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Tue 26 Jun 2018
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
Your basic greasy spoon. Outside is nothing fancy. It is a squat, fifties-looking place, with a flat  roof and rectangular windows that are set low enough for people to look out. The yellow building has two square planters full of geraniums on either side of the plate glass door.

Green Formica counter holds a big cake dome that features donuts. Orange vinyl seats squeak with each movement. The floor is worn beige linoleum. The windows have blue plaid curtains on them. Menus sit in wire holders on each table. Fifties music wails from brown speakers hanging in the corners of the restaurant. Posters of iconic fifties and sixties images such as James Dean, the Studebaker, the juke box, and President Kennedy barely hang on the walls, their edges peeling.

Jane is a twenty year old culinary student with chocolate brown eyes and Chestnut, medium length hair, who can't actually cook. At All.

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Jane Cook
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Fri 12 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
Jane is normally a very cheerful person, with a ready laugh. Despite the fact that she would never win any Iron Chef competitions (even if her life depended on it), she has a bustling restaurant. This is largely due to the fact that she gets someone else to cook for her.

Today however, regulars and tourists alike are stumbling out of the restaurant looking quite green. There is a rather strong smell of burnt toast and garlic in the restaurant as well. Jane herself has been loudly cursing the world while banging pots and pans in the kitchen. The din is so loud, it can be heard out on the street.
Aliyah McMasters
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Tue 23 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
[From Main Street]

Aliyah was surprised by the noises and cursing she could here coming out of Jane's. Aliyah was fond of the little diner, having eaten there a few times for lunch. It served good food and had decent prices for the portions you got. Plus it was a popular place to socialize while having a meal. Aliyah's curiosity piqued, she opened the door to the diner and headed on inside. It was kind of early for a meal yet, but Aliyah just had to know what the devil was going on.
Shiro Nahiro
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Tue 23 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
---From Main Street --

Shiro enters the restaurant and notices that it is quite smokey and humid within the premises. It was as if there was a heaping cauldron of boiling water left unattended in the kitchen, and that very well may have been the case, judging from the harried look on the proprietor's face and the fact that she seemed to be the only one working there today. After first sidestepping one of the stumbling patrons of the restaurant as they clutched their stomach and left, he introduces himself.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Shiro. I fancy myself as being quite helpful and adept in the kitchen. Could I be of any service to help alleviate the Madam's consternation?"
Alowishus Peabody
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Tue 23 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
A man got up from his seat at one of the booths and walked towards the door. His thin lips were drawn into a tight line of frustration. His gaze shifted back and forth between the two people who walked in before he called out to the restaurant's proprietor.

"Jane, I'm only going to give you 24 hours. Either you take up my proposal, or you give up the restaurant. I've been far too lenient already!"

He elbowed his way past the two in the doorway so that he could leave.

---to Main street if he's allowed to leave
Jane Cook
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Thu 25 Jul 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
Jane is standing in the back of the restaurant near the kitchen door, looking as though she is going to chuck her glass at the retreating back of Alowishus Peabody.

"Don't come back here, Peabody!" she hollers after him, "I will never marry you, you piece of pond scum!"

Her pretty face is pale with rage, and the hand that holds the glass shakes. She slumps  into a booth nearest her and puts her head in her hands.

"Don't think anything can help me, stranger, but thanks all the same."
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Thu 22 Aug 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
Meili was a woman of wealth and power. So much so that she felt the need to show neither. Instead she wasn't the beautiful vampire queen as she walked in. No, she was just a normal girl. Well, a pretty girl, definitely cute and occasionally bordering on adorable. The scent of rage in the air, she knew that all too well.

She did hear the last exchange and glared at the man. Over the years she had begun to take the woman's side almost by default. It was wrong on occasion but it was a rare occasion. She thought about following and killing him, but maybe he would be of use if he owned land. She could have it given to her. Or make him a minion.

Regardless, she just filed it away. Instead she sat and looked around. Well, this wasn't good. A dragon. He smelled so much and she suppressed her supernatural side even more. Waiting quietly for service, she seemed completely innocuous.
Jane Cook
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Sat 31 Aug 2019
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Main Street - Jane's Diner
Jane sighed as Meili came in. She seemed to know the woman pretty well. With a weary wave of her hand, she gestured back towards the Kitchen. "No help today. Don't even know where that waitress of mine is. I think I just need to close the diner for now."

She looked at the other stranger that offered to cook. "I can't ask you to work for me right now. I may not even have the restaurant much longer. Someone up and stole all the money I needed for that vile man that just walked out. If I can't find the culprit and get back the money, I'll be out of business!"