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Races: New names, limited homelands
Races and nomenclature may vary a bit, but these are all standard D&D 5e classes and races, a change in name notwithstanding.

I DO use some of the Races from Volo's for Player Characters while some I just don't see as being available for play in what is supposed to be polite society (which doesn't mean I won't use them for templates for NPCs). So sorry, no hobgoblin English Knights.

Oh, and ALL nonhuman races are severely limited by Geography. Most of the PHB races should be available to an Atlantic centric campaign, but not quite all of them.

Note: With the Advent of Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse, some of the racial abilities have changed.

Note that I may not allow all options for campaign reason. Gensai, for instance, in this setting, are almost exclusively Human descended and wouldn't be Small, as a result, just Medium.

Also, certain races are known for excelling in certain ability areas. Goliath and Firbolg are Strong.. Dwarves are Healthy. As such, in some cases, I will assign the 3 points of racial ability bonuses based on what older versions of the races had (back when 5e was newer). And, of course, in some cases I won't.

Note that not all MPMotM races are available in a general campaign, although some not listed below WILL be available for specific geographically isolated areas and campaigns. Those will be covered on a case by case basis.

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Dwarves come from Nidavellir exclusively, which means Vikingland. They may be either Mountain or Hill. No one else can tell the difference, anyhow.
  They tend to Fighter classes and Guild background with skills in smithing or tinkering of some sort. They DO produce Skalds, very few barbarians, and no druids or rangers.

Barbarian Dwarves are exclusively Battleragers, and are quite rare. They are occasionally found in Midgard colonies,especially of the dwarf has spent most of it's life living amongst humans.

The Forge Domain is a favorite of Dwarven Clerics.

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Elves and Eldarin
Note: As of Nov 30, 2018, Elves have been altered slightly. Which canon race is which Earth race varies slightly than my original, mostly to incorporate Tome of Foe version of the Eladrin. This applies to Eladrin and Faerie, mostly.

Note 2: Another update in November of 2019

Elves are always over complicated. I tried to simplify them, I failed. I really, truly failed. I may have even made them more complex in trying to get the feel for different myths and legends translated to the setting.

Here is what I have: There are 7 elven subraces, occurring in 6 related (and frequently opposing) pairs. The seventh is Sea Elves, which are, at this time, outside the scope of the setting, although included as half elves of aquatic descent may be born here and there.

Around Yggdrasil (ie: In Norse areas):
The Alfar
Losalfar: Light elves: basically High elves, from Alfheim.
Dokalfar: Drow: From Svartalfheim.

In the British Isles:
The Sidhe:
Daoine Sidhe: The civilized elves of Erin. Use Eladrin from the DMG. They are the source of the Celt Gods, although they see no reason to actually worship them. They tend to have few, if any, Arch Fey. Instead those that reach that level of power tend towards deification, instead. They tend to cities, or as close as the Feywild comes to cities. also tend more towards Eldritch Knight over Ranger for warrior types. They prefer Wizardry over Sorcery, but could go ether way.

Aos Sidhe: Wood Elves. They are the main source of Elven related Archfey in the Isles. Rural, and frequently Rangers or Ranger/Sorcerers

The Faerie:
The Seelie: Eladrin, MPMotM variation (Dex+2, Chr+1 total).  Barbarians, Druids, Rangers, and Wild Magic Sorcerers exclusively. They roam throughout Erin, Britain, and France, although are rarely seen and never spoken to. They are the original people that produced most of the arch fey. Especially those unlike the Vanir or some Tuatha De Danann (which became actual Deities). They're purists, which can make them quite dangerous. Oberon and Titania rule them and are the main known Arch Fey, along with their Jester, Puck.

The Unseelie: Shadar-Kai, from MPMotM (Dex+2, Con+1 total). Followers of the Queen of Air and Darkness (An Arch Fey). They don't have clerics, but may produce the occasional Warlock (Hex Blade patron, Blade pact only). Their sorcery is Shadow Magic.

For classes:
Losalfar can have clerics. They worship the Vanir (basically any elven god listed, as well as the 3 listed Vanir from the Norse pantheon).

Only the Seelie are barbarians. Path of Wild Magic or Totem Warriors  generally, and they often appear sporting bits of their totem animals which can often look like part of them, explaining Antlered elves running through the forest, for instance.

