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Classes and Backgrounds
Classes and nomenclature may vary a bit, but these are all standard D&D 5e classes and races, a change in name notwithstanding.

They will also include some Unearthed Arcana options, possibly, and I will link to whichever article I'm using as my reference in the posting

Note: I'm still working on integrating Tasha's into this setting. If something in there is of interest to you, ask. I might have a way to fit it in.

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All PHB backgrounds are available and most from Sword Coast Adventurers, although some may be situational. It's hard for a Pygmy living in the Congo Valley, for instance, to have trained with a dwarven smith during apprenticeship.

Also, of course, the Knights are a bit too setting specific,although the Uthgardt can be fairly easily adapted to many barbarian tribes.

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Mostly barbarians are Norse, or Mongol, and Berserkers. However, Sons of Erin also produce the occasional Berserker, and Norse produce the occasional Bear Totem.

Other sorts of Barbarian, including Totem Warrior, may be available in lesser known parts of the world,of course, such as Africa, or the mysterious Western Continent. However, without fail, Totem Warriors pick ONE totem to follow through out all levels.

Rarely you'll see a Totem Warrior where they don't seem to belong, such as Bear Totem Norse.These are usually rare blessed/cursed sorts that may, in fact, have a bit of lycanthrope blood in their veins. They aren't actually connected to a totem in such a case,  rather are just expressing their genetics. They're still barbarians, even if civilized, ie: short tempered and all too quick to anger. Animalistic.

Battleragers are exclusively Dwarves, and quite rare.

Elk and Tiger totems from SCAG page 122,are available, as are many variant animals using the same basic totems. However, the animal in question must still be found in your tribes geographic area.

Ancestral Path is common amongst Ancestor worshipping tribes. Even some civilized warriors in the East may follow this path rather than a Fighter's path.

Path of the Storm Herald is common in areas where the environment is a bit extreme. Generally selecting an Aura matching their native land.

Path of the Zealot This path is generally followed by religious extremists of all stripes, and not a few temple guardsmen groups. Their officers may be more thoughtful (and Fighters).

Tasha's Tentative additions:
Path fo the Beast: There is some overlap here between this and Totem Warrior. I think I'm going to save it for more primitive beast cults and the like. Or maybe a druidspawn. It's too broad for Totems or descendants of specific Lycanthrope types.

Path of Wild Magic: This is for Seelie at present. (Volo's Eladrin). Elves too in touch wth their wild natures.

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Celtic bards are druid trained and educated, and, as such, are College of Lore, and worship the Druidic faith.

Norse bards are called Skalds, and, as befits the recorders and tellers of a martial history, are Valor.

Others can vary widely. Over educated warriors may be Valor bards, rather than Eldritch Knights, especially around the Mediterranean. Scholars that like to take to the field to excess might well be Lore bards, such as the famous Atlantis Jones.

Most of Central and Eastern Europe isn't prone to singing magically inclined historians, however, and, while Araby and Asia both consider that a well rounded warrior should be a poet, as well. But magic isn't the purview of warriors in the East, leaving bard to Western and Northern Europe, and Northern Africa. And Atlantis, of course.

College of Glamour tends to be found where ever elves are.

College of Swords In addition to Circus performers, big cities tend to have Swords. They make for good professional duelists and fencing instructors.

College of Whispers doesn't exist. Officially. As such,it isn't available for PCs at this time. If it did exist, it would be an exclusively Human College.

College of Creation is a Dragonborn specialty

College of Eloquence can be found where ever folks like to hear themselves speak...which means anywhere that produces bards.

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If a race worship gods, they have clerics. If not, not, although if they worship fey,they MIGHT have warlocks. Usually that's not the result of worship, however, but a desire for power.

Dwarves seem to have a god, the Losalfar have many. The Dokalfar (and other elves) don't seem to, and many humans are Druidic, rather than divine, in outlook. The Sidhe are unclear. Some of them ARE gods, and they likely don't have actual Arch fey,but whether they worship or not is unknown. Probably not.

Gnomes, much like fey, don't seem to.

The Arcana Domain from SCAG page 125 is available to any cleric of a Deity of Magic or spell casters.

