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The Classes
Classes have background limitations to reflect Monastery training, and 2 are minor variants on existing classes. As such I'm covering each one below in a separate post.
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Clerics are Light domain exclusively. Not even Life is available. This is assumed to be a limit of the power source.

All Clerics start out as Acolytes. The powers aren't granted, as in many religions, but must be learned,which takes a fair amount of training.

The Holy Symbol is a modified 8 lobed Compass Rose with the Cardinal Points slightly longer than the Ordinal Points. While most folks settle for a wooden amulet produced by the Hermits, those that use Symbols as Foci tend towards buffed silver amulets (which matches Shield Emblems).
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All Monks are Sun Soul, as might be expected. That is all that this Monastery and it's Dojo teach.

Backgrounds are two fold:
Acolytes are those that enjoy the full training of the Masters and act as apprentices while learning their crafts (Cook, Smith, Leatherworker, Carpenter, Mason).

Hermits are those that live in isolation in the upper reaches of the Dome, unlocking the secrets of Radiance for themselves (while listening to snippets of the lessons from the classes held below). They spend time either in contemplation, or focusing themselves on woodcarving (they make basic Holy symbol amulets) or Calligraphy (someone has to copy the Canon for new acolytes).

Hermits,for reasons dating back to the founding of the temple, are tasked with passing along the Healing Arts to each other, and preserving non magical medicine and herbalism. This they usually do during occasional outbreaks of sickness (brought in by traders) or act of nature causing major harm that over taxes the few Clerics and their spells

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The power source for local Sorcerers tends towards the energy from the Aperture, which has started to produce some few individuals born with innate magical power as a results of generations of exposure.

Essentially this is just the Divine Soul (renamed Radiant Soul) with their Affinity set to Radiant, and giving Guiding Bolt.

Also, their wings are similar to a Blade Warlock's weapons: A highly burnished silver material that will reflect any light, but flat planes articulated much like a bird's wings.

Note: An occasional actual Divine Soul works his or her way into town looking for help in mastering both the powers developing, and the dreams that come to them. Often as not, their backgrounds reflect their journeys, Such as Entertainer or Outlander, and they join the Hermits in an effort to learn to the self control they hope for. However, such are beyond the scope of this campaign.

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Warlocks(Tome or Blade)
There are only two Warlock paths available:

Tome Pact warlocks (which are invariably Sages).
At 3rd level, all Tome Warlocks will have the Book of Ancient Secrets Invocation. Of course this may be dropped later, although the loss of cantrips and collected rituals might prove to be a regret,but training will start you with it.

Blade Pact which are trained for activity outside the valley, and are equivalent to the Spy variant of Criminal. They are the religion's equivalent of rogues.

At 3rd level, all blade warlocks will have the Improved Pack Weapon Invocation.
Pact Weapons tend to appear to be highly polished mithril, and to reflect any bit of light that reaches them. Other than that, they appear quite plain and functional.

In both cases, their Patron, Radiance, is the equivalent of a Celestial patron. However, instead of the occasional demands made of most warlocks by a patron, there are limits imposed by the nature of the Radiant Patron: The limits on Darkness, Undead, and Necromancy magics that have been mentioned in the Religion thread.

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Zealot Barbarians
Zealots are warriors that access their inner fires through strong emotion rather than inner discipline, making them the best choice for a chaotic alignment, although the military discipline imposed tends to make them come out more neutral. They form the core of the defensive Temple Guardsmen, as well as being what passes for the religion's experts on the wilderness, which makes them the folks that attend to Monastery concerns outsde of town, but still within the valley.

Generally no one makes a career of being a grunt guardsman. Zealots tend to either awaken their inner fires as a monk, or learn the secrets of the Radiant Blade as a warlock,and become officers in the Guards core.  A single classes Zealot is an enlisted man. Multi classing is the path to officer. That isn't to say there aren't quite senior noncoms.

Those guardsmen that have yet to unlock their inner fires (ie: 1st and 2nd level barbarians in training) get the scut jobs: Feeding the Hermits their twice daily meals, up on the 4th floor of the dome, or mucking out whatever needs mucked out. The monk acolytes are too busy learning actual crafts.

I will be as open as I can with backgrounds, here, but many just don't fit, such as Sage or Hermit.

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