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Wed 19 Sep 2018
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Main Street - Sudsville Laundromat *
Sudsville Laundromat is a squat little building that is painted white. It has large plate glass windows at the front. Inside, pink plastic chairs line up against the windows. There are about 10 washers and 10 driers in the laundromat. They are all a seventies harvest gold color and usually 3 of the washers are broken at one time.To the right is a little office with a reception window. Mabel, an older lady of about 70, will do any pressing that you drop off. They have a few dry cleaning machines in the back room next to the office for the fancy people that need a suit or an evening gown  cleaned. Mabel seems to also have all the juiciest gossip.

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Mabel Boca
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Sat 13 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Sudsville Laundromat *
Mabel sits behind a wall with a big window cut out where people can hand her their laundry. On the desk next to her is a computer which is opened up to a popular gossip rag's website. She is muttering because the internet is once again not working that well, and she can't get any good gossip to fulfill her needs.

Behind her is hanging bars filled with various clothing items. It is hot and somewhat misty and humid within her area as some workers steam clothing. It makes it hard to see Mabel too clearly.