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You can have the same domains as other gods, but not the same portfolio. PM me if there's a portfolio conflict. Basically, I'll make a post explaining which gods have which portfolio.

Name: It has to be kind of serious.
Mortal Name: Having a deity named "Bill Taylor" is kind of goofy, but if your god is named "Bill Taylor" that's fine as a mortal name.

History: So far)
Domains: What form does your divine magic take? A Domain is something that your mortal followers feed off for power, and that you have ultimate mastery over. For example, A god of Dragons can have the Fire domain and the Reptile domain, and the Dragon Portfolio. He'd have power over general fire, and he'd power over all reptiles, generally, but to specialize in the kind of reptile and fire, he'd have to possess the "Dragon" portfolio. You start with 3 Domains.
Portfolio: A portfolio makes you "The definitive god of X". You can start with up to two of these. You grow in general power through multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to grow in power is by gaining Portfolios, which you have to earn by performing magical feats with your Domains or other Portfolios.
Traits: One Trait per Domain. One Trait per Portfolio, plus one Trait.
Game Mechanics Explained:
Please post the actions of your IC post at the bottom of your posts in spoilers. For example "
Lassy glares at Bubsy, god of Kidnappers before pulling Little Timmy from the Well by his teeth. Before Bubsy can react, Lassy barks loudly at the fledgeling deity, which promptly causes Bubsy to explode into ash, as if vaporized.
Lassy, God of Dogs, drags Little Timmy from the Well and Barks at the God of Kidnappers, vaporizing them with his cosmic bark." -1 Free Action pulling Timmy from the Well, and -1 Minor Action to destroy the minor Demigod Bubsy.
Major Acts: Major acts are the epic feats of the gods. That which flexes a god's muscle, showing that they mean business. For example, a world wide flood, an asteroid colliding into the planet, and the zombification or resurrection of all history's dead is a Major Act.
Minor Acts: A modest expense of effort is a minor act for a god. If you have to use a minor Act of expense in fighting a mortal, for example, that mortal has earned the right to be a sung hero in the annals of history for all eternity. Basically, a Minor act is something like causing regional floods, slaying a legendary dragon, or raising up a pair of Humans to replace Humanity. Minor Acts also reflect just attacking an enemy with an exceptional offense, putting up a better defense, etcetera.
Epitomy's and Epitomization: