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Jakarta is the city where anything can happen. Globally, laws are pretty similar, but enforcement varies. Indonesia has among the laxest enforcement of all. This attracts all of the trickiest and greyest projects to the islands, and the hub for all of it is Jakarta.

Jakarta has many towers rising from the sea of old housing. The new city has been built on top of an older culture and populace who surround the glistening buildings.

Most important people speak English, which is the language of the global, and this an area of unprecedented globalization. Of course, other languages can be useful. Much of the poorer city speaks only Indonesian. Knowing the native languages of corporations can also be useful: Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and French.

in addition to its corporate towers and sprawling neighborhoods, a number of satellite compounds are scattered around the country, and they mostly report to java. Some are in remote fields, but many are underwater, the ocean providing an extra layer of secrecy.

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Jakarta has roughly 100 million people, several times its modern size. This is due to a few effects:
  • Urbanization: people have flocked to the big cities. The cities are where you can find work and be part of the global networks. Additionally, people are being slowly pressured out of rural areas by a variety of movements. Some are humanitarian, some are environmental.
  • Increased Wealth: The economic center of the world has move away from the west. much of Asia has modernized, including Indonesia. The growth has been focused in a few cities though, and Jakarta is one of them, pulling in people from all over southeast Asia and beyond.
  • The Grey Factor: Jakarta has greatly benefited from not enforcing several sets of research laws. Companies come to Jakarta to do things they wouldn't dare to do elsewhere. Or at least, that would be riskier to do elsewhere.
  • The Orbital Ring: Reasonably cheap orbital access is provided by earth's orbital ring. This ring lies on the equator, for various historical reasons. The best cities to access the ring include Lagos, Singapore and Jakarta: existing metropolises with ports near the equator.

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Javanese: 40 million
Other Malay: 10 million
Chinese: 12 million
Japanese: 3.5 million
Koreans: 2.5 million
English Westerners: 5 million
French Westerners: .5 million
Arabs: 6 million
Indian: 6 million
Phillipino: 4 million
Vietnamese, Cambodian, Loatians: 3.5 million
Thai: 1 million
Others: 6 million
(africans, turks, iranians, latin americans)