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Religions of Fantasy Earth
The PHB gives Celtic, Egyptian, Greek and Norse gods.

Those are in use, but there are others. Not all are true deities, either. This thread will cover such of those as I have dealt with thus far.
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In the Real World we have one deity worshipped by three (or four, depending on how you break them down) different (and sometimes, mutually antagonistic) major groups.

I'm not going to with all the rather charged hoopla behind them. They are all, for purposes of this game, one basic Domain for clerics (Light), but potentially dozens of differing interpretations of how to worship them.

Russian Orthodox, Italian Papists, Spanish Inquisitors, North African Imams, North African and European Rabbis, etc, all worship the same force. Probably.

It is, in general, anti pantheistic, anti Arch Fey, and most certainly anti Fiend. Other than that, it can be widely different from one place to another.

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Elves don't really worship much. Druidical magic and bards can heal, and they find magic quite easy. They just don't feel the need.

The Losalfar are the exception. They worship the Vanir, a couple of which live with the Aesir, but most life in their own realm.

For Vanir, I took the easy way out: I collected all Elven gods from the PHB and made them a new pantheon. Well, almost all. Lloth isn't a thing here.

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There are likely some sort of Dwarven deities. Or maybe they are just Arch Fey equivalents. Or maybe Both. Dwarves are from another plane (apparently) and truly, only a dwarf knows for sure.
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The British Isles
And here we get two worlds colliding. Maybe three.

We have The Church of Light moving into the Cities, mostly in Great Britain (ie: The whole island: Scotland, Wales, and Britain).

We have the senior most Tuatha De Danaan having made the transition from Arch Fey to Deity, and being worshiped as the Celtic Gods.

We have the Druids, the heart and soul of the Isles...except that they are not. They are just the caretakers.

There is an Arch Fey that protects each Isle. A champion from before time, and some of the strongest of the Arch Fey. On some of the smaller islands, their cults are the only religions. On the big two they are barely known outside the Druids.
-Albion, a male, guards and protects Great Britain.
-Erin, a female, guards and protect Ireland, often know as Erin as many Irish have conflated the two.

Now, the relationship between the two isn't clear. Their inhabitants are often at odds, but, on occasion, work together. It is likely there is some history there, but we'll likely never know.

Also in question is their relationship to Danu. Are they her children, like the Celt gods, or her peers or even siblings?

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