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Cosmology of Azeroth
The Cosmic Forces

Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow are the most fundamental forces in existence. Although contradictory by their very nature, they are bound together on a cosmic scale. One cannot exist without the other. Pure Light and Shadow dwell in the realm outside the border of reality, but shades of their presence are found in the physical universe. Light manifests as holy magic, while Shadow (also referred to as “The Void”) manifests as shadow magic.

Life and Death
The forces of Life and Death hold sway over every living thing in the physical universe. The energies of Life, commonly known as nature magic, promote growth and renewal in all things. Death, in the form of necromantic magic, acts as a counterbalance to Life. It is an unavoidable force that breeds despair in mortal hearts and pushes everything toward a state of entropic decay and eventual oblivion.

Order and Disorder
The forces of Order and Disorder govern the cosmic systems of the physical universe. Order is most commonly perceived in reality as arcane magic. This type of energy is known as Arcane magicy when Ordered, or Fel magic when Disordered. This magical energy is innately volatile, and wielding it requires intense precision and concentration. Conversely, Disorder is manifested as highly destructive fel magic. This brutal and extremely addictive energy is fueled by drawing life from living beings.
Despite being addictive when exposed to it over long periods, arcane magic is also highly structured and more inclined to transmutation more than evocation, making it a force of building, as opposed to fel, which is a force of destruction.

The Elements
The elements of fire, air, earth, and water serve as the basic building blocks of all matter in the physical universe. Shamanic cultures have long sought to live in harmony with, or assert dominion over, the elements. To do so, they call upon the primordial forces of Spirit and Decay. Those who seek to bring balance to the elements rely on Spirits (sometimes referred to as the “fifth element” by shaman, or “chi” by monks). This life-giving force interconnects and binds all things in existence as one. Decay is the tool of shamans or witch doctors seeking to subjugate and weaponized the elements or Loa themselves.

Realms of Existence

The Great Dark Beyond
The Great Dark Beyond represents the physical universe. It is an infinite living realm composed of innumerable stars, worlds, and mortal civilizations. Azeroth – the world of Warcraft – is merely one of the countless worlds drifting through the vast reaches of the Great Dark Beyond.
Few beings have the ability to survive in the airless frozen sky that is the Great Dark Beyond, but some have explored these regions, namely the Titans.

The Twisting Nether
The Twisting Nether is an astral dimension that lies in parallel with the Great Dark Beyond. The forces of Light and Void bleed together in the boundaries of the Twisting Nether, engulfing this realm in perpetual strife. At times, the volatile magics that pervade the Twisting Nether intrude upon the physical universe, warping reality beyond measure.
Fiends and Celestials originate from the Twisting Nether.

The Emerald Dream
The Emerald Dream is an ethereal realm of spirits and untamed nature that exists alongside the world of Azeroth. Incredible beings known as the keepers tamed the Emerald Dream to act as a map for the evolutionary path of Azeroth’s flora and fauna. The two realms are bound as one: as life ebbs and flows across the physical world, the spiritual energies that saturate the Emerald Dream keep pace with it.
Although tied to the physical world, the Emerald Dream is a place that most mortal minds will find alien and surreal. But some of those minds, by channeling druidic magic, can enter a state of dreaming and consciously navigate the Emerald Dream. Their thoughts can also shape and influence portions of this verdant spirit realm, but the imprint that these dreamers leave behind is never permanent, and can be contested by other dreamwalkers.
In the dreamways, time and distance are mutable. Spirits flow like the living winds though lush tracks of tangible one moment becomes intangible the next; seemingly impermeable landmarks transform in the blink of an eye.

The Shadowlands
Like the Emerald Dream, the Shadowlands are tangentially linked to the world of Azeroth. Yet whereas the Emerald Dream represents life, the Shadowlands represent death. They are nightmarish realms of decay, labyrinthine spiritual planes teeming with the souls of the dead who have passed from the world of the living.
The origins of the Shadowlands remain uncertain, but they have existed ever since mortal life first arose in the physical universe. Many believe that mortal souls are drawn into this dark place at the point of death, where they remain forever after. Still others hope that their souls will go to a brighter place, rather than languish for eternity within the cold confines of the Shadowlands.

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