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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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RTJ/Character Generation.
Basically, if you wish to join the game, just send me an RTJ telling me which Class/race/background you'd like, and, if it's allowed and not already taken, I'll give it to you and you can make a character.

Backgrounds are limited by class (see the class thread) to reflect the nature of the training at the Monastery. Basically, you've apprenticed in the religion, and there aren't a lot of options.

I'm allowing one of each non human race listed (it's a human dominated area, and, hence, religion), and I'd like one of each of the 6 class options,before allowing a second of any class.

I'm taking up to 8 characters.

When your concept has been approved will be the time to make and send me a character.

27 points on point buy. 3rd level. Just the bare bones of the character, no outfitting. It doesn't need to be on a character sheet, just a plain text file. Stats and all the decision points required by class, path, race, and background, if any, need to be sent, but not mech fill in or fluff, or the like. That comes later.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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The Races
Mostly Human is the only real race in the area, but, every so often someone wanders into the area and settles down.

I will allow for ONE each of half elf and half orc, born of such an immigrant.

Variant Humans are allowed without restriction.

While Aasimar is not impossible in the area, they have little voices guiding them along through life, and that really doesn't suit most High priests, that's THEIR job).

While Tieflings are also possible, they just aren't accepted into the Monastery. Not an Enlightened position for a Light cult to take, but there you go.

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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Everyone starts with Common, of course. Other options are fairly narrow.

Contact with Primodials, Fey and Celestials is mostly non existent.

Nonhumans are vanishing rare in the area, as well.

For the most part, those trained within the religion that do NOT have the Sage background are limited to the languages of the "enemy", which tends to be Infernal or Abyssal for most good aligned religions.

Sages may learn  most languages, although the most common choices are the broader choices:  Sylvan, Primordial, and of course,  Draconic (the language of most magical sages).

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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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Multi classing
For the most part, I'm not really allowing for it on any class but the Zealot. It is dedication to a religion, and the path you've chosen to show that dedication. This is a campaign limitation, specifically for this game.

Zealots, on the other hand, are mostly Blessed grunts exposed to the inner working of the religion, and might wish to join the inner circles of any of the other classes.

Still,they have to work for it.
First, they must be 3rd level (actually Zealots, and not just Barbarians in training,hence not an option to start)
Second, they must have some training and knowledge of their goal class. this is reflected as a feat, varied by class: Tavern Brawler for Monk, and Magic Initiate for any of the others.

Once both these criteria are met, on any future level gain, the new class may be assumed, (if otherwise qualified). The feat is lost and converts to stat points, as though that had been the original choice (only one point for Tavern Brawler,as it already includes one point). These points MAY be used to fulfill multiclassing requirements.

Abilities and spells are lost, as the class already features them. The cantrips and spells become part of the starting array for the new class (ie: preselected).

Yes, it's a bit finicky. It's meant to show learning over time rather than an immediate and sudden acquisition of new abilities. And it's play test.
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
at 22:24
I'm using spells and tools interactions as presented in Xanather's, which is also where most of the class paths came from. Familiarity with the bits that apply to your character choices couldn't hurt

Note: The Ceremony Spell could be quite useful, but you're going to need to supply Flasks and water to make Holy water, and proper amulets or emblems to make holy symbols, so keep an eye on supplies and tools to make such. And lay in a file or rasp to powder your silver coins. I AM enforcing such material requirements.