The Forge and Grave domains from Xanathar's are available. Forge tends to the first choice of Dwarves.
The Order, Peace, and Twilight domains from Tasha's are available.
The below listed deities for each Domain are Earth based, including Dwarf and Vanir (elf). This list does not take other settings into account.



Bahamut (Dragon)


Sehanine Moonbow (Vanir)

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Druids are what nature lovers have instead of clerics. At least until they get gods..

It should be noted that most Celtic Druids are Moon Circle. They're scholars, more than land guardians, and train in shape changing. In nearly every other case in the known world, druids are Circle of the Land.

The Circle of Dreams is common in lands where elves interact with humans.

The Circle of the Shepard is common with many primitive tribes, especially Totem worshipers.

The Circle of Spores is mostly found in dark places. Mostly just Dokkalfar and Dwarves (and the occasional Unseelie) follow this path...for now.

The Circle of Stars are the ones that built most of the ancient edifices in the British Isles. While they have been supplanted by Moon Druids are the leaders of the British and Irish Druids, that still exist, as  a sort of Land Druid sect: They guard the old Ruins and Henges, teach at the Libraries, and advise the Druids in charge.

The Circe of Wildfire is rare, and can be found the world over. Usually it's an apprenticeship, but there IS a Circle that oversees them. Their relations with other druidic circles can vary quite a lot, from barely tolerated to...well, tolerated. They burn down Nature after all. Long term benefits aren't always obvious to a druid who's favorite grove is int he fireline.

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Fighters are prevalent in nearly all societies, save maybe some non humans that prefer Ranger.

Champion is open to anyone, any society. It's the basic fighter model.

Battle Master are the specialist, knights, samurai, gladiators, etc.

Eldritch Knights might be specially trained, but, more often, they're just well to do (or noble) and have a well rounded education. They also tend to be brighter than most fighters. Just ask them.

Arcane Archers are found where ever elves interact with humanity.

Cavaliers are found amongst nobles and horse barbarians alike.

Samurai are exclusively Eastern

Rune Knights are Dwarven and Viking versions of Eldritch Knights, although more craft oriented.

Psi Warriors are being saved for an aberration affected areas. Or areas where Geart Old Ones hold too much sway...which are likely one and the same thing.

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Monks are exclusively Eastern. In fact, some are priests of Eastern religions that do without Deities, flashy magic, and the like.

Way of the Open Hand: These are the priests and defenders of the populace. Also, sometimes, just well train combatants.

Way of the Shadow: One of two paths the Ninja follow. Other such organizations may have similar training, but not in Nippon. The Ninja Clans see to that.

Disciple of the Elements: A blend of monk like combat skills and a gift for basic sorcery. There are certainly special monasteries for such training, but a half trained peasant that also gets a bit of training from a sorcerer or a Wizard might achieve the same results.

Sun Souls: are available, and can be found in either SCAG or Xanathar's.

Way of the Long Death (From SCAG): is available to Ninja clans of Nippon and, possibly, a rare Cathay based cult.

Way of the Drunken Master; is not taught in monasteries, but generally in bars...or under them.

Way of the Kensai: is another approach to Samurai status, although it's not exclusively Nipponese.

When the East opens up I'll worry about Way of Mercy and Way of the Astral Self.

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Usually Knights with a holy calling, oath bound to a church or Feudal Lord.

Devotion: The White Knight. Defender of the weak, right or wrongs, undead hunter, etc. He NEEDS plate mail. As such, they tend to be from the Western areas of Europe.

Vengeance: The punishers, hunters of the wicked. They're out to get evil doers. And that isn't the same as protecting the weak, by any means. Less mercy, more dead bodies. And all for a cause.

Ancients: Green paladins. They work to preserve the World, not always it's inhabitants, although they, too, are part of the world, so often will be preserved. Independent, working for no lord or church, although an Arch Fey may occasionally be involved. Not an uncommon choice for Fey Warriors.

Oath of the Crown (SCAG/Xanathar's): Those who serve the Law and/or a Lord.

Oath of Conquest is generally not appropriate for PCs, unless it's a Crusade campaign.

