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Tue 23 Apr 2019
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I am in process of setting up our space, groups, and the like.

A few notes:
(1) For the time being, keep any communication about characters private between you and me (via DM on discord, or private email). There are game reasons for this, but there are no rules about it. It will be apparent why when we get started.

(2) [TBD] is helping out. If you have questions, thoughts, anything feel free to reach out to them as well.

(3) Be thinking about your trigger event, cauldron association, character bio other than powers. Who are you? What happened? How are you? These things are important.


This game will be story based, the method we use to play will evolve based on personal (your) preferences, and discovery together of what works and is fun, what doesn't work, and how to make this work. It will not be highly technical, but there will be some ground-rules posted before we get started.

My hope is this is fun. My other hope is this turns into a story, a shared game and story coming from it would be very cool. But whatever it becomes, as long as you all have fun it is a success. Everything is open for discussion.


Coming next (from me):
  1. Schedule (we will all have a say, decide together what works)
  2. Rooms (everyone gets one for themselves, one for the group, and as the game goes on if there are non-full groups each will get a room for whoever is together)
  3. Process (Document of how this will play out, the mechanics and how-to)

Coming next (from you):
  1. Who are you - not shared outside of PmatD and Vayhle yet preferred
  2. Powers (TBD - I want it to be fun, but also worm-verse, let me know if you have preferences how to handle.) My intention is to handle this differently that specified in core weaverdice rules, it will be based on trigger event/character but not the same way detailed for PnP in the document. TBD still.

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