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Rules, character creation and the rest
So, I am not a very experienced GM when it comes to Shadowrun. I GM'd other systems, but only one campaign in Shadowrun, so expect me to not know everything. This campaign is designed to be very story driven instead of consisting from random runs, as you might have deducted from the game info, but there might be some odd runs in the mix.

The idea is that you are currently in Hong Kong, and something you have done has caught the attention of certain individual, who has now resorted to blackmailing you with hard evidence of your activities in Hong Kong. The meeting will be the starting point for the campaign ahead and the job will be extending to multiple runs.

For the application to the game, I would want a clear character concept with background. Doesn't need to be anything long, but enough to get an idea of your character and what have they done that has gotten them in this current situation. If you are going to send me multiple character concepts, the maximum is 2. Also, let's not go too overboard with the min-maxing. No need to have something like 20 dices right from the start and I would prefer not to put like rating 6 enemies just to have a bit of challenge.

Here is a short list of the rules. More may be added in the future if a need arises.

1. Here is a list of books being used besides Shadowrun 5e core:
   - Gun H(e)aven 3
   - Bullets & Bandages
   - Run & Gun
   - Street Grimoire
   - Run Faster
   - Chrome Flesh
   - Data Trails
   - Hard Targets
   - Rigger 5.0
   - Assassin's Primer
   - Shadow Spells
   - Stolen Souls
   - Bloody Business
If a book is not listed here, I either don't have it or I have forgotten about it.

2. The official erratas are in use. https://forums.shadowruntablet...ex.php?topic=24594.0

3. For character creation we will be using Standard Priority system.

4. In character speech will be done with quotation marks and colour: "I hate dust." Thoughts will be in italics and also in colour: I'd love to punch him in the gut. Messages via commlinks and the like: [What time we'll bust the place?]

5. Orange colour is reserved for Ooc talk in the in character thread: Ooc: Rolled three successes for survival.

6. After you have completed your character, put up the sheet in Character Details and notify me via PM. Make sure to mark down where you have used your starting karma, especially if you are using Chummer 5.

7. Since I want this to be fairly active campaign, I'm aiming on minimum amount of 3 posts per week per person. Of course there might be reasons why this always wont happen, but this is the initial goal and if that seems too much... This might not be the campaign for you.

8. Notify about your absence. No need to give details, but please do tell if you are going to be unavailable for more than couple days.

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