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Fri 8 Jun 2018
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Character Creation
players will be built on 300 points.

HT, ST, DX, Speed, Move, HP, and FP are half cost. Perception and Will start at 10, not at IQ.

Rank, Wealth, and so forth will not cost points, but may be requested. Cybernetics cost only money and disadvantages: if you have a gun strapped to your arm, folks will react accordingly, and you won't be allowed places that guns aren't.

This is not a pure Action! game, but it will be a useful resource. In particular, I recommend looking at the basic stats of the templates.

Custom Talents are welcome, but must be approved.

A fund of meta-game advantages, such as Luck, Serendipity, and Destiny, are highly recommended. The Impulse buy version of Destiny is available. If you don't know what that is, you basically pay 5 points to get a regenerating point that can be used to "buy success", as on Page B347. These will regenerate on a per mission basis.

Hacking is not cinematic, so the hacking skill is not in play. Hacking is highly likely to occur in game. There are three ways to do this:
1) Get someone's password from them. This involves social trickery, and there are many ways to do it.
2) Get physical access to the machine and crack the hash tables (cryptography, computer operation).
3) expert skill (remote intrusion) will let you get into many computers with low security remotely, but will struggle against anything with real security.
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Fri 8 Jun 2018
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Character Creation
Players will all be working for the same big company (as of yet to be determined). Your character concept should include:

An Origin: what sort of situation you were born into, what your ethnic and political status is, and why you are in Jakarta.
A Loyalty: Why do you work for the corporation? Why do they trust you with such sensitive information?
A Life: When you are not engaged in espionage, how do you spend your time? Do you have a family? A hobby? do you hang out with co-workers, or do you have friends outside of your professional work?

As a note, the details of the setting are flexible enough for me to take requests about details.
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Wed 20 Jun 2018
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Character Creation
Driving and Piloting skills that may come up in the game:

Drive (wheeled): This covers most wheeled vehicles, including very small ones
Drive (tracked): This covers tracked vehicles
Drive (legged mecha): This covers legged vehicles. Many humanoid vehicles do not require a drive skill at all, but benefit from this skill.
Drive (Slithering mecha): this covers vehicles with the "flexibody" drive train

Piloting (helicopter): The most common flying drones use helicopter rotors
Piloting (ultralight): Most drones are small, and if they aren't using rotors, they'll be using this.
Piloting (flapping): Some drones attempt to imitate the flight of birds. These are almost universally bird sized, and require their own skill

Submarine: Use this skill for vehicles and drones with propellers (screws) or jets. If you are using a flexibody drive train, use Drive (slithering mecha) instead.

Boating (motorboat): This is used for almost all surface only craft you will be using.

Most vehicles will have a simple onboard AI with a skill of 11.