveus - a society of shifters with murky plans
6. The Golden Lions - Society of Brethren that wish to ascend to Originator status

1. Heights
2. Crowds
3. Spiders - will climb the nearest high object or person near you if encountering a spider
4. Opposite sex
5. same sex
6. The color blue