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The Religion and Village of Radiance
The Religion is built around a Force, rather than a deity, although it has also gained a bit of a philosophy, as well, taking into account some of the limits and drives that seem to affect the Sorcerers and Warlocks that the Energies have started to empower over the years.

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The Monastery
The Monastery houses nearly the entire religion, with a rough break down as follows:
5-10 Clerics (all Light domain)
10 acolyte Monks (Sun Soul) who are also the Monastery craftsmen (Cooks, Carpenters, Masons, Leatherworkers, and Smiths, usually)
10 Hermit Monks, (medical specialists, when needed, otherwise spending their time in contemplation, Calligraphy, or Woodcarving)
10 Radiant Soul Sorcerers (mostly Sages or Acolytes, but one or two may be Hermits)
5 Tome Warlocks (sages)
up to 5 Blade Warlocks (Travelers)
20 Zealots (temple guardsmen)

The Monastery is a small keep on a hill over looking the town. The main dome built around the aperture, and barracks and outbuildings as needed for workshops and barracks.

The Dome itself is four stories high, the top two of which are cells for the Hermits. The center is open all the way up,and always daylight bright from the aperture's Radiance, which is the core of the Religion and the area.  Floor space in the center room is approximately 40' radius around the Radiant Pillar (the point where the aperture is). It serves for training for all classes, and exposure to it over the generations is what has produced Radiant Soul Sorcerers. Cleric and Warlock hopefuls attempt to learn to master the energies as a source of power. Monks and Zealots attempt to access "the Radiance within all of us", although they do so int he presence of the very energy that empowers the spellcasters (it's a somewhat pragmatic religion).

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The Religion's base precepts
Mostly the members of the religion are Lawful or Neutral, and Neutral or Good. Chaotic is possible for the odd Zealot, but those with a bent towards outright evil are weeded out early.

Sorcerers and Warlocks, and even Clerics are unable to use Darkness magic or spells animating the dead or that empower the undead. These spells tend to tap into Negative Energy, and are just incompatible with the Positive Energy that fuels all the religions spells.

As such this tends to promote a dislike (or outright hatred) of Shadow (including beings of the Shadowfell), Darkness, and Undeath (as well as most other necromancy, unless of a healing nature).

Beyond that, the lead Priest (usually a cleric, occasionally a monk) makes the call as to what the goals and beliefs of the religion are, at any given time. It's a religion: the head priest is always the authority on what the Good Book actually means.

The preferred weapon of the cult is a non flexible metal morning star, usually burnished to a high gloss. Those who can't use Martial Weapons use maces that resemble blunted morning stars. Silvering the weapons is quite popular amongst those that can afford it, still with a high shine. Sorcerers don't generally follow the cult weapon choices.

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The Town
The town has grown  out from the Monastery over the years, and is the main source of many crafts goods and supplies, which the Monks pay for in trade.

It's a fairly standard town (and barely a town, rather than a village), although the only two religions represented are Druids and the local Radiance religion.

The Temple of Radiance, in the town, is mostly supported by tithing, and houses a single monk/cook, a senior cleric, and a junior cleric. Junior Zealots do guard duty and maintenance during the day, but live in the Monastery, not the Temple rectory.

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