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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Zen's office was surprisingly homey. They had decorated in warm earthtones of olive, sand, chocolate, and burnt orange. Zen's desk was done like an antique with turned legs and clawed feet. Their chair was an oversized wingback in burnt orange velvet and the desk was a sand color. Hanging Chinese lanterns in gold, olive, and creme provide ambient light with the desk lamp and floor lamp providing brighter areas.

Flowers in graceful hand blown vases filled the room and a transluscent fairy statue sat near the door. The wings of the fairy eternally fluttered. On the back wall there was a bookshelf stuffed with books and a tall file cabinet stood in a corner.

Two human sized cages of gold stood on either side of the desk which were currently occupied.

In each cage was a birdlike woman. The woman in the left cage was decorated with brilliant blue feathers that made her pale blue skin glimmer. Her eyes were solid black and glimmered like onyxes from the savage beauty of her face. Her features were all angles, with cheekbones that could cut glass. Her lips were tinged a deep cerulean and hid two rows of serated teeth within their perfect bows.. She was wearing a blue dress that was trimmed at the Hem with feathers similar to the ones that  sprout from her long, straight midnight blue hair and decorate the wings that had taken the place of her arms. Her feet were birdlike and a small yellow,with razor sharp black talons. The woman on the right looked similar but she was as pale as Zen and more delicate in features, with a heart-shaped face, full lips and hair that framed her face with a riot of ringlets.Her eyes were a solid red. They were both around 5'6 but stood somewhat crouched, making them look smaller. The one on the left was leaner than the one on the right. Her body was sinewy, with distinct musculature. The white one was delicate of face, but curvy of body, which was enhanced by the clingy fabric of her dress.

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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Tabitha felt her skin tingle with rawness, scrubbed deeply until the layers of grease vanished. Her fingernails were filed and painted in a clear varnish. Her black hair
was smoothed back and combed behind her ears. She was even dressed in Greek-like white robes, golden floral emblems on her shoulders. Her leg, hidden below the skirt, was healing. Still bruised, the shattered bone was held together by a handful of metal stints inside her leg. She was able to walk now, and could hold her weight on both legs. She was being guided up steps in the temple, servants muttering how her new master awaits.

Tabitha stood outside the door to Zen's office. She pressed her preened hands against the heavy wooden frame, pushing it open. Her eyes lit up with curiousity as she padded inside the room. She allowed her fingertips to explore the fairy statue, bumping over the texture of the wings. She thought of dragonflies, long hindwings with hundreds of branching veins. "Beautiful," she breathed, before gasping as she heard movement. She swivelled her head, eyes adjusting to the dim light.

She stepped cautiously, her eyes narrowing as she focused on the golden cages. Cages that size, she expected tropical creatures. Realization smacked her face as she recognized human silhouettes, rushing to the cage. "Are you alright?" She ushered her voice to be a concerned whisper. Who entraps people? Who has the heart to do that? What will happen to me? Kay reached for the cage of the blue woman, attempting to shake it. "I'll help you," She said with an admirable determination, which was quickly broken down into a wince of pain as talons struck her knuckles. She jumped back. She slowly lifted her hands, staring at them as she pressed her palms against the cut to apply pressure. "What are you?" She murmured to herself, staring at her partially bloodied hands.
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
"Harlequin harpies," said a voice from the scarlet, wingback chair that had been turned away from the door. The person who was sitting there had been admiring *eir latest art acquisition: a living painting that bent and shifted according to a person's strong desire. The desire in Zen's heart was always to see *eir sister, so the woman in the picture looked much like Zen, but softer. The background of the painting was Zen's own garden, and *eir sister was leaning against the tree and smiling. "Be Careful. They are known to bite strangers."

Harlequin harpies were just one of the strange creatures that roamed the earth after the Fallen left. It was posited that they were part actual Fallen and part human, but the DNA mixture produced a surprise.

*e turned around and beheld a woman with cheekbones like knives and brown eyes that glimmered at *em defiantly. She was taller than *em, but then, most were. Despite the folds of the gown, it was apparent that she was quite thin.

The Bishop lifted *eir thin, graceful hand and beckoned the woman with one, talon like nail which was painted in a floral pattern. The nail curved about 3 inches past *eir finger. "Come Closer."

