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Factions of the Kaldorei
The growing society of kaldorei (named the Darnassian Empire, or just Darnassus) is split among many factional lines. Only a few centuries after the War of the Ancients, the scars are fresh. In this time of tumult, the kaldorei people find themselves cloven between progressive and regressive elements, each trying to influence the direction of the new society. Enemies from without, satyr, centaur, and other barbaric elements, threaten the borders of the weakened nation.
In here we will detail the main factions of Darnassus, from the shadowy Conclave, disciples of Illidan who roam the land and slay the scattered demons, to the Druids of Cenarius who explore the Emerald Dream, and refine their nature magics.

Below are the factions that will be detailed.
  • The Dark Conclave
  • The Highborne Remnant
  • The Disciples of Cenarius
  • The Sisters of Elune
  • The Sentinel Army
  • The Watchers

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Factions of the Kaldorei
The Dark Conclave
Just a mere few hundred years has Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer, been imprisoned. It was his machinations that brought Nordrassil into existence. It was his genius that brought the path of the Demon Hunter, a responsible, and dangerous path of fel magic. Across the breadth of the Darnassian Protectorate, and beyond, do these dark souls wander. IT is said that the elders of the Dark Conclave were all personally trained by Illidan himself. These disciples are scaresly tolerated, but the threat of powerful demons allows them to exist on the fringe of civilization.
The Conclave is made up of 4 real ranks, the Initiates, Disciples, Masters, and Elders. One must seek out a full fledged Demon Hunter, and prove themselves, before being brought before the council for the Seeking. The Seeking is where initiates are trained in the demon hunter arts, and are sent to hunt and subsume the essence of a demon. If they succeed, powerful magics are used to fuse the demon and elf. From their the demon hunter must seek their way back to sanity. If they do, they are a Disciple. If they do not, they are slain as any other demon.

Notable Personages
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Factions of the Kaldorei
The Highborne Remnant
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Factions of the Kaldorei
The Disciples of Cenarius
The demigod Cenarius has brought the nascent kaldorei Protectorate under his wing. With his guidance the night elf people revere nature and learn how to live in harmony with the natural world through subtle nature magics. Many of the arcane addicted Highborne have been persuaded to sit at the feet of the Disciples of Cenarius and learn a path of peace. While many others are drawn to the group hoping to learn to heal the scars of a shattered world.
In these times Malfurion lies in communion in the Emerald Dream, leaving many groups of young druids to experiment with nature magic. The Disciples are a independent lot given to master-apprentice set-up that exchanges information with other small cabals of druids. There is no single authority, other than Cenarius and the First Druid, for the Disciples. Most revere the Ancients and devote their time to learning and emulating them and their spiritual descendants. MAny other explore to learn about the world, or seek to heal wounds wrought deep into Azeroth.