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Thu 30 Aug 2018
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Main Street - Friendship Square
The square is in front of Town Hall and is bordered on the east and west side by First and Second Street. The area flares out from the rest of Main Street, with the Town Hall and the Library, on the opposite side of the Street are both set back further than the rest of the buildings. The road borders the park on the east and west side of Main Street, and there is space for parking for about twenty cars apiece on the north and south side of the square.

 The square about two acres with walkways made of interlocking L-shaped pavers which border the lawns on all sides for about twenty feet. The lawns are well trimmed, and a deep green that only studious tending can manage. Rectangular planters, filled with various blooms that compete to fragrance the air, sit at each corner of the lawn. A large gazebo, with enough room for a 6 piece ragtime band, including the Bass, and Tuba, sits in the middle with wide white steps all around the white lattice walls. It has a domed, red, shingled roof with a black rooster weather vane on top. Surrounding the gazebo are more blooms with paved cut-ins so you don't have to trample the flowers to get to the gazebo. Trees dot the lawns.

 Towards first Street there is a small play ground with a slide, swings, and sandbox. Street vendors usually set up on the wide paved areas for the afternoon farmers market.
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Sat 13 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Friendship Square - Blue Berry Festival Set up
The Blueberry Festival is almost ready. There are carnival games being set up on the right of the Gazebo. Food booths and other vendors are on the left. Near the playground equipment, a few rides that you would see at a typical grocery store fair have been set up. There's a ferris wheel, a tilt-a-whirl, and a small roller coaster.

Tomorrow morning is the day and the town is excited - especially about the Blueberry Queen. They are taking sign ups at the gazebo if you wish to partake as a judge or a contestant.