Zen was wearing the robes of *eir station - gold robes shot with silver with a red panel bearing the crest of the Goddess. *Eir tall hat was resting on the table. *e'd let *eir hair down from the series of complicated knots *eir attendant had arrange it into earlier that days. It lay over one shoulder like a gleaming white rope, the end of it not visible from the large desk Zen sat behind. *E looked like a pale Rapunzel, and appeared to have been crying.
Tabitha Jewn
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Kay swiveled on her feet to turn to Zen when they first announced themself. "They shouldn't be in such a small cage," Kay mumbled to herself, even cattle get access to the entire pasture. Kay envisioned a beautiful garden with tropical trees, sheltered by a large glass dome; a wild greenhouse, fit for vegetation but also a habitat for these Harpies. The thought made Tabitha smile. She spent her childhood tending to the lands and its animals, she had such sympathy to all life forms.

Tabitha hardly got time to focus on the painting, but it felt empty, lacking an identity. It was almost like it was never a portrait, that the artist never had a model in front, but rather crafted a fašade. Her eyes were drawn to the acrylic-like claws.
Her feet were strongly rooted in the ground. She stared at him, her face hesitant like a fawn. She imagined a scenario, if she were to speak her truth: "I want to say that I recognize the authority and power that your kind have, but I honour hard work and an appreciation between employer and employee..." Tabitha would've kept her voice low, almost insubordinate, but her eyes would remain on Zen, "And I thank you for my treatment, but I cannot be bought. I've been an honest worker, and I was kidnapped -- I was, I was going to be bought by your representative -- like a slave." She imagined Zen, as most entitled vampires, would slash her throat at her misconduct. Tabitha's eyes dropped on Zen's claws.

Tabitha stepped forward, with her hands gripping onto her robes. She had her head lowered, but her eyes peered up. "Thankyou, sir, for my--" She gasped, shifting her attention onto the painting behind Zen. The colours grew dark, recreating the hours of twilight. The colours shifted, snaking into violent streaks of silhouettes. The image slowly formed two bodies, one flesh coloured, and another like an apparition, mirroring. Both bodies formed into one, but it was the flesh body that was dominant and swallowed the apparition. The painting was continually shifting, revealing the internal battle of Tabitha, until suddenly the flesh of the painting grew dim, unbothered, staring out emptily... Like a shell of a human, like cattle, how society -the Church and the Brethren- expected her to be.

Her eyes darted to Zen, and the painting attempted to melt away; the night sky was trapped, staining the canvas. "Thankyou for having your people take me to a doctor, sir."
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
"They only stay in the cage when I know there will be guests, otherwise they are in the garden or in their special room. It's too dangerous to take them out as they can be quite vicious." With eir hearing, it was impossible to try to mumble ones poor opinion of em. Yet, e didn't seem upset at her. Eir expression remained pleasingly bland with a faint smile.

The bishop held out eir slim, pale hand to the woman as *e held her gaze. "Take my hand, Pretty."

Though her thoughts were readily available to the pale, beautiful Originator, eir face still didn't change expression. That faint smile still rested on *eir ruby painted lips.

The painting changed once again. It showed Tabitha sitting at ease on a mountain, staring up at the skies in triumph. No longer thin and downtrodden, she appeared to have won some victory.

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Tabitha Jewn
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
"Take my hand, Pretty."
Tabitha stared, her jaw bobbing slightly as if air was swollen in her mouth, sealing in words. She felt her hands naturally crawl against each other, fingernails pressing into her palms; a small nit-picking habit she had during stress. Tabitha could see that the cut had clotted, but imagined how Zen's talons could easily break open her fragile skin. "Please..."she whispered, her eyes growing more glassy with forming tears. Tabitha could feel a subtle, almost manipulative, tug on her hands, and she reached, as if willingly, to the Originator.

Her eyes bounced between her grazed hand, and Zen's already crimson lips. Did he already take me? Tabitha imagined his hands flexing open her hand, running the tip of his nails across her wound to disturb it. She imagined his lips gaining their colour from the flow of her blood... Those lips continually draining her, urging to go for the kill and envelope her tender throat.