Oath of Redemption is common in France and Britain, and they known as Knights Hospitaller.

Oath of Glory any Paladin that thinks he's important to the Universe. They ain't modest types.

Oath of Watchers Like Horizon Watchers: Anyone that has reason to know there are bad things outside the mortal realm that like to come inside the mortal realm.

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Rangers can be found anywhere, of any stripe. Even the local Lord's Hound Master might be a Beastmaster. You never know.

Gloom Stalkers are almost exclusively Dwarves and Dokalfar.

Horizon Walkers can be found amongst any race that knows of other planes, and what could pop out of them. Mostly Humans, Elves, Orcs and Tritions, but others are possible.

Fey Wanderer Sidhe living in Midgard, Seelie living in Midgard and less than totally chaotic and lost in the wonder of nature, and the occasional mortal raised by Fey (or with Godparents of the Fey sort) that didn't become a warlock. Mostly this should stay with the elves and the occasional Forest Gnome that doesn't fit into usual molds for gnomes.

Swarmkeeper. Beekeepers, of course. Otherwise a rare area inundated with insects over a long period. Rare, needless to say. However, that's just the insect swarms. Jungles where plants grow out of control, areas inundated with birds, and Enchanted Fey forests all have their own sort of Swarmkeepers.
Truthfully, rural Beekeepers and Pixie raised country boys (or girls) are likeliest. However, Seelie affected rangers might have either bird or plant swarm. Or Seelie rangers.

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A thief by any other name? No, not really: anyone can learn thief skills, many backgrounds teach one or more. Rogues bring that something extra. Usually sharpened a bit too finely.

Thief: the classic path. someone who's thief skills defines him or her, rather than simply assisting. This is the one path that is available to nearly any culture. It makes for a good athlete or hunter.

Assassin: All too many civilized nations and cultures have professional assassins. Generally this will be found south and East of Central Europe: The Mediterranean areas down into North Africa and east, as far as Nippon, where they make the second half of Ninja Clans. However, it is said the very best come out of India.

Arcane Trickster: The very best treasures are guarded with magic and that it takes both a  mage and a thief to get to them. Or an Arcane Trickster. This is also a good choice for Elves and wealthier students of the thiefly arts.

Masterminds (SCAG/Xanathar's): tend towards cities, which limits their use as adventurers.

Swashbucklers (SCAG/Xanathar's): buckle swashes and can be found anywhere a thief can, and, often as not, wind up on a ship to somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Inquisitives can be found in any big city. Some are independent, some are City Watch. They are generally Human, as other races don't have the crime problem in their big cities..if they have big cities.

Scouts are the rogues of more primitive types that don't generally produce thieves. Also those, such as elves, that tend towards wilderness living even when civilized.

Phantom DokkAlfar, Unseelie or servants of the Necropolis are the most likely, although some death cults in India can probably produce them.

Soulknife As with Psi Warrior, above, psionic thieves are restricted to areas where the Far Realms intrude sufficiently. None are yet known.

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Dragon blooded sorcerers are very rare, although they are said to be a bit more common in Asia. This is generally not a good choice, save for Dragonborn. Or maybe the occasional Asian with a Spirit as an ancestor (and the only Asian dragons are Gold). That being said, this is the default path on the Dragon Continent, to the West.

Wild magic: This is the default: Sorcery is a natural ability, and not well understood. The fine control just isn't there.

Storm (SCAG/Xanathar's): This is elemental blooded magic, and much more common than draconic..or it may be a gift from a sea god, especially if you're from Atlantis (where this is the default path). Storm is also the default in Araby.

Divine Soul is the default for Aasimar. Celestial Warlocks might also have descendants that are Divine Souls, but that's even rarer than the mortal offspring of Greek Deities. LosAlfar are also Divine Souls

Shadow is the default for Dokalfar.

Aberrant Mind is another Psi class, and, as such, needs await the intrusions of the Far Realm. That being said, they DO occasionally arise when around the Astrologers of Egypt. An offspring, or result of a Ritual gone wrong. That sort of thing.

