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Mon 2 Jul 2018
at 18:40
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
November 15th, 2130.

Its raining in Jakarta. Weather patterns have been restored, not reworked, and so the monsoon started on schedule. Exactly on schedule: the GCC likes to set dates and times for storms, and this one has gone off on schedule.

The Tanara complex played a critical role in pulling this timing off. Many of its servers are dedicated to calculating the myriad variables needed to put a storm where it is desired. Others have more secretive uses.

One is dedicated to security, and at 2:22:54 AM, it sends out an intruder alert. It reports unauthorized physical access deep within the bowels of the secure compound. The other sensors have not reported anything, but obviously, they must be wrong.

All of the PC's will find out about this intruder alert, and possibly at 2:22:54. Those whose characters are approved may respond to it.
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Sat 7 Jul 2018
at 15:20
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
Kira woke with a start, immediately reaching for her holster.

"Every damn time," she said, shaking her head.

A look of consternation vanished, replaced by steel determination as she jumped out of bed. Her night gown began shifting into a sleek suit as she strapped on her holstered guns and started stuffing extra ammo and other small equipment into load-bearing vest pockets and belt pouches that just seemed to appear and close themselves. Last, she donned a pair of goggles and pulled a hood over her head, which sealed over her face in a second.

She pulled up the data from the alarm on her HUD as she walked out the door, heading towards the compound with haste.
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Mon 9 Jul 2018
at 15:55
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
Her client tonight is Trans-Polynomial Solutions. Her sponsers flagged the details of the break in as "Highly Suspicious". Something tried to physically access a server deep within the Tanara complex. Her "Identity" is being downloaded into the TPS servers as she moves, so she'll be able to get past TPS security systems without triggering alerts of her own.

The complex has a 20 foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire and a 30 foot solid concrete inner wall with mounted cameras looking both inside and out, and a single 9 story* building comprising 95% of the structure. While it sports massive vents, piping, and cooling towers, There are no windows, but there are some doors for maintenance and security bots to use. A 4 story long office building sticks up between the fence and the wall on the north side, and a small wing of the main building houses security near the lone gates (at the north as well).

The building is mostly devoted to server space (and the accompanying coolant systems) and manufacturing bays. The bays are more common on the ground floor, many opening to the inner courtyard. The far east side of the building has no floors and a number of cranes for lifting things onto floor. The west side has five elevator/stair clusters, with a matching set of clusters in the center.

The east side of the building has more labs and bays, while the west side and center has more servers. Each server "system" is laid out uniquely and has its own security system. Halls have lots of turns and no distinguishing pattern.

The alert came from a 5th floor server in the center of the building. It flagged a data request as only possible via hardware access. The intruder should have been picked up LONG before now.

*Some levels are combined in places.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 13:59
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
She approached the building with caution, scanning the area for signs of movement. She paused at the gate, allowing the system to register her identity, and proceeded to the side of the building. Before she holstered her guns, she did a last scan of the area behind her, and above. Secured in their place, she started up the wall.

If there’s a 5th floor entryway, like a catwalk or fire-escape, she will use it. Otherwise, she will proceed to the roof and come for the top.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 14:08
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
What name will have appeared on the identity badge? Kira? A false name? A code name? Nothing at all?

Does she say anything to the local guards? Does she hook into their comm system? leave a message?

She climbs all the way to the roof, scaling the building like a gecko, by passing the small drone ports in the walls.
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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 18:19
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
When she passed security, she scanned as Aiko Nakamura. She nodded at the guards and said, “I’m here to check on the alert."

Once on the roof, she found the nearest entrance and tried her uploaded security codes.
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Sat 14 Jul 2018
at 18:27
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
A speaker responds to her as she passes through the gate:

"Welcome Miss Nakamura. You have the data on the alert."

The roof is flat, but has massive radiators and vents sticking up.

There are a few different ways in. Most are for maintenance or for launching Arial drones. The codes let Kira right in.
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Sun 15 Jul 2018
at 15:19
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
Slipping in through one of the maintenance access doors, Kira made her way down to the fifth floor by the stairwell. She mentally flipped on her radar and drew her weapons as she approached, and peaked the barrel of her shotgun pistol around each corner as she went, checking for any signs of movement, or anything else out of the ordinary.

08:18, Today: Kira rolled 9 using 3d6.  Search 12 + 4 (radar) = 16.
Neil Ekstrom
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Tue 17 Jul 2018
at 16:18
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
The Ekstrom apartment was nice as far as housing assignments went, sort of a minimalist feel that had been only possible thanks to a generous amount of "hidden" storage. There was a lot of white, with accents of green in the potted plants from the hydroponic herb garden adjacent to the kitchen, and the comforter set that was more fitting for spring than fall...not that most people even noticed the seasons anymore.

The place was dark and nearly silent, only a few of the household appliances giving off any sort of light or noise when suddenly a gentle vibrating sound was heard that quickly became more urgent. It came from under the mattress of Neil, a little alarm function that helped spare his wife from the nuisance of the call-outs that came along with Neil's position in TPS Corp-Sec.

