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Thu 14 Jun 2018
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A collection of historical facts, mostly based on the understanding of the Sages of the All Seeing Eye. And that, of course, means the memories of he Eye, itself...at least according to it.
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Thu 14 Jun 2018
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The Legendary Weapons of Atlantis
Atlantis, as might be expected of an Island in the middle of nowhere, and overseen by a Sea God, has had it's ebbs and rises, much like an ocean tide.

The current Age is still in a period of Rise, and fairly early in the rise, at that. But Earlier Ages rose much higher than the current one has managed, and left Items of Power in the world.

For the most part, these are the Legendary items about the world, but some few are considered Great Weapons of Legend...even if not, on the surface, weapons. They are, without fail, Legendary items with a bit of an extra flourish in their design and with a spirit of their own. Most are merely Empathy driven items with goals and drives of their own. It is said that some, however, are much more intelligent and might become movers and shakers in their own rights.

DM Note: This is what passes for an Artifact in this setting. Traditional D&D artifacts are a bit more powerful than most found in this setting.