The Sidhe may well be Bards of any sort except Whispers. Alfar of either sort are limited to Skald (Valor) and Sword.

Fighters are often Arcane Archers, although Eldritch Knight is more common amongst the Daoine.

Paladins are rare and exclusively Green.

Ranger is generally preferred over Fighter, but Eldritch Knights are not uncommon.

Rogues are invariably Arcane Tricksters or Scouts.

Warlocks are considered...unnecessary. The one notable exception is an Unseelie Blade pact Hex Blade.

Sorcerers are, mostly, Storm (Seelie use Wild Magic, LosAlfar use Divine Soul), and Wizards tend to avoid Necromancy (except for Dokalfar and Unseelie who default to Shadow Sorcery, and may well learn Necromancy whether Sorcerer or Wizard).

Half elves are found wherever elves are found, and often are called Fey Touched or Fey Blooded. They are, without exception, raised as and by humans. Half elf variants from SCAG page 116 are allowed, and recommended.
-The Half elven Skill Versatility is the default, but, depending on race, substitutions may be made for it.
-A half-elf of Seelie or Aos Sidhe descent can choose the wood elf's Fleet of Foot, or Mask of the Wild.
-A half-elf of Losalfar descent can choose the high elf's Cantrip.
-A half-elf of Dokalfar descent can choose the drow's Drow Magic.
-A half-elf of aquatic heritage can choose a swimming speed of 30 feet. Aquatic Elves are extremely rare. Half elves of this breed are occasionally born to Atlanteans.

Elven Weapon Training is barred, simply because it takes an elf to do the training, and half elves are human raised.

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Halflings are always Lightfoot. They are the Pygmies of Africa. As such they are Druids and Rangers, possibly Totem Barbarians, and not much else, although Champion Fighters and Green Paladins are possible. Druid armor is the rule, however.

Lightfoot halflings are from the Congo, Stout Halflings are the pymgmies of the Pacfic islands (and are, as yet, undiscovered)

Both types use blowguns and poison, but the Stouts pecialize it in.


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Gnomes are fey, and are known by a number of names, generally based on geography.

Most gnomes are forest gnomes, and, based on background and location, may be called brownies, leprechauns, garden gnomes, etc. In Daneland they're called trolls, even. They are found, mostly, in Western Europe, from Erin and Britain, to Daneland, and sprinkled through out France and Germany.

Rock Gnomes are also known, mostly, as gremlins. They are found, mostly, around the Mediterranean area where study into clockwork mechanisms is in it's infancy.

Some Rock gnomes, although very few, live in Daneland and Germany. They are known in those lands as Elves. The Danish elves are cobblers, while the German elves are toymakers. Most German elves have relocated to the North Pole following some Human (or, possibly, half elf) named Nick.

Deep Gnomes (SCAG page 115) are not known. That doesn't mean they won't be discovered at some point.

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Half Orcs
Orcs live somewhere in the North, around the fringes of Vikingland, but off known maps. The vikings call them trolls, an over used word amongst the Germanic tribes.

Some viking families DO have troll blood bouncing around in their veins, and, occasionally, this manifests in a particularly large berserker. Mostly, though, it happens the old fashioned way.

Trollblooded individuals make good Berserkers, or even calmer warriors, but many show a gift for Sorcery of the Tempest nature, or even full Wizardry, if they can find training. Usually from another trollblooded, or even full blooded troll, somewhere in seclusion. Odd, given they are not the brightest individuals.

Edit: for now I'm testing Giant Soul sorcery for Half Orcs, rather than Tempest. This change may or may not become permanent. Type may be limited (probably Hill, possibly Stone)

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Note that only Chromatic and Metallic Dragons are generally known. Thee are no known Gem dragonborn or dragons...yet.

It is said there is a continent to the west, populated by primitive red men. It is also said there is a jungle to the west populated by lizards that walk like men. No one knows. However, every few decades, a Dragonborn comes to Atlantis from the west.

Dragonborn are strangers in a strange land. The Far Traveler background is ideal for them, but hardly the only option. they don't seem to use metal armor, but, then, after a long sea journey, they may just not have found anyone that can make it to fit them. Their gods and habits are unknown.

All of the above changes in a Dragon Continent campaign, of course.

Bards are generally Song of Creation (Tasha's)

Dragonborn are just as civilized as Humanity.

Sorcerers are exclusively Dragon blooded.

Clerics worship either Bahamut or Tiamat.

