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Thu 30 Aug 2018
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Friendship Square - Gazebo
The Gazebo is lit up with strings of white Christmas lights. A band usually plays most evenings, and on days they aren't, couples like to sit on the wide steps or have a picnic on the redwood floor of the gazebo. It is a structure built of white painted posts which are supported by joists on the ceiling and rails all around that are high enough to lean against. Below the rails are lattice walls in which vines and roses have entwined. It has a, round brown shingled roof. It's the type of gazebo that you'd see in many other small towns. A tiny fox weathervane points out the direction of the wind.

It smells like roses and the lingering perfume of whatever hopeful girl was being wooed here.

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Sign Up Tables
Sat 13 Jul 2019
at 23:38
Friendship Square - Gazebo
There are two desks being manned by two smiling people, both being residents of the boarding house. The one on the left is taking the names of contestants, and the one on the right is taking the names of judges. The two tables sit on either side of the bottom step that leads up to the gazebo. It is at the Gazebo that the judging will take place.