She turned her hand into a closed fist, protecting the inside of her hand as if she kept a precious secret hidden. Her breathing grew deeper, and she felt her hand unravel, and rest in his palm.

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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Zen's perfect face did not lose any of its placidity as Tabitha struggled with herself against obeying eir command. Eir hand didn't waver in pity at her pleading, or pull away to allow the girl relief. If *e was going to feed on this girl, *e was being as bald about it as if *e was going to sip from a cup of tea.

When finally her hand rested in eir upturned palm, *e did scrape one nail gently against the back of the girl's wrist, not one to let go of a chance to tease her in the midst of her abject terror. Only at that point did the faint smile blossom into a real one. Eir other hand came up and grasped her arm to prevent her from pulling away. *E closed eir eyes and allowed healing power to flow from *em to Tabitha.
Tabitha Jewn
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
When Tabitha felt a nail play across her gentle skin, she gripped her fist tight, trapping Zen's palm. "What are you doing?" she demanded, yet her voice draped off as she felt warmth flow into her body. It could merely be described as an electric conduit, like Tabitha became a recieving channel. She felt minute sensations shift, her heart rate increasing, body temperature, any dull pains being softened and smoothed out. It's like the Magic Users... Tabitha thought to herself, yet her heart grew heavy of her community church's witch hunts that cast out wizened women for tending ailments.

Tabitha carefully removed her hands, her fingertips trailing across Zen's. She should've responded with gratitude and thanks, yet Tabitha felt internal, lost in thought. "Why?"
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Thu 1 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Zen's hand clutched at the edge of eir desk as *e steadied *emselves. Eir eyes were closed, the heavy lashes laying like fringe against his cheeks. *E moved around *eir desk, *eir hair sliding along the shining marble floor like a silken train.

"You were more injured than just your leg it seems. I will have to speak to my physician about his carelessness. I need you whole to be of any use to me." Zen's voice was huskier than normal, the cost of healing her having wearied *em. *E had a voice like a warm moonlit night, and the charisma that *e never could entirely turn off spread across the room in indolent waves as *e sat in eir chair.
Tabitha Jewn
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Fri 2 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Tabitha Jewn curled her fists, her disgust vibrating inside her body. She felt displaced, as if a shimmering energy had shot through her body. A jolt of electricity and a bright aura breathed through her soul. Tabitha felt strong, almost metaphysically, on another plane of reality.

"Bishop, I have no fear towards your kind, despite the nature of my childhood," a flash of fire, collapsing pillars, imprinted her mind, "I am not an object, and I'd rather be murdered as a human being rather than enslaved." She mustered up the courage... This overwhelming vivid energy seemed to inspire her flare. Tabitha's body started to shake as she grit her teeth. I feel like I'm on fire
 "I won't be exploited. I want fair pay." She felt lightweight, as if gravity had released her from her earth-bound restraint.
No voice came out, but rather a telepathic sound. I won't be abused again.
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Sat 3 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
*E put a hand up to *eir mouth to quell the mirth which *e hid with a polite cough. "Bold words, Pretty. But, you are forgetting something. You are now in my debt."

*E took in her shaking and asked rhetorically, "How are you in my debt? You were slowly dying and I healed you. You almost made me sweat, which is just nasty. My man found you, we bandaged you, and I healed you... I believe you owe me quite a bit. So..."

*E raised *eir brows. "What will you pay me? Since it's only fair that someone be paid?"
Tabitha Jewn
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Sat 3 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
"All humans die," Tabitha grunting, placing her palms on Zen's desk, "And you nearly broke a sweat. How sad for you." Tabitha envisioned herself in the fields, ploughing, breaking the earth and her own back. She admired honest work, and respect towards employees.
She peered down at her hands, once calloused and faded, now plump and full of colour. "I didn't consent to this." Tabitha leaned closer, her arms starting to tremble. "And what do I give the immortal aristocrat who has everything? My blood?" She threw a fist towards Zen, her veiny wrist facing upwards. Tabitha dropped her hand back, awkwardly balancing on her arms, breaking heavily. "I feel sick. Like I'm vibrating, I'm disoriented... On the ceiling but in my body... What did you do? A vampire trick?"
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Sun 4 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Zen tilted back, making Tabitha's attempt to punch *em fail. As she went on about being sick, *e looked up at the ceiling, then back at the painting again which had changed to an ethereal form of Tabitha floating over the city.