They don't produce Barbarians, generally, although there may be exceptions.

They have no contact with Elves (or other mammal based races), which affects many path choices in multiple classes.

Warlocks are not something they even realize exists. Sorcery is in their blood: they don't need Arcane Patronage.

They don't produce Monks...yet.

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Lizard Folk
I am reserving the new (much altered) MPMotM Lizardfolk for the upcoming rebirth of Spelljammer. They will reflect the old release spelljamming lizardfolk that incubate eggs around firebodies to force evolution on them.

However, Volo's lizarfolk are still available in some areas.

Lizard Folk can be found anywhere there is a large enough Swamp. They are not uncommon on the Dragon Continent.

They tend to Druids (Swamp) and Rangers. Any Rogues would be Scouts, Fighters are Champions. Warlocks are rare, but possible.

Sorcerers generally have the Dragon bloodline, especially on the Dragon Continent, although Wild Magic is Certainly possible. Storm Magic isn't common in swamps, however.

They don't have Clerics, Bards, or wizards.


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What happens when you sell your soul to a fiend for a bit of magic? You get corrupted by the magic and that corruption is passed onto your children yet to be born. Tieflings are the children of Fiend patron warlocks, or other tieflings. Assuming they survive to adulthood, or even their second day on Earth, they follow the guidlines for the area they are in...although Warlock (Fiendish) is always an option for them.

Tiefling Variants from SCAG (page 118) may be available, depending on the bloodline's original fiendish patron.


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Egypt, Cathay, Nippon, all empires where the ruling Emperor (or Pharaoh) claims to be a god on Earth. Close. They are Aasimar, and DO have some divine blood.

There may well be others, but they would be rare. Well, outside of Greece. Someone needs to do something about those Greek Gods, especially Zeus. Note: not all "demi gods" (more accurately "Heroes") from Greece are Aasimar. Poseiden's offspring tend towards Water Gensai, for instance.

Fallen (Necrotic Shroud) Aasimar are uncommon, but the equivalent are born to the occasional evil Greek god.

Please note: Aasimar are likely common enough PCs in Greek oriented games, but not in any other. They likely won't be allowed.

Also note: "Demi God" actually refers to a Mortal that has undergone an apotheosis of some sort granting them minimal powers as a Diety. The offspring of Dieties are "Heroes" at least in Greek nomenclature. Although at least one has started out as a hero and become a Demigod.

All Aasimar get a Wisdom +2 bonus and a +1 to any other attribute (sub race used to etermine this but that now comes at 3rd level, rather than 1st)


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Gensai are children of humans (usually) who's parents have been touched by otherworldly forces, much like tieflings. However, instead of fiendish energy, a Gensai's parents were touched by primordial or elemental energies. This is more common in the Far east, where they are called Spirit Born.

Families with a traditional of worship in a particular church may give birth to the occasional Gensai, as well, if the Deity in question has a particular Elemental tie. Atlanteans (who's State Deity is Poseidon), for instance, tend to have Water Gensai child born to the priesthood.


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The only KNOWN Tritons live in the waters around  Atlantis and Worship Poseidon. Half Tritons are water Gensai, for all intents and purposes.

Known Tritons don't produce Barbarians, Druids or Warlocks (save, possibly, Celestial Patrons).

Bard are exclusively College of Valor.

Clerics Worship Poseidon and take the Tempest Domain.

Rangers are generally Hunters. Beastmasters are common for those that don't generally leave the water. Other sorts may be possible, as well.  First terrain is always Coast.

Rogues are generally Scouts. Others are possible, but MasterMind and Assassin are unlikely in the extreme.

Sorcerers tend to be Storm Source or Divine Souls.

Strength, Constitution, and Charisma each +1

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Other Races
Certain Mountain races (Aarakocra and Goliaths for instance) may exist somewhere, but until they are found they are unavailable...and probably disinclined to leave their mountain tops.

Firbolg are mostly found in Faerie, although some few still wander the extreme reaches of Ireland. As such they aren't likely available outside a Fey oriented campaign.

Kenku are Eastern.

Tabaxi are known to be found in India, but are rare even there, and only available for an Indian campaign

Edit: Well, there are now LOTs of races. I'll cover them as they come up.

Note, however, that Tortles and kobolds are available in a Dragon Continent campaign. They will be covered there when I open that continent for play.

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