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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
The Inner Rooms of Zen's Flower Garden, where the wives, husbands, and concubines lived, was constructed in an L-shaped form. The main wing was oriented north-south; the west wing extended westward from the southern portion of the main wing.

A large centrally placed columned hall with a portico faces the main garden. The hall has four doorways whose jambs were decorated with reliefs. On the jambs of the southern doorway, Zen is depicted entering the hall with eir beautiful hair flowing behind em. E is followed by two attendants; one is carrying a brush and the other is holding a parasol over the king’s head. On the jamb of the eastern doorway there is a relief showing Zen feeding two Harlequin Harpies some pomegranites. The reliefs on the western doorway show Zen dancing with eir court.

South of the columned hall, the main wing contains six apartments arranged in two rows. Each apartment consists of a large pillared room, a luxurious bathroom, and one or sometimes two smaller rooms. The west wing contains sixteen additional apartments, similarly laid out.
In addition to the access from the Temple to the northern part of the main wing of the Harem, another door leads out to the back of the temp.  There are also two exits to an inner courtyard and an enclosed garden.

The furnishings are just as elaborate as Zen's study, with fresh flowers everywhere and tapestries.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
----from Zens blue room

Zen stormed in to find Tabitha on the floor and a small crowd surrounding her. Zen crouchef down next to the body and closed eir eyes. With a angry click of eir tongue e rose up and eyed the crowd with accusation.

"She was alive and well when she went to these rooms. What happened?"

Starsia pointed at Jafa and Chen. "They were with her in the garden.

Jafa snarled at Starsia.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
--> From: Zen's Blue Room -->

In response to Starsia's accusation, Chen gave her a completely deadpan look before speaking up.

- "If i carried a plague, a lot of people in the city would have been dead by now, so it's safe to assume this was not my doing."

She took a sip of the tea she had brought with her, calmly waiting a few feet away so she would not be standing in anyone's way. She wasn't about to grovel and make a show proclaiming her innocence, or worse, not to reply at all, so what remained would be an appeal to reason: There was no reason for her to have wanted to see Tabitha dead, and since she came in from outside, an infection outside of her knowledge could be ruled out as well.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
Zen rose up and turned towards Chen. Eir mouth was flattened into a thin line. "Do not worry, Pretty Bloom. This is poison, pure and simple. Someone poisoned our dear Tabitha and killed her. Someone I trust and love. It was as if I myself was poisoned since each and every one of these Flowers are a part of me. Important to me."

As the bishop spoke, *e walked towards Starsia who had begun to stiffen. She had not tried to run away, but she pulled her chin back when Zen tried to cup it. The bishop clucked eir tongue and clasped the girl to *em. She began to whimper.

"Oh Starsia. You poor lamb. When did he touch you? Hmm? I'm afraid I can do nothing for you my precious little bloom. But, this has gone too far, hasn't it? A spy in my own house? Really, my King! And you chose one with the least intelligence. So sloppy! I hope you can hear this, My King, because I've grown impatient with you."

Zen pulled away from her and looked up a the ceiling with a beleaguered sigh. "Atamis, Joban, please come here and escort my Starsia away."

Starsia began to sob. "I'm sorry, my Zen!"

As the two guards came into the room, Zen crooned at Starsia. "You probably are, but the King controls you now and you murdered and tried to accuse Jafa… "

Her voice became shrill, "I just said they were in the garden... I didn't!"

Zen smiled sadly, "The intent behind the words, Lovely. Oh, you must know I can hear it..."

She was still sobbing as the guards removed her from the harem. Zen lowered eir head and was silent.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
Chen remained silent while Starsia was being led away, leaving Zen some time to reminiscence or whatever he was doing, it was hard to tell with his back turned and without really knowing the interaction between him and what he called his 'Flowers'. There simply were too many factors she didn't know about at play there, and all she had managed to figure out was that Morbus had apparently set up someone he cared about to kill another he cared about. The silence felt... volatile.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
After a few moments, Zen lifted his head with a heavy sigh and turned around with an apologetic smile towards Chen. "My apologies Blossom. You must be very disappointed at how little control an Originator seems to have over their tiny flock."

One of the men scooped up Tabitha and carried her off to be buried in the temple graveyard. As a member of the harem, however short, she was allowed that small dignity. The other members stood awkwardly around. Zen slowly approached each one and cupped his or her chin. After a moment, *e would embrace the person of eir regard then whisper in the person's ear. Most of the people would sag in relief, but two more, a man and a woman, began to shake.