Note that there IS one such intrusion Zone between Greenland and Vinland. Usually if it's even encountered at all, ships are in and out within a few minutes, but at least one ship has had cause to spend quite a bit more time in it, and it might explain some of the colony ships that just go missing. But some ships make it through with just a few disturbed dreams if anyone is sleeping at the time.

Vinland/New Wlord Vikings may choose Aberrant Mind OR Wild Mage as their bloodlines.

Clockwork Soul is the opposite of Wild Magic, and, occasionally, manifests in a Gremlin rather than the usual gift for Artifice. It is not impossible to rise elsewhere, but the rigidity of Mechanus isn't often felt in sufficient force in Midgard to imprint on someone in this way.

Playtest only, may go away:
Giant Soul Sorcerers is available on a limited access for half orcs and Vikings. Troll Blooded (Half orcs) may take the Hill Mark, humans may take the Fire,Frost, or Hill mark, Hill indicating a family with troll blood in it.

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Arch fey: The good guys. Usually. Until you move to Eastern Europe, where the darker fey start passing out powers. And Rus? Ever hear of the Hag Baba Yaga? She fuels more than one swamp witch.
Fiend: You've sold your soul. I don't care what the book says, in this setting, you've sold your soul. Your kids will be tiefings...if those revolting peasants didn't burn you at the stake before they are born.
Great old One: They're called "Things Men Are Not meant to Know" for a reason. Well, you went and did it. Now let's see how long you can hold on to your sanity. This is the path of the scholar, the astronomer, sage, etc. Araby and Southern Europe, mostly. Then again, it really is their only Warlock option, so who can blame them?

The Undying: This is generally only available in the Nile Valley. And that alone should tell you what's in those older pyramids. You've been warned.
    There may well be other major Necromancers out there, but none with the power to rival the Arch Fey or Fiendish Lords. At least...none known.
Celestial Patrons crop up anywhere they feel the need to muck about. Generally not with Aasimar, as they tend towards Sorcery if they're pursuing magic. Of course, most Celestials serve a deity, and their followers become clerics. It would be unusual in the extreme for a Celestial to empower a warlock, so, when it happens, you have to wonder why...
Hexblades tend to be part of Assassin groups or other secret organizations that have access to Shadow magics. Of course, the only known source of HexBlades in the Queen of Air and Darkness, of the Unseelie.

The Fathomless Undersea races that might come up sort on magical ability, shipwreck victims that want to survive the wreck, coastal dwellers that have lost someone to the sea, or just Sailors that want a bit of Oomph.

Genie North Africa doesn't have Fey, they have Elementals and Genies. Now they have warlocks.

All are open, Chain being one of the most popular, and Tome being restricted to those societies that have a scholarly tradition. But Blade has it's fans, too.

Bond of the Talisman is ideal for a gift from a Fairy Godparent. Or, really, any Patron who's goal is to protect you, for some reason.

Note: there are several Secret Societies (Factions, by another name) that are "Priesthoods" of a sort for powerful but sub deity Patrons. Most, but by no means all, serve a particular Fiend. All have an agenda of some sort, although some agendas are benign (or, at least, would be seen as such by some folks).

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If you've got the time and facilities to devote to the study needed, by all means. In Britain, France, and Central Europe, it's an apprenticeship system. Araby and Southern Europe might also have the occasional Academy. Atlantis certainly has Academies.

Any path but Necromancy is acceptable. Necromancy requires finding the right instructor and getting an apprenticeship. Watch out for revolting peasants. Egyptians may ignore this, as they embrace Necromancy.

War Magic is generally only found amongst Humans, and then generally the civilized ones. Less than civilized folk don't war, they just fight.

Bladesinging (Tasha's): is available to any elf and to humans anyplace that has elves that actually meet and talk to the local humans. Basically Vikingland and the British Isles. Specifically NOT France (although the french elves may take it) or Atlantis.

Order of Scribes Sages and Scholars almost always. Bookish is as bookish does. A Wizard taken to the extreme.

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I am using the Eberron official Artificer, and am NOT allowing any gunpowder.

Artificers are exclusively Egyptian and Arabic.

This post UNDER CONSTRUCTION and needs a bit more attention.

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