The vibration stopped as he sat up and inhaled long and deep, taking just a moment to get his bearing before he moved the blankets to the side and stood up. The nearby screen on the wall warmed to let him know the basics, a potential intruder, and given the sector that it was last detected in...it had already made it fairly deep into the complex.

His wife never stirred as Neil padded barefoot into the living room, lights warming here and there along the way to help guide him along down the hall to his "office", which was in practice more of a gear room cleverly designed not to alarm guests.

As the door shut behind him he turned to the display on the wall, verified his bio-metrics and TPS protocols, then watched as one side of the wall opened up to present the small "bay" that housed his work armor. It was a tried and true "Enforcer" model, a dark gray seven hundred pound powered suit that lay open in the back waiting for an operator.

Having a "take home" suit had been a new concept to him, as he had often been forced to share in precious jobs. TPS claimed (accurately) that it significantly cut down on response time.

Quickly he donned the jumpsuit waiting on the rack, the matte black material designed to interface seamlessly with the armor, and to provide for some level of comfort for extended wear. As he pulled up his hood he stepped into armor and saw the military style HUD on the suits helmet flash to life, linking up with his neural implant and prompting him to seal the unit.

The pressure was always just a little uncomfortable at first, the jumpsuit acting like a vacuum seal as the rear "plates" actuated into place and forced his posture more erect. After a few seconds the weight distributed itself and the suit released control to him, suddenly becoming fairly comfortable, or as comfortable as seven hundred or so pounds of armor could be. It always made him feel safe in any case.

The wall behind him sealed, the one in front opened into the corridor, and as he stepped out he keyed up the automated TPS dispatch to let it known that he was in service and suited up. He also checked the alert to see who else was responding...remotely or otherwise.
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Wed 18 Jul 2018
at 13:37
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
There were three employees on duty at the moment, and five more that could be called in if necessary -- the system did not seem to have woken them yet. The three were double checking systems and deploying shells to the location and the surrounding areas.

"Mr. Ekstrom!" The gravelly voice of Pedro Wood comes addresses Neil. "We're glad to have you. Are suited up?" he's surprised at how quickly Neil got into the suit."Never mind. We just had a contractor come through. No idea who hired her. I'm double checking her credentials. Wouldn't do for us to call in a spy in response to a false alarm. What else do you need me doing?"

Sam Jing (Sam is not his real first name, but he uses it for ease of pronunciation) is supervising a set of bots headed to the site of the alarm. William Matusik, the youngest of them, is monitoring the perimeter and waking up shells.


Kira picks up the bots with her radar before she has line of sight. Two standard gun bots are waiting for her. The security system isn't picking them up (and it should be), but her radar is. They appear to be waiting for her, positioned behind corners: They must have picked up her radar.

A ping goes out on the system. The first bot sent to investigate the alarm has gone off line.


Notes: The alarm function should be wired directly to his brain. No need to mess around with external devices. unless he's particular about that sort of thing. If he leaves the implant off until he gets in the suit, he might be.

The suit "only" weighs 350 lbs. 700 is the loaded weight.

Just helping with the setting feel.
Neil Ekstrom
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Wed 18 Jul 2018
at 21:29
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
It seemed like not too long ago that Neil would have been self conscious, hustling along the corridors of TPS in full kit. Jakarta was a far cry from the environments he had known and worked in however. Things that would have qualified as major events back home were not even news worthy here, and he found that most TPS employee's appreciated his presence instead of resented it. It was a welcome change.

"Good morning Mr. Wood. Once you verify those creds if you could forward that contractors preferred comms, if any, it would be appreciated." The suit made hustling along nearly effortless, but there was still a little sound of exertion in his tired voice. "In the meantime if I could get verbal status checks every five, and an aerial unit to cover egress routes, that would be helpful"

Moving helped, and although he was still waking up he started running through a mental checklist of what he would need to do on arrival. The contractor was unexpected, but not everything could be easily done "in house", especially not if they wanted to remain cost effective. He did wonder how far behind the curve he was if she was already on site however.
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Thu 19 Jul 2018
at 11:50
Tanara Secure Complex, TPS
Kira hugged the wall with her back and flipped her comm over to the TPS security channel.

"I have contact on the fifth floor," she said, subvocalizing. "Looks like hostile gun bots. Spotted by my radar, and probably on to me. Engaging now."

She pooped around the corner and took two quick shots, held low at the hip to throw off their sensors, one at each bot, before returning to cover.

04:41, Today: Kira rolled 9,11 using 3d6,3d6.  Guns (Pistol) 28 - 3 (range) - 2 (cover) - 3 (rapid-strike) - 4 (DA) = 16.
     Target defends at -2.
04:44, Today: Kira rolled 17,15,4 using 5d6+3,4d6+4,2d6.  HEDP Damage: pi++, cr ex, and cut frag.
11:28, Today: Kira rolled 11,21,8 using 5d6+3,4d6+4,2d6.  HEDP damage: pi++, cr ex, cut frag.
     First attack: 17 pi++ with armor divisor 10, a linked 15 cr ex and 4 cut frag.
     Second attack: 11 pi++ AD 10, linked 15 cr ex and 8 cut frag.

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