The man, who was only a little taller than the diminutive Bishop, pushed away from Zen and aimed a fire burst at him. One of the guards, having a power over the air, snuffed out the fiery orb before it could touch Zen. Two of the other members of the harem, both men, grabbed the one that dared to attack Zen.

"Tch. What is it with people wishing to burn down the temple today. Markus, have I not been kind to you? Do you not have nearly everything you could wish for -- even the freedom to leave these grounds? Was it you who let our king poison Starsia? Hmm? Explain yourself."

Markus snarled from between the two men, then with roared, "Freedom! I was forced from my home, my family, just another human dog, and made to be the whore of a 'god' that isn't even capable of loving me in any way! IN ANY WAY! You would make me believe that I was your favorite, then weeks would go by and you would barely acknowledge me. But Starsia, or Jafa, and now that little chit Tabitha, you would dare to give more status, more regard. But no! you can't even love them can you?! We're all lonely! We can't have children or the assurance of true status in your eye! Why would I wish to stay! Yes! I made a deal with the king! He promised me everything! And Starsia was a stupid ninny who wasn't worth the silk you clothed her in"

Zen allowed him his tirade with an impassive expression on eir face. Finally when the man was heaving all Zen did was whisper, "Markus..."

The man stiffened between his captors, "NO!"

Zen walked closer to Markus and whispered again, "Markus..."

Markus wailed and began to thrash, "No! I won't become a mindless doll! I won't!"

Zen reached out to the man and grabbed him by the neck with both hands *E pulled his head down until their foreheads touched. With one last sigh, he whispered, "Markus"

Markus became boneless between his captors. His rage had turned to soft sobbing. Zen nodded and he was released. The man immediately grovelled at Zen's feet and began to kiss them. Zen lifted eir foot and pushed the man away.

"Markus, since you loved the King's promise more than me, please go to him with my blessing."

Markus looked up at Zen with eyes shining with fevered adoration, "No! I have no idea what I was saying! I would like to stay here! I am your eternal servant! Your love! Your precious life to take!"

Zen smiled, "Yes... so please go see the king. I believe he needs more fountains for the party...and now you're just a doll, pretty."

Markus blinked twice, then bowed low and left the room. He looked back at Zen once, hoping the Originator would change their mind, but Zen was looking at the other woman. With a detached, clinical sounding voice, *e stated, "She's also poisoned. Take her to be with Starsia. I'll deal with them later."

When all had been checked, Zen finally sighed and faced Chen. *E held out eir hand. "Please, as a stranger who was near Amaris' temple, I must check to see if you are poisoned by the king."
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
- "I have no love for the Plague Lord, but in light of the current situation i cannot fault you for wanting to be sure."

Chen felt uneasy with the way those closest to Zen had been turning on him these past few minutes, even with none of it being aimed at her it was still, as Zen said, unexpected to see a structural collapse of this scale take place within their inner ranks. She began to approach Zen, keeping an eye on the guards to avoid making them overly nervous. She took a deep breath, letting out a sigh as she stopped just outside of arm's reach of Zen, before turning to look at him.

- "Truth be told, if this disease even corrupts the most loyal of minds i'd likely feel safer with being checked than you would... So how does this work?"

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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
Zen held out eir hand to the woman, "Just take it. It doesn't hurt. I just sift through your memories and see if there's any that would have been planted or caused by our king."

Jafa was growling and pacing in the background, upset that she'd allowed betrayers to be in the presence of her Bishop. She'd half shifted and was stomping around with her tail twitching in irritation. She desperately wanted to kill something.

Zen glanced over to her and shook eir head. She swallowed another growl then stalked out of the room.

With a placid smile, e held out eir hand to Chen again.
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Temple of Amaris-Zen's Garden-Zen's Blue Room - Inner rooms
Chen reached out to Zen's hand when he held it out, though stopping halfway during Jafa's interruption. When Zen looked again, she reached out and took his hand.

He would find that everything she had said so far had been truth. As a young girl, her mother had been 'chosen' for the Blood Harvest, which had instilled a strong hatred against her Master as well as King Morbus that had only become more honed as it cooled over time. Other memories were there as well, equally strong ones of gut feelings that seemed to be true with remarkable accuracy, abilities used to hide from hunters, foiled ambushes granting her a sense of notoriety among escaped slaves. There were others deeper in, but as far as memories went, those were the most influential ones.