*E tapped *eir fingers together as a cunning look glinted in eir eyes. "I know your secret, Lovely. What I want from you is not your blood. I have plenty of flowers to sip from. I want your abilities. Oh, yes I do..."

*E reached out to grab her arm. "You do know what happens to Magic Users in this city, hmm? That painting flushes them out, My Lovely. You made the picture change, and only magic users do that. They can't help it, actually. Makes that picture change regardless of their desire not to. So, either you agree, or I send you to King Morbus."

*E grinned at her, then snickered.
Tabitha Jewn
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Tue 6 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Tabitha narrowed her eyes with disgust. "Magic User?" She murmured, before gritting her teeth. "I'm mentally ill, Bishop. It's not magic, it's ..." Tabitha paused, the stained word caught on her tongue, "Schizophrenia."
She stepped away from the desk, walking over to the painting. It merged into horrific colours, twilight dripping into a deep red. "These visions are nightmarish. It's... been haunting me all my life."
She raised her voice, aggressive towards Zen's threat. "If I was a Magic User, I could control it. I don't even know what magic you're proposing I have."
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Wed 7 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
"Schizophrenia!" *e crowed with mirth. *e laughed for several minutes over that. "You do NOT have schizophrenia."

Zen let eir hand drop when Tabitha moved away. "For a human facing one of the four great gods of this land, you are terribly cheeky. I'm over 10,000 years old, you know. Terribly powerful. Most humans would be trembling for their lives and promising me anything." He looked at her like someone would a precocious child. "I rather like that."

*E stepped around eir desk and sat down in the chair. While rummaging through some papers in a drawer *E stated,  "I will give you a choice, since you want to be so contrary. You can be the kitchen helper you were sent to be for the temple and chance not being selected to go to the king."

His gaze lifted from the paper he pulled out from his desk, "You're pretty enough. You could become one of my Flowers. Not much to do there really except look pretty and play. I am not able to have sex with my pretties, nor do I have a desire to. I just like having them around, plus they serve as a personal blood supply,"

He grinned, "Or, you stop being a stubborn poop and work for me as a spy."
Tabitha Jewn
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Fri 9 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
For a person who's erased trauma and mental health, and has trapped an innocent person to be exploited, you are terribly entitled.

Tabitha made her face turn to stone, but her gaze was sharp and penetrating. "Your kind view humans as cattle. It's sick how you enjoy fearful ones." She observed his hands, woven amongst papers, scavenging for documents. "Some humans are spiritual. Even my primitive church saw death as a release... Humans were born with souls, I have no need to beg and pray to you, or even the Goddess."

Tabitha stood still, her arms tensing as Zen lay out options. She already decided that she would not risk her life, and that Zen's desire for controlling her supposed powers to spy and sabotage were not to be satisfied. Instead, she'd choose the option which kept her as distant from vampires or violence. Whilst Tabitha was adapted to sweat, steam and weightlifting, she could predict the exposure to vampiric entities. A small grin grew on Tabitha's face; she knew the law of Harem, where no girl could be murdered. This option would keep Tabitha safe, but also provide her a more comfortable life.

"I see how you're trying to herd me into your possession by threatening me with the risk of being found out, or murdered. I'm not going to let you have my magic." Tabitha stepped closer to Zen, rolling up her sleeves. Small scarred marks dotted across her arms. Canines. "I've never had freedom, so stop trying to act like you can take that away. I've never had safety, you're sworn to provide it if I become a Flower Girl."
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
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The Temple of Amaris - Zen's office
Eir smile grew bigger as e heard Tabitha's choice. "I never expected you'd choose that. I was sure you were going to go for the scullery maid."

E stood up and went to a door at the back of his office. When *e opened it, a fresh breeze filled with the scent of jasmine filled the room.

"If you're sure, come with me then."

*e pulled Tabitha along by the hand through the door, through Zen's garden, and then to the Harem

--To Harem with Tabitha

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